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  1. CO can choose membership. It is an incorrect question to ask if BSA explicitly allows COs to choose members. BSA has a structure and a program. Charter Orgs choose to run a youth program using the BSA framework. I don't think BSA "allows" anything as the CO can choose / filter the youth it offers scouting too. CO's can limit membership because of unit size, religious / location / money / ... ... ... / other affiliation, etc. Similarly, units can ask members to leave for almost any reason. Personally, I think this is where BSA gets in trouble. On one hand they say they offer a prog
  2. Eagle732 wrote: "I'm concerned that if I get too involved the SE will put me in the Ineligibility file." Ummm..... I'm not saying you did anything. But you have bigger fish to fry than worry about an FOS policy. (This message has been edited by fred johnson)
  3. Our charter org has a troop and a pack. Others have a troop, a crew and multiple packs. Why does the CO sign multiple charters? That just seems wrong and annoying to the CO. It should be one charter with one COR and one master CC. The troop should have committee members that run it and report to the CC. The pack should have committee members that report to the same CC. Same with the crew. Not only is multiple recharters annoying, I think it's a root cause problems in that units are structured to be separate and thus even within a COR, units often don't talk and troops usual
  4. BadenP - Yeah. I know that and you know that. Our IH signs the re-charter paperwork and doesn't usually pay much attention to who's who on the list. He might say ... "oh look, Tim is an ASM. Tim's a good guy." But the IH rarely is a scouting expert and has no concept of the significance of a COR. Basically, IH usually don't pay attention. Volunteers often don't pay attention OR just don't realize what's going on. Until a few years ago, our pack and troop were doing it. By accident, we were flip-flopping the COR at recharter time. Registrar office never said anything as it was f
  5. Make it happen. Doesn't need a DE. Just a task of your district committee and a contact with the SE for approval.(This message has been edited by fred johnson)
  6. SeattlePioneer "Personally, I never recall seeing a district activity limited to units in the district." I agree. Camporees. Klondike Derbees. Training. Etc. Generally, not limited. BUT ... I've received very strong strong hints that a District Pinewood Derby was only for a specific district and that ours was only for our district people. So we never ran in the other district. It happened when our district scheduled the pinewood derby ... poorly. With that said, I do know some parents and leaders who are ... extremist about their pinewood derby ... and would protest i
  7. Basement ... I'm sad you've had such a bad experience with your district. I question whether the bad situation is a two way street. The items I described are pretty standard for a district in our council. And I thought in most councils. Nothing special. Nothing imagined. But to be fair, I forget how differently councils can run things. Our council has 1400 units and 24 districts. So our districts are signficiant in size and resources. Our district itself has 100 units.
  8. BSA24 - I did not miss any point. Perhaps my wording could have been better. My words were "I know some have recommended just doing it yourself "unofficially" but there are reasons to either make it official or not do it at all." The talk about about unofficially transfering districts, not going it alone. If you want to go it alone, fine. Doesn't really matter. But the conversation was about just starting to get involved with the another district. My point is do it officially or don't do it. Get switched to the other district. Sure ya can attending training or events with th
  9. Yes. But needs justification like your unit pulls most of the scouts from the other geographic area. I have seen this before. Not a big deal.
  10. Yes. But needs justification like your unit pulls most of the scouts from the other geographic area. I have seen this before. Not a big deal.
  11. Yes. But needs justification like your unit pulls most of the scouts from the other geographic area. I have seen this before. Not a big deal.
  12. Yes. But needs justification like your unit pulls most of the scouts from the other geographic area. I have seen this before. Not a big deal.
  13. Since my Nixon affinity has been exposed .... I read a book a long time ago that I was quoting passages of when George Bush junior was gearing up for our entry into Iraq. I fully believe Nixon's book "No More Vietnam's" had strong insight that directly applied to Iraq. The book applied to analyzing the justification (weapons of mass destruction) and planning an exit stratagy. I remember when Iraq was gearing up saying the justification was just not there and looked very flaky. Also, it was obvious when you enter into war with a country like Iraq, you better know your exit strategy or you w
  14. Ya know... I hate quoting Nixon. You instantly lose credibility with anyone who's partially informed. People unfairly associate Nixon with Vietnam, extreme right wing positions, corruption, etc. Now, you can legitimately associate Nixon with vulgarity, dirty tricks, paranoia and plenty of other things. But he was not a bad president. In fact, if not for Watergate, he would be up on the list of very good presidents. We still benefit from Nixon supporting / creating the EPA, OSHA and many other good things. But sort of like the Kennedys assassination cemented his greatness, Nixon's
  15. Obamacare eligibility ... Had to read on it. Still don't understand. I have noticed my son being able to easily land multiple 20+ hour a week jobs, but zero opportunity for a 30+ hour a week job. IMHO, this is a result of well meaning government laws on "who" is a full time employee and "who" is eligible for benefits. Full-time versus part-time is a result of broken governmental laws. I see Obamacare only exacerbating this. Fifty years ago, you could take a basic job and do it as a full time. Now, companies want to staff to avoid having "full time" employees and employees have to
  16. Obamacare ... I don't significantly understand the law or how it will affect things. But.. - I like that pre-existing conditions are OUT. Too many people have a family member with pre-existing conditions and this affects many. - I once calculated the tax penalty for not purchasing health insurance. From what I saw, few would pay the penalty for not purchasing insurance because the cost of insurance is so great compared to income. So the individual mandate seems to be almost a none issue. Yeah, it's a tax. But is anyone hit by it? At the time I did the calculation, I worked a c
  17. I've voted Republican 80% to 90% of the time. Probably always will. I was driven to the party years ago because of the hatred and bigotry in the Democrat party. I always find it interesting to see the Democratic party asserting moral ground. - It was the Democratic convention that refused to seat a black delegation 1964. - It was the Democratic south that blocked civil rights and the Little Rock Nine. It was a Republican president who sent out the Screaming Eagles and the national guard to protect them. - I've never seen anything close to racism in any of the offices I've worke
  18. Beavah.... Wow.... Absolutely common sense is core to being a scout leader. BUT... that common sense applies AFTER complying with what's written in the G2SS. And heck, common sense is to comply with BSA policy guidelines. It makes little difference whether it is the BSA root "policy document" or the non-lawyer, human readable BSA policy translation. It's published by the BSA as our "guide" to those policies. That's why for my units, it's if in doubt, check G2SS. (It's updated pretty much every year, making it as curernt as you can get. Plus, it's free. BSA wants every leader to h
  19. Wow. Good question. I've never heard it asked before. In my neck of scouting, G2SS is primary and supersedes all other BSA publications. If in doubt, check G2SS.
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