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    I am going to make this story short. Church/School gave the troop a room Decades ago and promised they could have it as long as they were there. The school wants to utilize the room now so they Church/Scout/Scouts come up with a plan. We have a garage that is connected to a house the Church owns (near the church/school) so the church/school "gave" the house to the scouts and secured the construction to fix the old house and bring it up to code. finally after 2 years of off and on work we have our first meeting in it Wednesday. I'll take some photo's for you guys. Its top notch.
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    I’m in search of examples of top-quality innovative and creative Council or District-organized Cub program events and activities, such as - STEM science days at museums or observatories - Day hikes and nature programs at state parks or council camps - Cub family camping weekends at council camps with organized programs - Fishing derbies What does your council or district do a great job at?
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    Quite right, we have a sub-forum on Cub Scouts https://www.scouter.com/forum/25-cub-scouts/ Here are some past topics which may interest you, in addition to advice from past and present Cub leaders who will join in.
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    Cubmaster is a big task! Thanks for getting involved into scouting right away with your son! Theres plenty of information on this forum that can help you!
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    @KC4KEV welcome to scouter.com
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    One highlight from my Council is our in town day camp. Our council camps work great for some scouts, but they are 45 min to 1 hour commute from some areas of our council. That commute time does not work well for Cub Scout day camp. So, the council added some camps closer to the areas of the council that are far from our camps. One is held at a parish school. They have a lot of great activities including shooting sports (inside the school). They also do 1 field trip to camp for water sports. This has really helped more scouts attend a day camp. One somewhat funny story. They were originally going to hold this in town day camp at an US Army Reserve base; however, the city where that base is located does not allow any discharge of weapons (which include BB guns). So, they changed locations and the B.B. gun range is in a parish school basement.
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    In NJ schools usually have 2 days off for “teachers convention” and this year my council held a STEM day camp for those two days. I was offered to be staff (it actually paid really well!), but had to turn down.
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    You might want to change your obligatory upvote then.
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    Here is an interesting article from the May 1992 issue of Scouting where experienced Scouters were being trained how to instruct reluctant Scouters in camping skills. Maybe worth revisiting??