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  1. Is the USS Little Rock sleepover a Council sponsored event? If so, I believe that affords you some protection in the event of problems. Has your Pack Committee discussed the event and shared all the details, including the sleeping arrangements, with the parents? If some are uncomfortable they can opt not to attend. Our Pack has done sleepovers on battleships (USS Massachusetts, sleeping like the sailors in hammocks), museums (Boston Museum of Science and Plymouth Plantation, both very popular, folks bed down all over the floors of the exhibit halls), and cabins. All of these have
  2. I was a Boy Scout for a couple of years back in the late 60s. My only memories are of summer camp (Adams Pond, New Hampshire), some good points, some bad points, and a camping trip that my Dad and younger brother attended (neither were scouts). That later trip was particularly memorable in that my Dad passed away when I was around 15 and its one of my fond memories of him. My brother and I also got eaten alive by mosquitoes on that campout. My adult scouting career is fairly new Ive been an Assistant Cubmaster for about 8 months now. I cant honestly say that my boyhood scouting exper
  3. The boys in our Pack wear the neckerchief but our Cubmaster and Den Leaders dont with one exception, one of our Webelos Den Leaders wears her Wood Badge neckerchief. Im the Assistant Cubmaster and I wear a neckerchief. Its a nice tradition and I feel we, the leaders, should set the example if we expect the boys to wear one. I started out with the current standard Cub Scout Leader blue neckerchief but I picked up an old (1930 40s) CUBS BSA blue and gold neckerchief and now wear that one exclusively. The old one is much bigger but not that heavy. I wear mine on top of the collar. The
  4. I had touched upon this site before but really got into it recently through following a discussion thread on the campaign hat (love the campaign hat, I wear one). I decided to take the plunge and sign on. Ive been Assistant Cubmaster for Pack 22 here in Braintree since May 2007. My oldest son joined as a Wolf and I had been involved with the Pack as a helpful parent prior to the Assistant Cubmaster role. My oldest is a Webelos II now and will cross over this May but my other son will be coming in as a Tiger at that point (hes excited about it). Im planning to be his Den Leader as well
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