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    • It's not that simple.  Many troops assign their ASMs special roles / forcus areas.  That does not automatically make it two positions. @SPG above had a well written answer that aligns with my view.  The job(s) should align with how the troop works, and it can change over time.  For me, the big question is whether the scouts work with the person.   Is the job to be scout-facing?   If yes, ASM.  If scout's won't know the person's name, committee.  If the youth know PERSON X is who they go to for advancement ... if PERSON X attends summer camp to help the scouts get to MB classes or helping scouts learn skills or handing out MBC names and blue cards ... that smells like an ASM job coordinated with the SM.  If the youth have zero idea who PERSON X is or what they do AND in-the-background PERSON X gets paperwork from the SM; tracks what needs to be purchased; purchases; prepares awarding cards for the COH, then it is a committee role.   Also, why does advancement have to be a single person?  How about a tag team?  Scout facing ASM and background supporting committee member. Do what works best with the adults you have.
    • July 1, 2022 Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, which operates six youth centers in New York City, told told U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane on Friday that it intends to use its Chapter 11 case to mediate more than a hundred sexual abuse claims involving a doctor who volunteered at the centers decades ago. "We're here to fairly and equitably compensate survivors of what they describe as hideous sexual abuse that took place many years ago at Madison's former premises," attorney Alan Kornberg said. Without bankruptcy protections, the 138-year-old youth organization would likely run out of money in 60 days and be forced to liquidate, Kornberg said. Nearly all of the abuse claims stem from the conduct of a single doctor, Reginald Archibald, who volunteered at Madison from the 1940s to the 1980s. Archibald, who died in 2007, also worked as a pediatric endocrinologist at Rockefeller University Hospital, which revealed Archibald’s history of sexual misconduct in a 2018 investigation. More at source: https://www.reuters.com/legal/litigation/new-york-youth-club-seeks-mediate-140-sex-abuse-claims-bankruptcy-2022-07-01/ May 22, and June 16, 2022 For decades, complaints of sex abuse by pastors and staff in the largest U.S. Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, were either ignored or covered up by top clergy, according to an internal report released on Sunday. The nearly 300-page report details how complaints were kept as "closely guarded information" within the Convention to avoid liability, "to exclusion of all other considerations," it said. ... Southern Baptist Convention members voted on Wednesday to set up an independent task force to investigate allegations of sexual abuse by pastors and volunteers, including the response to accusations by the religious body's executive committee. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/southern-baptists-set-up-task-force-probe-sexual-abuse-claims-2021-06-16/
    • It's a good idea not to hold two positions.  In fact, it is BSA policy.  Unless you are uber strapped for volunteers, having an ASM serve as advancement coordinator / chair is just going to make that person spread thin, likely to be mediocre at both roles, and burn out faster. https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Registration-Guidebook.pdf Page 14:  
    • Yes, we have our less loaded, nonsensical Language of Scouting.  No doubt, we are working diligently to close the gap.
    • This story doing the rounds really is tiresome. Let's be clear, no one, certainly not children, have been banned from saying anything. The document is a style guide, pure and simple, issued as guidance for anyone putting out written comms to ensure consistency. To be honest I didn't even know we had a style guide till this story came out. Although if you work for any organisation of more than a few hundred people you probably have one that you've never read. The only people who look at it are marketing people. It's a load of stuff and nonsense and part of the whole tiresome trope about "woke" taking over the world or some such other drivel.
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