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  1. Here is the link to the ring being discussed. http://www.scoutstuff.org/emb-1910-world-crest-ring.html Looks very similar to the Centennial ring, but has 'Since 1910" instead of 1919 .... 2010 ...100 years."
  2. Unfortunately once the counselor signs off on it, it's a done deal according to the GtA. However I would A) double check everything B) talk with the Scout, and C) if the counselor did then let folks know about it so the situation can be resolved. As someone stated,some camps are good at keeping standards, others are not. In talking to the Scout what I would encourage him to do is get on the ball and do it correctly. I had a nice discussion with my oldest who "earned" one MB at a MB college, only to discover the MBC was using out of date requirements, and didn't even do all of them. H
  3. Quazse, You ain't kidding. Knew about the changes to Swimming MB, but didn't know about the changes to Canoeing until today, and they took effect June 1st. My AD, who went to NCS in May didn't even mention the changes to Canoeing. And the Aquatic Supervision books changed last year. Almost as bad as CPR changes, which reminds me. Next year is the international conference and changes will go into effect in 2016.
  4. Qwazse, I agree the cards are a heck of a lot more important than the patches. As soon as I got the cards I placed them in a ziploc bag so they would be undamaged until I could copy them. But I ask about it because of a situation I heard about that was similar to one I was involved in years ago, and think having "evidence" of training may help resolve these. I have found that when people know that when a visitor has similar or higher levels of certification, they tend to perform better, and take suggestions to improve their performance better. #1 reason I took the two courses wa
  5. Ok, just completed the Aquatics Supervisor: Swimming and Water Rescue and Aquatics Supervisor: Paddle Craft courses. For those that don't know, these courses came about around 2009 when BSA Lifeguard began mirroring ARC Lifeguard, and took away essentially waterfront info : i.e. boating, rescues in murky water, etc. Bascially it covers the basic skills that units need to run aquatic programs. Got two nice patches, but WHERE THE HECK DO THEY GO? ( caps for screaming in frustration, but not at you guys ) These two patches are not even listed in the Guide to Insignia so that is no hel
  6. Folks, Sometimes even today if you do report something wrong,but are not the victim, and the victim won't press charges, there is law enforcement can do. And if you read some of the Ineligible Volunteer Files, it is noted that parents, charter orgs, etc did not want to press charges. As others pointed out, focus was on different situations, and I know folks who were molested, but would not press charges because of embarrassment, social stigma, and fear to name a few emotions. Thankfully that has changed. And in some cases the law is still like that. One example would be domestic vi
  7. Unfortunately it's so true, One nice thing about being in full uniform: you get noticed and/or publicity. My pack was going to take their group picture on the USS YORKTOWN as soon as we we came back from visiting Fort Sumter. So we full uniform, or at least as much as some folks had, in stead of the pack t-shirts. When we got to Sumter, the rangers picked our guys to put up the current US flag, and also lead everyone in the ceremony or posting the colors. And twice already, in the past 5 years, we had a Cub from our pack on the front page of the newspaper for our Memorial Day Service pro
  8. There is some truth to laws being a lot different way back when. I don't know the exact year a friend of mine did this, but assuming they are my age or a little older, this occurred in the mid to late1980s, or early 1990s. Friend of mine as a teenager saw something, reported it, but becasue they were not the victim, nothing was done. Fast forward to 3 years ago, friend gets subpenaed to testify against the perp. Authorities used the report she filed to to aid in nailing the perp. Perp unfortunately molested kids for over 20 years.
  9. PTB= Powers That Be, i.e. the district and council advancement folks in this instance.
  10. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLIES! Wanted to give you an update. I emailed the Scout basically what you guys told me. But I put it question form since I got the original info from Mom, and wanted him to reflect upon the entire situation. Added that he needs to talk to SM about the situation. Long story short, Scout is going full steam ahead, but it sounds like he is prepared for a rejection from national. Was told he wants to follow through with everything irregardless of whether he gets the extension or not. He wants to complete what he started. SM is backing him on this, but unbeknow
  11. Hydeej beat me to the post on Ravens at Brownsea in 1907. When I did Brownsea 22 back in the day, Wolves, Bull, Ravens, and Curlews were the patrol names.
  12. So, I've run into a situation that is awkward for me and I need help. Please bear with me if I ramble a bit in trying to give background. One of the troops dropped from BSA and went over to Trails Life. The leadership knew they were quitting the BSA once Trails Life was created ( 2 of the leaders went to the Trail Life founding convention), but they didn't tell any of the Scouts until closer to recharter that they were leaving So from the creation of Trail's Life onward, they essentially marked time. And the leadership thought everyone would stay with them and join Trails Life. But
  13. Different troops do different things. I've seen some where the SPL does eat with the Scouters I've seen some where the SPL, as well as the adults attending, are invited by the patrols to eat with them. I've seen some where the SPL eats with the Venture Patrol, Leadership Corps in my day. And depending upon the activity, may do the Venture patrol activity. And I've seen one instance where the SPL and ASPL did their own, utensiless cooking over the camp out.
  14. Renax, Not trying to be a pessimist, but I hope the SM and other adults listen to the scouts and let them go at it. Will it be messy, yep. Will the scouts grow, OH HECK YEAH! And it is the best way to keep Scouts in the movement. One of the signs of a good troop IMHO is how many 15-17 years olds are still in the troop. Another good sign is how many 18-20 y.o. ASMs they have active, when they are available. Unfortunately I've seen one boy led troop change into an adult led one when a new SM took over, and a new batch of parents came aboard. They would not listen to the boys, or othe
  15. Buttons on the old ' Oscar de la Renta: uniforms had very dark brown buttons with the FDL on them. Cubs have black button with the FDL on them. And my old Explorer/Venturing uniforms had the same buttons as the Boy Scouts shirts of that time. When the Centennial Uniforms came out, they had tan buttons with "Boy Scouts of America" on them. What I REALLY need is a red button for my old jac shirt. Those are hard to find!
  16. Thought you might want an update. One Scout is transferring to my son's troop. The last straw for him was when the troop cancelled going to the council camporee 22 hours before the gates opened. Scout ran into some members of the troop at a baseball camp out, visited a meeting, and said he's switching. One Scout was hanging out with my son and the scout above, and he is thinking of transferring. AND one Scout, will be visiting next week.
  17. Carter, AOL is , repeat IS, doable in 9 months. That's how it was done back in the day, and how LDS units still do it. You are busting your butt though Heck I completed the last requirement 1 day before my 11th birthday. I know that with day camp and summer activities the pack did, 90+% of my son's den had everything completed for AOL by the end of the school year. They just needed to wait until December 1st to meet the time requirement, and be able to Crossover. They killed time trying to earn all 20 activity badges.
  18. Blanc, It's not "units" but "packs" 2 or more packs get together. Frank, page 9 of this document states. And let's remember, districts are part of the council, so if district committees are involved, that's council support. "Family camp is a council-organized overnight or longer event for Cub Scouts (including Webelos Scouts) and their families that involves more than one pack where the council provides the staffing and program. These events are often referred to as parent/pal, mom and me, or adventure weekends. Family camps for Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers, or Sea
  19. Well, he set a goal and got the patrol to to back him: they want the Baden Powell Honor Patrol Award.They already met one requirement; patrol gained 3 new scouts this week. 2 aged out of Cubs from the feeder pack, and one transferred from another troop. And he may get one more scout to transfer to the troop!
  20. EXCELLENT! Good luck to both you and your son.
  21. I already talked to one Cubmaster who is going to turn in the paperwork for the required Arrow of Light Activity Badges under the current program prior to the deadline so that "Officially" they only have the 6 month time limit to wait. Unofficially, he will be hold onto them until they earn it. I think it's nuts making them start a new program when they are 2/3rds of the way completed.
  22. Since you have more than one pack attending, it's a council event, even if two packs are from the same district. That is national's definition of a cub scout council event per the national standards, or whatever they are calling them now. I would have those on the planning staff talk to their DEs and possibly the SE. Hopefully they are not in the school of thought that "Cubs don't need to camp."
  23. 4 DAYS?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Can't get the shopping done in that short a time! Doesn't she understand that?
  24. So my oldest son robbed me, yes they ROBBED me of something I was only able to tell him for the past 5 months: "Go ask your patrol leader." Yes, his patrol elected him PL this past week, and I no longer can tell him to "Go ask his PL" anymore. It's been a sad, sad... WAIT A MINUTE! I now get to tell him to "Go ask your SPL!" " NEVERMIND." Seriously though, he got elected PL of his NSP. Now I'm not a big fan of NSPs. My experiences with them have been negative until recently, but I've been told that they do work by friends I trust. We'll see. At camporee earlier this mont
  25. As a former pro, I can tell you I saw both the good and bad. I saw some things that I shook my head at, and I saw some things that made me very proud. The problem is this: we do need a small, stressing SMALL, cadre of professionals and support staff to run the organization. Compared to other scouting associations, we are very fortunate in a lot of what we had. The first camp I worked at in the UK was so small, that 230+ camps that size could fit in the Salmen Scout Reservation outside Kiln, MS. And we do need to compensate them justly, Trust me, I had friends double, and in one case
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