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  1. Sorry to say I did use rubbing alcohol one time by mistake. It was a mess, but still worked. Won't do it again though.
  2. No argument from me on that. But I do believe part of the problem too is National has moved away from teaching this as a team building thing. I don't know of any adult training that really endorses this either, but I may be mistaken. I also blame society on this too. As said in other threads kids are just so over booked that even having a simple patrol meeting can be problem. It seems if there is no patch or rank requirement to complete then why do it? Being a better scout or person doesn't seem to have the same pull it did at one time.I have tried as SM to install this into the troop program
  3. Not to be smart but alcohol is a fuel. I have two backpacking stoves that work on alcohol.
  4. When I was a scout it was required that each Patrol do at least 4 outside activities other then the troops program. At least two of the four had to be overnight campouts. These were also in addition to the regular patrol meetings that each patrol had in addition to the regular troop meetings. All of these were designed to help the patrol and the patrol leaders to work on scouting skills and improve the patrol over all. Just like the practices that sports, bands, etc. do to work out the problems. From what I have seen in over 15 years as an adult leader and SM these are almost nonexistant today
  5. As long as BSA has religion as a major tenent in its program you will always have those that will be excluded. Go figure.
  6. Here's mine. 1. swimming 2. canoeing 3. first aid 4. pioneering 5. camping I just belief that before a boy can canoe, he should know how to swim.
  7. What does the CC have to do with advancement? This the SM area not hers. As far as I can see there really is nothing that she can do to stop the boys from attending. Sounds like the CC needs to know what area is covered by the CC and which is covered by the SM. If other boys have attended and they had no problems with it, what's her problem? More then that shame on the SM for letting this happen.
  8. Two that come to mind is swimming and first aid. Both are Eagle required and both are extensions of T-1 class requirements. Some may say they are a little tough, but why not go further and kill two birds with one stone?
  9. Aquiticeagle, If you take a good look at who sponsors a good amount of scout packs, troops, and crews you will see they are churches or other religious groups. Allow homosexuals into scouting and a good amount of them will say good bye to scouting. Pure and simple.
  10. I'm with skeptic on this one. I am neither Republican or Democrat, I am an American. When I vote I vote for who I like no matter witch party he or she is with. How can you just wish failure on your own country? Oh and the gun thing, come on out to the Phila. area and see american gun control at its best, and enjoy seeing another brave american die at the hands of criminals. Now you would like them to have the power of being able to shoot automatic weapons? I have never had a problem with guns for hunting and protection. These weapons are for destroying other people no ifs ands or butts.
  11. Well Narritong I am one of those big and old scoutmasters that likes having a little bit of comfort after working all week. I have used a smaller tent when it is needed, but for a general campout with no limitations why not? I have done Northern Tier and other areas where small is all you could use. One outing I almost ripped the entire side of a tent out because of severe leg cramps from curling up in a small tent. Until the BSA tells me I cannot camp comfortably then I will use it as I see. Oh, and it is not s troop tent this is a tent that I purchased, the only tents our troop purchases are
  12. I am a Scout Badge to eagle advisor. As scoutmaster I feel it is my job to guide the boys along the trail to eagle, not bump them off to someone else at the end. I have no problem dealing with so-called admin. jobs. It's all part of being a scoutmaster, at least to me it is. Look at it this way it's like putting together a model, you work hard with the pieces you have and then as you get to the end it is time to add the paint and finish. After all that work do you want to give it to somebody else? Not me. As a scoutmaster I would like to be involved with all of the scouts advancement.
  13. Never heard of Eagle Advisors till I joined this and some other scouting forums. IMHO the scoutmaster should take on the job, this is one he should not delegate. From the time that scout has joined the troop he has been his advisor, why would he want to push this on to someone else? Many of the scouts in our troop have been there since they bridged over from cubs. Who else knows the strengths and weaknesses of these scouts then he? I am a scoutmaster and I am also an eagle scout. I have seen and heard these so called gate keepers and have done all I can to put them straight as to what we as ad
  14. Don't take this the wrong way, but shouldn't your son be talking to the SM/advisor about this? So many times I have seen on this and other forums parents asking questions that their sons should be asking to their leaders. When asked "scout" questions by parents I tell them once your son has asked me then he will get the answer. One goal as scoutmaster, at least I believe is to show and teach the scouts "personal responsibilty" for their scouting, or for that matter anything.
  15. I have told all the boys that sports and other activities are fine. All I ask is that they discuss this with me before hand. If a POR is involved I would ask them to defer till the end of season or next elections to hold any POR. I have found for the most part that once you sit and talk it over with the boys they do get it, it's the parents who can really get out of hand. The other problem that comes up with a few of the boys is one sport or activity going right into the next. With some sports once they are done playing outside they then bring it inside. Since attendence can not be held agains
  16. I think what she is referring to are the pre printed survey's (as I call them) that come with the Eagle pack. At the top you print the candidates name and then there is listed each point of the scout law and besides that a line of boxes that from poor to excellent. After that is a question Do you approve this scout for the rank of Eagle Scout? Yes or No (circle one) then a little area for any comments that you may have on the candidate. Then list your name and whether you are parent, scout leader etc. I know some councils don't use these but ours does. If this is why it was held up that is a d
  17. There are no set hour amounts for Eagle projects, it only requires that the boys track and total all hours by everybody who helped and worked on the project. You really need to watch the gate keepers out there, they love to add requirements.
  18. Whether you are on the committee or not you and your son are a member of that troop's "family" and as a member you do have a voice. Use it!!! As a member of committee you do have the right to question the program the the scoutmaster is running. What are these boys really learning? But more then that what are they doing to help the troop? From what you say nothing. First thing I would do is eliminat the electronics, and please don't worry about hurting somebody's feelings. Scouting is a learning activity, would they be able to do this in school? Next talk with some of the other younger boys an
  19. Don't worry there are plenty of empty buildings in the city both homes and business all chased by the city and there greedy attitude. But wait we do have some excellent new stadiums for our ego rich players. Bottom line you need to have a majority of good citizens to have a good city, as long as Philly keeps chasing away the good it will continue its spiral down the tubes. Once known as the city of brotherly love, I think the city of bodily harm seems to fit it more today.
  20. Yeah, having an organization that helps make our youth better citizens most certainly doesn't meet their standards.
  21. Yeah Ed, those sweetheart deals are only for companys that make nice campaign contributions. The City of Philadelphia could have offered them a much better deal then what they want now. I have lived and worked here all my life and to make anyone go from $1 to a quarter of a million a year is just plain ridiculus, but so is a good amount of that game called "politics".
  22. As a scoutmaster I have found at times boys in this position can be worse then any other. These scouts don't want to be there but are forced to be there. Since they are uncomfortable they have no problem making the time uncomfortable for others. There has to be a need or desire inside the scout that says this is something that I want and I will do what it takes to get it. I have sent some of these boys home. their disruption takes too much away from the scouts who really want to be there and enjoy what they are doing. As a scoutmaster I need to sit and talk with the boy and ask why are you her
  23. Didn't see the video. But shouldn't the boys be running the program all the time, or at the least most of the time? This is where the training and expierence comes from. If they only have a liitle say in the program, then they will only have a little improvement, if any. No matter what adults need to let scouts do THEIR SCOUTING.
  24. I think that is as valid as the bumber sticker I saw last week, Buy American - Union Made, only thing was it was on the bumper of a BMW. We are all fortunate enough to live in a country that allows us to choose our leaders and now someone you don't like wins and you want to go after all you think that is responsible for him winning. I guess the only thing I can say is "Would like some cheese with your whine"?
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