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  1. Nj that sounds like our council's camp. To me one of the biggest merit badge mills around. Way oversized sites (not large area just way too many tents and shelters)
  2. No problem except the way most camps have their program areas all scheduled up for merit badges there really is very little that these boys can do. The last thing I wanted to do when at summer camp was just sit around. I think this is one of the major problems with summer camps today, they are all geared up for merit badges and offer very little open time for scouts to just try something new out. I don't want rifle shooting merit badge, but sure wouldn't mind taking a few rounds and trying it out.
  3. The people who I hear constantly complaining about too many kids in college are those who never went themselves due to poor grades or a lack of ambition to better themselves. Ignorance loves company as much as misery I guess. badenP, I resent your remark. I never went to college, never saw anything that interested me. I was in the top 100 of my graduating class and had plenty of ambition, just did not see college as the answer. For 25 years I have worked at a company whose plant manager had the sick way of thinking like you. Watched college grads come and go. I was constantly o
  4. Maybe when education becomes a voluntary activity then I think maybe we could show them a thing or two.
  5. SMB, If all you are looking to do is go to your council camps, then your right you are limited. Just a little history because I am from the old Philadelphia Council. Delmont and Resica falls were the council camps for the old Valley Forge Council, Hart and TI are the old Philadelphia Council Camps. When Valley Forge and Philadelphia Council merged they all became Cradle of Liberty. The main problem here was all the money that was put into keeping TI running, little money was used to upgrade and improve Hart. Delmont's problem I believe is the location of the mess hall. It sits right along
  6. After thought and seeing what others say, I am way out of line. No excuse for it.
  7. My scouting and training have taught me to look at all opinions both pro and con. I have yet to see one positive thing from him at all. It just seems to me that he has an axe to grind and instead of taking it to the grinding wheel (BSA) he has brought it here to the watering hole (volunteers). I'm an "intelectual coward" because I don't get all bent out of shape because of some contract that I know nothing about and had nothing to do with.
  8. Don't know about you out there, but doesn't it seem kind of strange that Merlyn keeps shoving in our faces "his " issues with BSA? Don't know about many of you but I haven't signed any contract with the public schools or any of the other things that he continues to bring up and shove in our faces. Now I may not be happy with that end of the deal, but there really isn't much I as a volunteer I can do about it. If he is trying to drive me away from this program that won't work either, just one smile or that look of accomplishment on a young boys face is so priceless I can't explain it. To me it'
  9. Please do not try and reinvent this. The way it is set up works fine. The problem isn't the program its the adults leading the program. I had the same problem as JBlake there were 10 WII in the pack, the WII leader had no interest in Boy Scouting and passed that along to each and every cub and parent in the Den, two entered our troop and left after summer camp. Like it or not many packs and troops are sometimes stuck with putting the only person willing to volunteer for that job. Sometimes you luck out and get some really good leaders, but lately I've been finding that more and more are either
  10. eagle77


    Yann, BSA was started 100 years ago. At that time it was believed that having some kind of a belief in a higher power rounded out being a scout. Over and over today we continually see on these forums the argument to allow gays and atheists into the program. Personally I have no problem with it, my family background and scouting background have helped me greatly to get along with others. The problem, I think comes in with the many religions that sponser and support scouting groups across the country. Many of these groups have problem with one or both of these issues. If BSA were to change t
  11. I do the samething. The first couple Eagle BOR's I sat in on with the scouts. After that I thought that this was the first of many interview type meetings these boys may go through. No time like now to begin going solo. I sit and discuss things that maybe asked and give them tips on how to explain and what certain body language type things can do too. After presenting them to the board I will go out and wait for them to complete. Most of the scouts I have done this with thank me even more for helping and trusting them to preform well. Like it or not sooner or later you need to let them do it a
  12. Too bad it is just not that easy. I know of other leaders who are dealing with low attendence at times, just as our troop is, not because of a boring program but because of mandatory attendence at other activities. Many times it is also not the choice of the scout as much as it is their parent or parents. There are many parents out there leading their second childhood through their sons and daughters. Though I do not feel the need to set attendence rules I do understand sometimes why others do. For our scouts attendence means better and more interesting activities that they plan and put togeth
  13. I agree, the first thing is what do the boys think. Although having a good patrol type program is good it is only one of the methods of scouting. Were the patrols organized and doing things together? Do the boys actually have a say in the program or is it adult run? The one on one is really not something that you are looking for in Boy Scouts, in fact more of the other way, little or less one on one. What about program, I know some troops do a great many activities, over and over to the point that older scouts may get bored. I'd rather be in a troop that did less activities, but with more of a
  14. eghiglie skill awards did not come out till 1972 when scouting made the big change from a total outdoor program to a more urbanized type program.
  15. Well Get Outdoors my scouts would be the last to tell you that I am some kind of egomaniac. Because of limited time and space I only keyed on the major issue that broke things wide open. First off both of these boys came from a family of little or no diciplin. Their father was an ASM in the troop. We had to constantly walk on egg shells when either of his sons stepped out of line, because anytime anyone PL, SPL,or adult leader said anything about what they were doing wrong he would jump on them with all his might. We had to go through many meetings and discussions to even get this guy to under
  16. I am in the same boat as Stosh. On most trips I am pretty open with what a boy may or may not bring on the trip. But there are always these pesky kids who decide they just need to see how far they can push. Example we were attending summer camp in an area where bears had been very active and on camp property. Strongly told the boys NO FOOD and NO DRINKS (other then water) in tents. Told them this each and every meeting up to camp time. Second night at camp I find two boys (brothers) that decided not to listen to what I told them. Explained to them the reason why and then sent them home. Mom an
  17. I know what you are saying SMT224, I had a young scout at summer camp who felt he was being bullied because he wanted to play cards one evening with some of the boys and wasn't willing to wait until the next hand to get into the game, went home told mom and dad that the scouts were bullying him. I think it also makes it easier for the parents to say my son left because he was bullied by others, not my son left because he couldn't do it or like doing it.
  18. Well to add a little more to that, four of the ten families returned the money and asked that it be used to help out other scouts in the troop who maybe were not as well off as they were. To me that is a scouting type of attitude. While we were at summer camp I ran into 3 of the 4 boys at the trading post, it was hot and dry out and I asked them if they would like to have a slush puppy with me. After getting them we walked outside and 1 of the boys asked "why did you buy these for us?' I simply replied "because it feels good". We need to further teach our youth that they sometimes will need to
  19. Geez, let's keep that selfish "what's in it for me" attitude going strong. Even when they are trying to help their own troop let's reward them with requirements or a party. This will produce a great base for our society in the future. Our troop had a similar type of activity where we set up a table at the local community day event in the town park. I asked boys to sign up and be at the location at a certain time to help set up and run the info booth. Out of the 18 boys who signed up only 10 made it, some could only stay for a few hours but the time they could give was well appreciated. I had r
  20. I think part of the problem is training the boys in what areas of the planning are theirs and which is adult. In our troop we have a PLC meeting every month, seperate from the troop meeting. At this meeting the SPL is given a check list for the upcoming months trip. This list is broken down with scout and adult areas that need to be checked off by the end of the meeting. My scouts don't make reservations nor do they drive, so that area is covered by the adults, but is still listed on the sheet so that the scouts can really see and appreciate what is involved in planning even the simplist of tr
  21. Maybe the problem is the outgoing SPL is running the PLC for the upcoming year in which he will not be running the troop. The other boys who are hoping for the position are trying to get what type of program they would like should they win the election. Two problems that I see are the SPL for the upcoming year should be the one running this planning meeting.The other is getting all the boys to understand servant leadership. Which basically states doing what the boys in the troop would like or what is good for the troop and not just what they want or desire.
  22. Why does everyone say that a training like this (AOLS) would be supplemental? If we boast or brag that we are "the" outdoor program. why shouldn't at least 1 or 2 of the adult leaders (SM & ASM) be trained in this type of training? By making it supplemental it is just another "If I feel like it" type trainings. To me every SM should be required to have training in the outdoors. Lots more then what is offered now. To me that is like saying I can be an electrician and not know anything about electricity. I do know that brings in the old problem of the different ways that councils train there
  23. That is the rub. Many times the only reason an adult is wearing that SM or ASM patch is because he or she is the only one willing to put the time and effort into it. Again many times they are there just in body and never take the program to the fullness that they should. How much time and effort or training they take beyond what BSA mandates is up to them. I have seen many of the leaders that you describe. But I think its the same in any organization that depends strongly on volunteers. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. By the way I have been in scouting for over 30 years but I do not
  24. Alright Gern, our WB course is a two weekend type course. On the first weekend we do most of the butt time. Get to know each other and do some simple tasks together. In between the first and second weekend we will have a patrol meeting set up and agreed to by the members of the patrol. At this meeting we discuss the menu and equipment needed for the second weekend. Each of us is given a task or item to get for this. This is all done by the members of the patrol, no WB staffer is involved. Sounds like the patrol method to me. On the second weekend we distribute the materials amongst ourselves a
  25. As posted earlier the training was supposed to be done as a regional type training. We are in the Northeast Region. I had one boy in our troop that had to go to the regional training that we have for WB and for NYLT staff and course directors. Maybe you need to see what your region is doing about this.
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