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  1. 1962 boy scout tent on EBay

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  3. Alps Mountaineering

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    • Eagle94-A1, I'm very happy that your sons had a great time. Yes on the cooking, but even more yes on the fun. I know you enjoyed yourself as well. You deserve it. I know it's hard to let the old troop go, but you did your best, and that's all any of us can do. Many trails to go. Take care, sst3rd
    • I'd rather the Districts/Council not have an inquisitorial staff. Rather this shouldn't be something adversarial in nature. It shouldn't be a performance review like at work. Rather, the BSA requires the basics (YPT, SM Specific, IOLS). Those need to be made stronger and more impactful. Beyond that, the leadership of a troop should desire self improvement. The resources are honestly in place in many places. Wood Badge can be part of that. Participating in Round tables if your district has ones that are useful. Participating in forums like these. There a number of wonderful books to read about Scouting that can make us better at what we do.  Just like at work, we're at our best when we continue to grow, take on new challenges and learn new things.  Is it unfortunate that some Troops run terrible programs, cause Scouts to leave Scouting and burnout otherwise excellent volunteers? Sure. But remember, Districts and Councils are equally capable of achieving that too. I generally think a soft power approach for this would work more effectively than a hard power approach.
    • This isn't the root of the problem.  The root of the problem is unit quality.  Many units out there just don't have the combination of desire/skills/talent to have quality programs.  BSA rules and regulations have little to do with it.  It's a strength of the BSA system that units are independent of the BSA. There's a secondary problem observed here in dysfunctional relationship that exists in many parts between unit and district.  Districts shouldn't have let the relationships get so poor that it's considered sport to dislike the district folks.  Similarly units have exasperated the problem by disengaging from the district.  Putting aside the FOS part of the district, it's essentially a volunteer driven group of experienced volunteers who should be there to help units succeed.  That this relationship is dysfunctional is a problem for Scouting.
    • This incident strikes close to home, as I live in that area, and I know some folks from Covington Catholic. Not sure I know any of the youth involved. As has been said, there are a lot of different interpretations one can draw from the various video's floating around based on which cut you watch. Most folks are going to sort into whichever camp supports their "tribe."  For a lot of folks in my area the original headlines were pretty easy to take at face value, we've had some racially charged incidents across the Northern Kentucky/South Western Ohio region make the news over the last couple years. After watching some of the videos I'm not sure it's as clear cut as the headlines make it out to be. But as a Republican Catholic from the same area as the youth in question, I'm not sure I'm the most impartial arbiter of the truth in this situation.  Other thoughts, if you're an activist of any stripe, why approach a bunch of teenagers? What were they expecting to accomplish? Where were the chaperones?  Where was a law enforcement which normally makes sure various demonstrations and counter demonstrations don't overlap?  Going a bit deeper in my own opinions, I'm a little disappointed to see all the MAGA hats at the March for Life. For those of us in the Pro Life camp, we've got to continue to win hearts and minds of folks that don't agree with us currently, and I can't think of any accessory that would close off opposing hearts and minds quite like a MAGA hat. 
    • You need to remember that these are their kids.  BSA didn't give birth to these kids.  BSA doesn't feed them, or clothe them, or educate them. The kids belong to the parents, and to some extent, to the churches/schools/organizations in which the families freely choose to associate.  These are the Chartered Organizations. This is the root of the problem. Some over-zealous BSA supporters have come to feel that the Chartered Organizations are merely sponsors, and not the true owners of the units. 
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