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    "please explain how insulting people suports your argument that BSA should be open to atheists." --- your right, it doesn't "Thinking for yourself is great, and that's what BSA members have done, concluding that there is value in affirming the existence of God, while teaching respect for people's differing beliefs, including the beliefs of atheists and agnostics." --- ??? Thinking for yourself is great, but only if its your opinion too right? And please, teaching respect for other people... by banning them? Hmmm... "I won't let a 4 year child decide she's knows when it's sa
  2. yann


    Define love. Yes I believe in love, was it between a woman and man, man and man or woman and woman. But, this is probably something like "do you believe in darkness?" thing right? Well if your going to post questions like this and intentionally avoid answering my question there is no need to argue then...
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    I registered to this forum just to ask you this: Why don't you let atheists be scouts? I mean why do you think atheists can't "grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God"? It is proven that atheists are more intelligent than theists... Almost every good scientist is an atheist... Is thinking for yourself really that bad? Why don't you let children decide for their own? And the last question, why do YOU believe in god when there is no proof for it?
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