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  1. Coolest Scout Troop Location?

    I am going to make this story short. Church/School gave the troop a room Decades ago and promised they could have it as long as they were there. The school wants to utilize the room now so they Church/Scout/Scouts come up with a plan. We have a garage that is connected to a house the Church owns (near the church/school) so the church/school "gave" the house to the scouts and secured the construction to fix the old house and bring it up to code. finally after 2 years of off and on work we have our first meeting in it Wednesday. I'll take some photo's for you guys. Its top notch.
  2. Adult Adventure Weekend at the Summit

    Yeap, if I wasn't already committed to summer camp that might be ideal to do....But that's the week after summer camp, I believe the job wouldn't care to much for having another 1/2 week off.
  3. Remind - A Messaging App

    LOL haha what is a Discussion forum If there isn't a Discussion
  4. Remind - A Messaging App

    I completely don't understand it at all....I email and email and email...Do they not even look at emails anymore?
  5. Remind - A Messaging App

    Pack and Troop uses it
  6. So, how will your Pack handle recruiting girls?

    My COR is one of my Leaders and a very active person in my CO. I have already put a word in that I would like to sit down with her and the IH before we start the 2017 fall recruitment just to be sure we are all on the same page.
  7. So, how will your Pack handle recruiting girls?

    I will tell you what I see. I am a CM and I go to my 3 schools during school hours and recruit. When I walk into the room in my uniform and start talking about cub scout I tend to see more attention from the girls than the boys. Sure there are boys highly interested but its the girls that sigh and say "ohh man" I tell them what we do, where we go and what over opportunities there are. I wont change my spill. When I mention Girl Scout to the girls that are really interested I hear the same story "its boring, all we do is sell cookies"
  8. New YPT Launch

    I am finding out this process is dragging and dragging. I noticed on my BeAScout page the option of Boy or Boy/Girl and so when I approached the council about it ( I am a DC) they said they aren't activating any units yet. They are testing one and only one for now. I know in September when I go and do my recruiting for Cub Scouts I am going to have some bites from girls.
  9. New YPT Launch

    What would give you the Idea Venturing is going away?
  10. Waterproofing Tents

    Ive used Kiwi spray on some of my larger tents. Great stuff. Let it sit up for a couple of days (garage) to air out before you store it back up
  11. YP Cub Camping

    My Webelos sleep with their buddy. Mom and Dad doesn't have to attend if they don't want to. #WebelosTransition
  12. Green Wool Jackets

    Wow that's interesting! Never knew that.
  13. Green Wool Jackets

    Anyone around here have a Green wool jacket Medium just hanging up ?
  14. Cubtrails not working?

    YES ScoutBook use to really only be Iphone friendly when it first came out. Very Very mobile friendly now. Matter of fact we use it for on the fly advancement. Trust me I have been though my share of software, this is far superior.
  15. Cubtrails not working?

    CubTrails.... never heard of it. make with the switch to ScoutBook. You will enjoy it
  16. Green Wool Jackets

    Ha guys finally after calling stores (with rather rude responses from some) I finally acquired this yesterday on Ebay with a price I could stomach. There is also this option I stumbled across the other day. Huge Marmot fan. https://www.marmot.com/stilson-ls/44930.html
  17. Camping vs. Sleeping in a Cabin

    I have to agree on this camping in a cabin isn't camping
  18. When to wear uniform

    I don't approve of any "spoofs" but one day I do wish to acquire the "Untrainable" patch
  19. When to wear uniform

    Let not assume the scout store didn't UP SELL this gentleman and told him he needed that patch. Its happened in front of my eyes. "Have you taken some training" this could be YPT, oh then here is a TRAINED PATCH
  20. When to wear uniform

    He is a committee member and paid his $33.00 to serve your unit. Have you guided him down the path of training? As much as well all need more help, don't let someone that is eager to hit the ground running slip through your fingers
  21. Class-B

    Here in Chickasaw there is a branding co that we have aligned ourselves with which makes these shirts for $5 each. Now they are ALL identical with the Oath and law on them and you choose the color but they place the Pack or Troop number on them. This has helped a lot.
  22. Advantage Emblems is who I use most of the time for District Patches
  23. Took Baloo many years ago. Told my Pack CC he needed to take Baloo so he did. Came back with a patch and my mind was Blown, I am a patch guy and I want that patch lol.
  24. Adding Girls to Pack

    OH wow...thanks for the Heads up on that...Heading there now
  25. Same here in my Council