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  1. Thanks for all the input. I think my problem is that I'm definitly part of the 'lets follow the BSA program the best we can' group.Why be part of a group when you don't care to use the program they offer and don't care to take pride in the history of the group.
  2. perdidochas you wrote My general feeling is that parents like the beads, the kids don't care. They want beltloops and badges, not beads I cannot disagree more. I had a couple of boys come into the den in late October.We got them caught up with Bobcat and enough requirments for their 1st bead as fast as we could, to see the look on thier faces you would have thought it was Xmas, just for a piece of plastic and a bead.I always make sure to present each bead in front of our den and have the scout tell the other boys what three requirements he finished to earn the bead.
  3. We have a den leader that refuses to use immediate recognition beads and totems. Stating that they alredy recieve enough awards. He has also openly stated that he doesn't bother teaching the boys the history of scouting. What can done? It seems that the scouts are being short changed.
  4. This was my first year as a Den Leader and can not believe the lack of enthusiasm from our CM. Most of the other leaders and parents feel the same way I do. What can we do? Also our Committee Chairman just spends every meeting talking about changes he wants to make but of course nothing happens. I have thought about moving to another pack ,but fell obligated to the other boys in my den.
  5. Our pack doesn't basically shuts down for the summer,but I was told that I'm free to have den meetings as normal and work on the Wolf requirements.Has anyone done this with success?
  6. I think we are just going to have to agree to disagree. (This message has been edited by oldschool scout)
  7. To Calicco , I know that the boy hasn't finished quite a few of the requirements because I went through his book as I spoke with his parent.Who by the way said that she doesn't have enough time to help her boy with all the requirements.Also at the den meetings we have worked on the majority of the requirements and did an extra outside den meeting(that they did not attend) for the Den hike .So please don't assume that the boy and his parent have not had more than ample oppurtunities to finish the requirements with the rest of the den.(This message has been edited by oldschool scout)
  8. I also don't understand this end of school year means end of scouts untill September thing.I have been told that I can hold den meetings in the summer ,but there are no official pack meetings at all.?? Isn't the summer the best time to be invovled with scouting?
  9. As a tiger Den Leader I always wear the shirt to Den meetings and havent had any issues with my group not showing up in uniform. I believe jeans are fine for den meetings ,but a higher standard needs to be set for pack meetings and any public event( such as a parade). At one pack meeting we had wo boys from the same den recieving awards and one had on full uniform and I think its called a brag vest.To me this showed respect for his pack and pride in his accomplishments. While the other boy was allowed to recieve his award in holy jeans and a T-shirt.
  10. I have had some of the same issues with Mom signing off on a belt loop because Jr is on the chess team or took swimming lessons two yrs ago. the best one was when one parent wanted thier son to get the bicycling loop, in December? I like the fact that the BSA finally put the belt loop requiremnts online.
  11. The way I look at it the tiger program is supposed to be the base of getting the boys ready to be scouts. If we just start handing out badges for showing up, what good is done by having the program? Look ,the requirements are not that difficult to complete,in fact we have completed the majority of them at our den meetings,and go see its.Of the group I have, all but one of the boys show up for every Den/Packmeeeting and go see it and everytime we complete a beltloop or requirement I make sure the boys know that they have earned it,and are able to tell someone else what they did to earn it.YES I
  12. I agree that the motto is Do your best,and can see the reasoning behind your thoughts. I am actually the Den Leader for the tigers and this is my first year of doing this.
  13. The pack my son is involved in wants to GIVE out the tiger badge to every scout who completed the year ,regardless if they completed the requirements or not. Obviously myself and the other parents who worked with our children to complete the requirements are bothered by this. What are we showing the boys? Only that you can slack off all year and still recieve the same awards that everyone else worked for.
  14. I've been reading the forum on and off for awhile now. Thought it was time to join and ask a few questions
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