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    • I agree.  It's a common and a reasonable answer.  Another version is periodic furloughs.  Work several weeks.  Take an unpaid week.  It's a chance to provide some income; help a company ride out hard times; preseve skills/knowledge; provide the potential of a continued career after business resumes.  This stuff ain't easy.   Every executive / manager / lead I've know takes this stuff really hard.  I remember my dad as a manager drive home with tears because he had to lay off best friends and put others in hard situations.  I remember a senior direct and myself in an elevator on the day of major layoffs and we were both really shaken.  This stuff ain't easy.
    • The local councils formed an ad hoc committee that has a system for representation of the various sizes of councils.  That committee took the requested contribution and developed a complex method that takes into account the number of claims, the statute of limitations for those claims (if any), the financial viability of the council, and the funds that the council could contribute.  This process has been very secretive with local Scout Executives not knowing any details. Once a council-by-council contribution was determined, all ~250 council Executive Boards met totally independent of other councils and national to develop a strategy to find the funds requested.  It is my understanding that all the councils approved their requested amount though I cannot confirm that.  All local councils are independent 501(c)3 corporations and operate so.
    • National can 'decree' some things such as the requirements for Eagle and HR issues.  On other issues, National advises or asks.  The relationship between the national council and the local councils is very misunderstood.
    • As a physician, I must disagree.  Though some accounting processes would be challenging without a crash course, I could do all the other office jobs except laboratory technician for those practices that have one as certificates are required. The council is well run and did layoff staff as well as not filling some professional jobs.  No professionals were laid off - that was the plan.  It was better to have a one year pay reduction than to lose one's job.  Our council is one of the healthiest in the region and will not be merging unless this RSA is rejected.
    • Thanks everyone. I think I saw "service" and immediately jumped to ideas similar to our typical Cub Scout services projects. And not that those wouldn't necessarily qualify for this either, I just got thinking on this wrapped up in that more "standard" scenario. When in reality, and especially after reading the comments here, this needs to be viewed from a more personal spiritual perspective. I like the idea of presenting this as a question of who in the scout's life could use some help with something, and let them (with their parent and/or spiritual leader) answer that question. That definitely helps. Thanks, everyone!
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