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  1. Hijack continued. Novice_Cubmaster, I had intended on mentioning the Quaker persecutions in my earlier response, but felt I was not informed enough about them. There is a statue of Mary Dyer at our Statehouse in Boston. She was exiled by the Puritans for her Quaker beliefs several times but kept returning because her conscience and convictions moved her to. On her last return she was arrested, tried, convicted of heresy, and hanged on the Boston Common in 1660. What was that about coming to the New World (America) to escape religious persecution? Again, its Christian pers
  2. JoeBob, the KKK isnt ancient history either, neither are the Russian pogroms. How long ago these things happened isnt the point, its that Christians really arent blameless either when it comes to terrorism it just so happens that we live in an age when Islam is on the front page. We need to keep our own Christian past in mind when considering these current events. My understanding of the situation in Northern Ireland is that it is primarily a political struggle for control of that area, it just so happens the opposing factions are two branches of Christianity. Some of the Troubles
  3. Can you be gay and atheist and still be an Eagle Scout? (That should keep things going for a while) YIS Mike
  4. I registered to this forum just to ask you this: Why don't you let atheists be scouts? I dont there is any need to speculate whether this person is a troll. YIS Mike
  5. Searching for Christian terrorism only returned hits from atheist sites JoeBob, you need to dig deeper. Just off the top of my head: What about the IRA and the Orangemen, or the Klu Klux Klan? What about the pogroms in Russia? What about the Huguenots persecutions in France, or Henry VIII and the dissolution of the Monasteries? What about Queen Mary and her attempts to reestablish Catholic primacy in England? They didnt call her Bloody Mary for nothing. What about the Inquisition? And why do you think Islamic radicals call us Crusaders? These are not proud mom
  6. Yes, but thats you and I subsidizing them with our post-tax dollars, not the government. I wouldnt consider them as tax supported or subsidized in the sense Scoutfish is talking about. The definition of support is to sustain financially. If no one attended the Houses of Worship and made donations, whether in cash or services, they would fold. I suppose you could say that Houses of Worship receive certain tax supported benefits, such as police and fire services, but could it also be said that there is a communal (selfish) benefit to that? A fire in a Houses of Worship could spread to a
  7. I would say that a tax supported entity is any agency of the federal government or any entity that contracts to receive a federal grant or subsidy. By contracting I mean receiving the funds to further the mission of the grantee, not contracting in the sense of providing garage doors to the federal government. At the state and local level I would give the same definition; however, different localities may have differences of how they define and enforce perceived discrimination in the use of their funds. If Scoutfish is asking should folks who believe in God be denied services because
  8. Like Zippyboro, we do the awards and skits first, followed by dinner, then any special entertainment and/or activities (this year we had a storyteller, belt loop stations and games). This year we also did dessert as the last thing (we had a 100th BSA birthday cake). I think weve always done dessert as the last thing, or close to the end of the evening. YIS Mike
  9. Not to worry BklynEagle, hands down not only were BadenPs posts bigoted, they were downright offensive. deluded by thinking they literally turn the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ BadenP, what authority gives you the right to slam a persons faith and belief? It frightens me that youre in a position of promoting this kind of intolerance in the guise of the Scout Oath and Law. I found his initial post intriguing and it prompted me to do some research, but BadenPs latter posts on this thread have only characterized him to me as a raving crackpot, at least in this matt
  10. Congratulations Axeman! Its a great feeling of satisfaction (and relief) when your Counselor declares the ticket complete! Im must echo Emb021s sentiments though. There is a proper ceremony that goes along with the regalia. If I were in your position Id talk with my Counselor or the Course Director to see what can be done. My Course Director, who happened to be my Counselor, told me that I could involve anyone I wanted to in the ceremony, but it was his role (prerogative?) to present the Beads. Getting the Beads is an accomplishment that should be properly recognized. Would we g
  11. The movie! For me, the movie was my least favorite part of the course. While I understand why it was there and the points it conveyed, sitting inside watching a movie just didnt seem to mesh with the rest of what was an otherwise great experience. A couple of my Patrol mates had similar opinions. YIS Mike NE-I-262 Still a Good OlBear Getting my Beads 3/20/10!
  12. Thanks, MNBob. When I think about what you say it makes sense. I have to admit that the grade/age/date stuff sometimes throws me. We do make a bigger deal on the Arrow of Light award. Weve been fortunate in my time with the Pack that the boys have pretty much earned it as a group so that makes setting up a special ceremony easier. ScoutNut, I guess you would call our Pack a feeder pack. We coordinate with our big brother Troop so that the new scouts are prepared to go to summer camp. There is usually a Troop camp out in June and the summer camp in July. In June the Troop holds
  13. Our Webelos get their Arrow of Light when they earn it. If they earn it by the Blue and Gold then so much the better. Our Crossover occurs at our Family Campout held in mid to late May. This is the last event of our Cub Scout Year (although we do keep active in the summer). Im just curious, you speak of 4th grade Webelos earning their Arrow of Light. Im familiar with 4th grade boys (Webelos I) earning the Webelos badge and then moving on to Arrow of Light and Crossover in the 5th grade (Webelos II). Am I missing something? YIS Mike
  14. There is nothing in the Scout Oath or Law, or even anything that can be inferred from them, about not being gay. I dont think thats entirely true. Some folks appear to hang their hat on the phrase morally straight because from their perspective, largely because of biblical interpretation, homosexuality is immoral. Until the majority opinion comes to view that idea as false (my view, by the way), this will still be an issue and a very tough nut to crack. YIS Mike
  15. BadenP, I checked out the Vatican website as you suggested (read some of Sacramentum Caritatis concerning tabernacle placement), looked up articles on the net, and I really dont see any real evidence of this four tier plan or which you speak. I really dont think Pope Benedict will be around for 20 years to put this plan into effect. From what I can see its simply that the rules allowing for a Latin Mass have been relaxed so now a Bishops approval is no longer required. Personally, I dont consider this a bad thing. I wouldnt mind hearing a Latin Mass now and then. There definit
  16. Our Pack has used the themes if they seemed interesting and fun. We have also moved themes to another month if we liked the theme but had something else planned for the applicable month. We usually applied the themes only to the pack meeting; the dens might plan an appropriate skit, but usually worked on advancement and other non-theme activities. It is true about whats being said about abandoning the themes for Cub Scouts 2010. Den meetings will be devoted to advancement, but its no clear whats happening at the pack meetings. Good luck as a new leader, just remember HAVE FUN
  17. Scoutfish, I dont think it was speculation. In one of the posts Old School Scout states I know that the boy hasn't finished quite a few of the requirements because I went through his book as I spoke with his parent. who by the way said that she doesn't have enough time to help her boy with all the requirements. Its one thing for the Tiger or Cub Scout parent to produce a book with all of the requirements signed off, which you should accept even if you have some doubts about his or her veracity, but when the parent admits that they have havent completed them I dont think its right that yo
  18. Asichacker, Im confused. Didnt you cover these issues in your Scout Step Parent with Issues thread, which is fairly recent? You got some good advice there (and Im not just referring to my posts). Why the new thread? Do you expect something different? YIS Mike
  19. Old School Scout, The Cub Scout Year usually mirrors the school year, beginning in September and ending in May or June. Some packs are active in the summer, but many, our Pack included, just organize special events (no pack or den meetings) in order to earn the Summertime Activity Award. A Cub Scout can earn this award if he participates in at least one Pack summer event in the months of June, July and August. I have always been of the philosophy that, as the Cub Scout Year begins in September, a boy has until August 31st to earn his rank. Its nice to get the ranks at the Blue and
  20. Next come the brain implants so that leaders can be monitored to guard against abusive or impure thoughts about the boys. All bases are now covered, cut those liability insurance premiums in half! YIS Mike
  21. In my limited experience Ive come across scouters who have felt Why do I need training? Ive been a leader for X number of years so I know what Im doing or I was an Eagle Scout, I know this stuff. They look upon training as an insult to their experience rather than in a positive way as a validation of what they know and an opportunity to build upon it or learn a fresh approach. I believe Ive stated in earlier posts that, to me, almost important as the training itself is the opportunity to be amongst a group of scouters and exchange approaches and ideas. Ive seen the trainers (myself inc
  22. Yes, Im a member of the Campaign Hat Club. I wear mine fairly regularly and my scout son wears one on occasion. Ive kinda accumulated a number of them in search of the correct size and feel (a little worn, not too stiff). Ive gotten them from eBay, the Army/Navy store, and from Scoutstuff (BSA Supply). BklynEagle, the Campaign Hat I received from BSA Supply (bought maybe two years ago) was a Stetson product packed in a Stetson box. Has Stetson discontinued making them? I was considering getting a rain shield, but Ive worn my Campaign Hat in the rain on a couple of occasions,
  23. Whoa, Asichacker, a little harsh, dont you think? Beavahs post mentions Scouts in passing, along with coaches and teachers, and strikes me as simply a general observation with a lot of truth to it. Surely, as a baseball coach yourself, youve encountered parents of kids who think their son is the next Manny Ortiz, but who can barely swing a bat or, conversely, parents of kids with real talent who think Johnny is wasting his time playing ball and would be better served practicing the violin because, after all, they now whats best for their boy? The 1 or 2 hours a week, presumably
  24. Asichacker, Thanks for filling us in. Just a couple of observations: You still feel unwelcome. To be frank, as I read your posts which express disinterest, disapproval with the chaos, and the feeling that you have nothing to contribute, I wonder if you may be coming across to the troop adults as being someone who is aloof and judgmental. I mean no offense and you are certainly entitled to your opinions. Its just something that occurred to me as I thought about your situation. I honestly dont think being a step-dad has anything to do with acceptance. In the pack and troop that I
  25. WestCoastScouter, some thoughts: You didnt say if they appointed a new CC. If so, this person is probably aligned with the new CM, but is that the case? How does the rest (majority) of the Committee feel? Do you get along with the new CM? Is he approachable and willing to listen to what Im assuming is the pack consensus regarding the situation? If hes introverted maybe he doesnt even want the job and would be happy if someone took it off his hands. Maybe one or both of the den dads could serve as ACM(s). The former CM of our Pack was a great and knowledgeable guy but very s
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