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  1. A double Amen to Codger and SMT224 great posts. Both my sons have had some minor run-ins with bullies. My older son has had problems with a boy who ironically was once his best friend (sometimes irony aint so cool Studentscout). I have told them to deal with bullies with non-violent methods first. Sometimes if a bully doesnt get a rise out of you theyll go away. Ultimately, if that doesnt work and they are getting no support from the school faculty, they need to defend themselves physically. While I dont condone violence and try to avoid it at all costs, there may come a time wh
  2. If the boy doesn't like physical contact and male competition Are we talking about football or Scouts? YIS Mike
  3. Pack212Scouter, I had read those definitions earlier. In my humble opinion I think trying to define these different types of overnight outings is part of the problem. Essentially they are all the same: a pack plans an overnight stay, leaders and parents are recruited, sleeping arrangements are made, other arrangements (food, activities) are decided upon (or come with the venue), and everyone has fun. I would suggest just simply calling that section something like Overnight Events and list the requirements (tour permits, BALOO trained leader, sleeping arrangements, permission slips,
  4. Scoutfish, I admit that personally Im not up totally up to speed with the Webelos calendar. Our Webelos den leaders are handling that. We did have a boy who joined as a Webelos late, but he worked hard and did earn his Webelos badge and now he is working on Arrow of Light. I believe he is on track to earn it before our Cross Over in May. Ultimately Im inclined to give a boy as much time as I can to earn rank with a clear conscience. I had one den leader approach me about an active boy whom he wanted to award the Summertime Activity Award, but the boy did not honestly earn it and I
  5. My two man MSR Hubba Hubba does fit two men been there done that, but to experience luxurious accommodations its a one man. I figure for every man a tent says it sleeps subtract one if you really want optimal sleeping accommodations. I think that if a boy is with his parent then no matter what the sleeping arrangements are youre covered. Im would think any parent should be mindful of his/her sons interaction with other boys or adults with regards to changing and sleeping arrangements. If something happened and a parent was present I find it hard to believe the onus could fall on the p
  6. Infoscouter, Yes, I have the Cub Scout Cycle in my Cub Scout Leader Book (page 34-9). So where do you think the extra month or two (page 18-3) would fall? YIS Mike
  7. My Council has agreed with my thoughts (still waiting for National's response) . . . The Scout (a Wolf) cannot go parentless because of "Family Camping" part of the GTSS (as posted by Scoutfish), I guess taking the view that a parent must actually be there to be responsible for the supervision of their a child [but, this should be "clearer," so the other family member is not a baby brother!]. Now Im completely confused. My understanding of how the situation worked was the same as what ScoutNut and NE-IV-88-Beaver wrote. I went to the GTSS and found, a few sections down from Fami
  8. So, is it the scouting that does the harm, or the parents who don't understand the program? I dont think the parents understanding of the program enters into the equation. A former Eagle Scout and Wood Badge trained scoutmaster could be just as guilty as parents who dont have a clue about the Scouting program (although I would hope not). The issue is making a boy do something he really doesnt have any interest in, no matter what the parents motivation is. The same could be said for sports or a musical instrument. Sometimes I feel guilty of pushing. Every so often I ask my scout s
  9. Nolesrule, I assume you mean by putting the emphasis on the word Jamboree? To me thats still not a good argument. The Jamboree is an activity. Boys earn money in their troop accounts for summer camp. If they cant attend summer camp is the money taken away? Its my understanding scout accounts accompany a boy if he transfers from troop A to troop B. Should the funds remain with troop A simply because the scout earned it there? That being said, I can see Twocubdads point about how the money was earned. Funds from popcorn sales and the like where the scout is directly responsible f
  10. My son is going to the Jamboree and, like dg98adams, its pretty much financed through the Bank of Dad (I like that). My boy has also done very little Jamboree-specific fund raising. The Jamboree fundraising literature encourages the scouts to participate in the fundraising so that THEY can EARN money to help finance THEIR Jamboree participation cost or so that THEY can have pocket money at the Jamboree (caps for emphasis). Those boys were enterprising enough to go out and earn that money. If something comes up and they have to drop out I think the fundraising money should be redirected
  11. Studentscout, why would it make your day if it turned out that Codger was a teenager? YIS Mike
  12. Twocubdad, is the frame glass covered and does the glass push up against the patches to help hold them in place? Ive used double-sided archival tape or a hinge of single sided archival tape, as well as a hinge of good old masking tape. Either shouldnt do any damage. Another thought is the stamp hinge that collectors use to mount postage stamps. These also shouldnt do any harm to the patches. The reason I asked about the glass is Im not sure how these suggestions would work for the long haul if just the tape or hinges were the only thing supporting the patches. The glass would
  13. Greetings Scouters, A poster on the Forum has written on a couple of occasions that June 1st is the deadline for Cub Scout rank advancement. I have not seen guidance that states this. I have suggested to the Pack that, should the situation arise, we would give the scout until August 31st to earn his rank. If it were not completed by September 1st the scout would then simply begin to work on the next rank he would be eligible for. I had brought this point up at a training session and did not get any opposition. The Cub Scout Leader Book states that if necessary, allow the boy an
  14. Like BrentAllens Pack, we collect dues in September (and chase a few folks for several months thereafter) which include covering the recharter fee and Boys Life. As new boys are added their parents pay the dues (which include the fees), we submit the application with the registration payment to Council, and the boy gets his membership card. As for changing positions, we just do it through the recharter process. When I went from Assistant Cubmaster to Cubmaster I just changed my position on the Charter at recharter time no problem. The CO, Committee, Den Leaders, parents, and scouts kn
  15. Scoutfish, I had mentioned in other posts that our Pack had created a Parents Handbook. It covers programmatic items such as the Aims of Cub Scouting, ranks, belt loops, activity pins, the uniform, badge placement, and so forth. It also covers Pack-specific topics such as leader contact information, web address (which has many useful links for further information), general Pack Meeting times and location (parents are instructed to look to their boys Den Leader for Den Meeting times and locations), dues, annual activities such as the Pinewood Derby and Blue and Gold, and other activit
  16. Scoutfish, I had recommended to you in another thread that having a few years as an active leader under you belt would make the Wood Badge experience more beneficial to you. While the training is touted as useful outside of Scouting, and that is true, ultimately the goal is to make you a better Scout leader and if you dont have a good idea of the essentials the next Level will not be as meaningful. For me throughout the training, as topics were discussed my thoughts went back to how they applied to my Pack and my place in it. I called upon examples that I had experienced, which
  17. By the way, Studentscout, Kudu is a poster on this Forum who endorses traditional scouting and he has stated that the key to promoting a boy lead troop and the patrol method is to have each patrol camp 300 feet apart as suggested by Baden Powell. YIS Mike
  18. Studentscout, I dont think any of the posters are yucking it up over the incident that started this thread. Initially, the debate was over the extremity of the punishment (and everyone agreed there should be punishment) and who should be punished. Things have kinda gotten sidetracked over the hazing prank debate. I think what Beavah and the others are trying to say is there is nothing wrong with a little fun. I dont know your role in Scouts, but Im primarily a Cub Leader and fun is the secret ingredient that keeps the program fresh and the boys interested. Some pranks (to us
  19. Studentscout, I believe your question was how can deception be a positive part of scouting? Magic involves deception and I can tell you that our Cubs enjoy a good magic show. A fake out is a deception, like in a game of bombardment when you make as if you were aiming for one kid and then suddenly turn and throw at another. Any of the sight deprivation games like Blind Mans Bluff or Marco Polo involve deception. Campfire tales of Three Fingered Willy and how he is still roaming the woods looking for his lost fingers (or something like that, I just remember the name from when
  20. I believe Eagle92 is referring to the Uniform Police. Wear jeans in place of regulation pants and they will find you! YIS Mike
  21. Our Pack uses individual den numbers per den and those numbers follow the boys until they cross over and the den disbands. Then the number is up for grabs. I think this is the least confusing method and helps to build a den identity. The year my Webelos son crossed over his brother was about to come in as a Tiger. Im kinda sentimental so I appropriated new Scout sons now no longer needed Webelos den number and used it for his brothers Tiger Den (of which I am the Den Leader). The number was 8, by the way. YIS Mike
  22. But to absolutely require, or you are not a Scout, no, that is not right, not the intent of the founder I believe Baden Powell spent a good deal of effort and attention to detail when outfitting his South African Constabulary. Granted, that was a formal policing organization, but I think it says something to his mindset on the importance of the uniform. Maybe some of you traditional scouting experts can add your expertise as to Baden Powells thoughts on the matter? Perhaps the BSA is being purposely ambiguous in the topic of the uniform for the reasons that many of you touched upon
  23. Good luck, Bear Dad! Wood Badge is absolutely a worthwhile as well as an energizing experience and Im sure youll enjoy it. Wood Badge for a brand new leader gives me pause though. The Ticket requires a vision for ones Den, Pack or Troop and ones place in it. I just cant see how a person still working on learning the basics of the Program, acquiring initial training, and getting an understanding of the dynamics and needs of his/her Den, Pack or Troop can really produce an insightful Ticket. I would suggest a couple of years in the trenches before considering Wood Badge to really re
  24. Thanks for those links Basementdweller; they do put an interesting light on things. At minimum, each boy in Cub Scouting will need a uniform and a handbook. Definitions (Websters Dictionary for Students) for will include is or are commanded to, order, decree. It sounds pretty definitive that the Cub Scout (at least) must have a uniform. The leaders of Scoutingvolunteer and professionalshould promote the wearing of the correct, complete uniform on all suitable occasions. Definitions (Websters Dictionary for Students) for should include ought to and less assured form of sha
  25. Hi Folks, Just got back from a hike with the Den and saw this. Just some thoughts: At some point each of these boys need individual attention which they are not receiving in a den of 24. That the three DLs sons are the only ones to have finished the badge is good evidence of that. While I agree that 24 is way too much for one den and that boys do need individual attention, I dont think that the fact that the leaders sons have advanced is good evidence of that. What it is good evidence of is that the den leaders care about the program and their sons advancement. In my own situ
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