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    • Definitely a YP issue as discussed.  IF the tale is accurate, it appears some individual has a problem with the color pink worn by a male.  And that is very biased, or worse; IMHO.  One way of course would be to ask the whole troop to wear a pink shirt; but not sure that would do anything but annoy someone.  Still, it might help the young lad too, especially if the other troop members show their support somehow. Years ago, we had an 11 year old that was always in sine conflict with other youth, both at scouts and with peers in school and neighborhood.  He had a really difficult time as he was very small and had two sisters that drove him crazy at home and he was the one in trouble.  Also a domineering father.  Anyway, he had ridden his bike to the meeting and got into it again and chose to go home.  It was not dark, and his parents allowed him to ride, so I told him okay, but we would check to see he got home okay. We have a large hall in the church that we used for games, and we were up there near the meeting end.  Here comes the boy with his bike, covered with egg and dirt.  He had been jumped in the school yard next door; not hurt physically, just made a mess of.  Well, the rest of the troop had to be restrained from running to the school to find those responsible, because he was part of the troop.  That was a turning point for him.  While he never bade it past FC, he stayed involved into JC.  He is now a father with a GS and Cub and retired from the Army.  Scouting works.    
    • Yes you are correct. This has been repeated behavior. I’m just confused as to what to do next. First offense was reported to chairperson and Executive. They decided to give a warning. Second offense was reported via hotline and they were told that he was scared of retaliation by SM at the coming campout. Third offense was reported to national and they sent report to district council who has NOT given information to the committee chair.  Even in the new Ethics training for the new Citizenship in Society they tell you that any sort of bullying will not be tolerated and should be reported.  But will it go anywhere.  Do the scouts and parents actually have protections? 
    • If an SE does anything, I'd be surprised.
    • Then the SM should have intervened. There is NO excuse in Scouting for unkind behavior. A Scout is Kind. No matter what. AND, the words and actions of ADULTS are magnified in their importance many times just because they are adults. Some time ago parents of a scout, and the scout, appeared at a troop meeting to "interview" our troop. The dad had all sorts of negative comments about our adult leaders and even scouts in our Troop. (Seriously? You come asking for a place of refuge and criticize a successful, going concern?) I made plain that nothing in the troop would change and I never heard another word from them.
    • Bullying-What_is_Bullying.pdf (scouting.org) Reporting_Bullying.pdf (scouting.org) Myths About Bullying (scouting.org) This is how BSA defines bullying and how to report it.   An Imbalance of Power: --> yes, if it was from an adult, there is a clear imbalance of power Repetition --> Not clear.  It sounds like it may be repeated.  To me, that is the big difference between bullying and just someone being a bit of a jerk. Given what you said, it probably warrants reporting to SE for an investigation to get the full story .. especially if this SM/ASM has been reported in the past by other scouts.   It is hard to give much other guidance as it really does require someone talking to all involved.  
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