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    My first reaction upon reading this was - huh? She's an American citizen. But, on reading a little more about her background and reflecting... Here we have a Scout who so loves Scouting so much that when she spent summers in Canada she joined their Scouting association. It reminded me of kids who transfer overseas and then join the local Scouting program. We had a Scout in our troop do that. We also have had a Scout from another country join our troop while living in the US. As I see it, at the end of the day, this is a program about helping youth to develop. Advancement is one method to help these young adults develop. For years, she wanted to join the BSA, but could not. So, she joined Scouts Canada when she could. Later, when she finally was able to join, people found a way for her prior Scouting experience In Canada to reflect her appropriate point in the advancement process in the Scouts BSA program. Maybe I've got a soft spot for those people with heart and spirit, but this seems like a pretty fair & creative solution.
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    Alas, it's not just one troop, it's every troop in the district. I will go further: its the movement. Driven by the damned " stop any activities that have any possibility however remote, of resulting in a lawsuit" mentality that seems to have swept the nation. It's hard to blame National in all honesty, when you are bleeding millions in payouts and legal fees, you just have to do something to stop it. I am just not ok with turning Boyscouts into Webelos III, IV, and V.
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    At our district's Camporees/Camporalls, we have a wonderful elderly Scouter who sets up a booth with a MASSIVE collection of Scouting memorabilia that he sells at incredibly low prices. Last time he had a plaid jacket like the one above in perfect condition for only $20, but sadly the size was an adult's large and I am an adult small at best. Maybe at the next event he'll have one my size, but I never walk away from his stand empty handed - the good gentleman all but gives away treasure after treasure, charging little more than pocket change for it all because he wants the kids in our Scouting community to feel they have a chance at finding items they will prize and cherish forever. I make sure all my boys spend time there so that they can explore and appreciate Scouting's long and storied history, and now they look forward to scouring that booth more than almost any other activities offered at these events. They've become quite the little band of connoisseurs too!
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    Yes, we want her to go through the entire process properly, just like all the other young men, and now women, in Scouting. While it is an exceptional point in Scouting, it is still not a time to reward those who have violated BSA policy. Her argument originally was that she had done the work while not registered with the BSA and tagging along with her brother and dad. While I had not seen tagalongs except at Cub Scouts until recently, apparently this is a big thing in other areas. If she receives Eagle for that, what about all the other sisters who tagged along througout the years? Her current argument, the one apparently the one her Scout Exec approved of, is that she earned Scouts Canada's highest award, and should be given credit for that. And they did, to Life. The problem that many of us have is A) the family did this as a way of bypassing BSA policy and B) she is not Canadian and thus does not meet the "Youth from other countries who temporarily reside in the United States, or have moved here..." portion of the G2A. Again she and her family want to be rewarding for ignoring the rules.Sadly it does a great disservie to the other young ladies in Scouting who have played by the rules. Sadly you would be surprised. While I agree with national making Ms. Ireland wait like everyone else, I have seen cases where individuals received Eagle without earning it. In my district recently, we had one Scout who did not complete his Eagle Project in time. Long story short, the benefiting organization kicked him and the Scouts working with him off the property because not only did he not follow directions given to him, the damage he caused required a contractor, and could have caused the benefiting organization to be fined due to lack of ADA access. Further, after 20+ years of working with Scouts on doing Eagle Projects, they no longer allow Scouts to do work their. It was only after threats of lawsuits that he received his Eagle. But the worse case was the one National approved after being denied at the district and council level appeal. major problems were discovered, and it was my first encounter with 'pencil whipping" The Scout was 13, and had plenty of time to rectify the situation.National stated "you do not punish the Scout for the mistakes of the adults" in their letter to council granting his Eagle. When the district advancement committee got the letter, they resigned in protest, stating " national can conduct these boards of review now."
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    If they run their program like yours, they will likely grow because independence is very appealing for youth this age. They just need to know there is something like this out there. Barry
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    When I was a lifeguard and aquatic manager most of the women wore red running shorts over their swimsuits and the patch went on that. I'd never suggest that someone try and attach a patch to a spandex women's swimsuit. They are expensive and I'd be worried about the possibility of creating a weak spot in the material. But since I'm not a tailor, I could be totally off about the likelihood of that causing a problem
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    A 1970s “Pedro” jacket, glorious in all its plaid-ness. A tad itchy, however.
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    Regarding questions about a new Scout having Life rank less then a month after joining Scouts BSA, a Scout Executive explains it in the Tweet as "... progress from a foreign Scouting association is... applied to BSA requirements..." (For Ms Ireland I'd be curious if she meets the stipulation that "Youth from other countries who temporarily reside in the United States, or have moved here,..." Regarding other comments about lax application of advancement requirements for girls... After holding Unit, District and Council positions I've learned that lax application of Rank and Merit Badge requirements in my District is common. Alas, the BSA Councils and Districts have never done very good quality control with their franchisee, the Unit.
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    I am not a fan of Ms. Ireland's tactics or rhetoric, but to be fair to her, I remember reading that is some type of Wood Badge part 1 in Canada which she was eligible and has participated, thus eligible to wear the WB woggle. I do not recall all the details but that portion of Wood Badge is open to youth and the Woogle signifies completion.
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    I would disagree with you on this. Based on what you have said about your troop I think it is most certainly a conscious decision. But the decision is not to "make Eagles". The decision has been to help the Scouts create a great program. A program that clearly keeps youth engaged and having fun. If troops do this, they will have Scouts earn Eagle. As I said in an earlier post, Eagle mills usually are not sustainable. Their focus is on the wrong thing and Scouts and Leaders burn out. Troops that build good program are sustainable and will ALSO help Scouts earn their Eagle. To paraphrase a line popular in real estate, its all about PROGRAM, PROGRAM, PROGRAM
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    You just described the number one reason why units loose their older scouts. If the program were left totally to the scouts, First Class would be way down the list and fishing would come way up. But let's be fair to ourselves, we talk idealistically, however, realistically the adults have to instill some expectations depending on the maturity of scouts. If a scout doesn't know what they don't know, the adults have to at least give a starting point. The problem is that adults don't know how far is too far. Learning the line that can be crossed requires reflecting on experience and courage to step back. Cubs is still an adult driven program, so it's easy for adults to push their ideals on the scouts to far without taking away much from the program. However, Troop level scouts is the real character building level of the program, so adult intrusion has measurable effects on a scout's growth. The problem for us scouters is that we don't see our negative influences instantly, sometimes it takes several months, even years. Reflection and evaluation takes a lot practice. The key is keeping the eye on the prize of developing youth who make ethical and moral decisions based from the scout law. Barry
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    I'm betting 90% are paired with a pre-existing troop for equipment, committee and probably also a scheduled of activities and events.
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    Well I survived the first weekend of lifeguard training and have some nasty bruising to show for it. Now I just need to memorize everything in the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Manual and BSA Aquatics Supervision manual 😬
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    Camp song "Linger" Hmmm, I want to linger. Hmmm, A little longer. Hmmm, A little longer, Here with you. Hmmm, It's such a perfect night. Hmmm, It doesn't seem quite right. Hmmm, That this should be, My last with you. Hmmm, And come September, Hmmm, I will remember, Hmmm, Our Scouting days, Of friendships true. Hmmm, And as the years go by, Hmmm, I'll think of you and sigh. Hmmm, This is good night And not good bye. Hmmm I want to linger. Hmmm A little longer. Hmmm A little longer, Here with you.
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    I think this is a grave disservice to any of your girls, or any Scout for that matter, to create a 2 year plan for them in order to earn Eagle. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO NEED TO CREATE THEIR OWN PLAN AS EACH INDIVIDUAL IS DIFFERENT ( major emphasis). Part of the journey to Eagle is the Scout deciding their own path, the Scout deciding what they want to do, the Scout deciding how they are going to achieve their goals. What have they learned if you hand them a plan?
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    I've reviewed and signed 300+ eagle project proposals. I've been on EBORs and helped many scouts. My personal opinion is that all the requirement "hoops" are guidance to create a quality program. Focus on the quality and the program. Opportunities for advancement can naturally occur within that structure. Get these scouts out doing things. Camping. Volunteering. Exploring opportunities. There is no "ideal" scout path except individual paths that keep the scout active. Make sure these new scouts get a big activity every year. Maybe a few big/moderate activity every year. Each month should include smaller manageable activities / programs. Most importantly, let them set their journey and decide what these activities are. PLC consider rank requirements during annual planning. I've always viewed advancement as an individual scout activity (not a troop program), but the troop annual program plans should support / consider the concept of "first class in the first year". What I mean is that it's up to the scout to take advantage of opportunities and to drive their own advancement. But the PLC should create opportunities in the annual plan for scouts to earn first class and earn merit badges. For example ... the troop doesn't have to teach the biking merit badge and have structured meetings around the biking merit badge, but the troop could offer a bike camp out each year. It would address a merit badge, selecting camp sites, using taut line knots to secure tents, etc. Most importantly, these scouts do have that tight of a time line. The scout and the scoutmaster sit down in a SMC. Draft on a piece of paper a timeline of what needs to happen when. The SM should help the scout understand their path toward Eagle. Things that take time. Challenges. How to get some things done. Then, have the scout put the paper in their scout handbook. Maybe every few months the scout and the SM can chat about progress and how the scout is doing.
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    I don't recommend it. The hole will get bigger and ragged over time. Only reason I keep mine with the holes is that A) it is a reminder to me to ALWAYS keep safety #1 when on the range and not assume that everyone is listening and following instructions and B) to show shooters on a range what could possibly happen when they are not paying attentions and following safety rules. Yes, my Smokey Bear has holes in it from a rifle range. My fault and I was lucky. Thanks for the reminder, I got to pack that Smokey for this weekend.
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    Been sitting here a mite over 7 years now, lots of different folks have come and gone, but seems to me the talk around this campfire has changed quite a lot. It figures I guess since Boy Scouts has changed so much as well. I came home from a campout recently and realized there wasn't one thing that still remained from the days when I was a scout. No patrol flags or sites, no patrols at all really, (they exist just on paper) no scout leadership (the adults do that now), no axes, or saws needed. the adults cut everything up with chainsaws last weekend. No interpatrol competition. Almost as many parents and siblings as scouts. Oh right "Family Scouting" whatever THAT is... But the biggest difference is that scouting used to be billed as an adventure. An exciting way to grow up. Scouts went hiking, camping, exploring on their own. That's WHY we studied woodcraft so intently. So the SM could trust us to not get lost, build a fire in the rain, not cut ourselves with a knife, cook a meal, stay out of the poison ivy, etc. It wasn't for the badges. They were merely the recognition of what we had learned NOT the underlying motivation. Now it's just " one and done" and you get the badge. No real testing allowed. it seems as this Scouts BSA thing is totally different from my experiences or preferences, that I have very little to add to the conversation here. So heartfelt thanks to the many who I'll never meet, for all the coffee, s'mores, and sage advice over the years. { Hoists old faded yucca pack, picks up maple hiking stick} The woods and rivers are still calling, i just might find another adventure or two out there. OldScout 448
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    Correct. Even for Eagle Scout, National will give the Scout their Eagle even if not properly earned. Regarding Ms. Ireland, I am told she will indeed have to wait, despite her local council apparently giving her Life.
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    They'll never reverse a decision and just fall back on the "not punishing the youth for the mistakes of adults."