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    • Hey I know that guy.   @TAHAWK your council knows who to call if they have a question.   There is no longer a volunteer facing interface outside the local council so any inquiry is going back to them,.    And shooting at each other is still prohibited.   In case you want to review other prohibited activities:       https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss07/#b  
    • My wife's first husband had nothing good to say about Scouting. Don't know why, of no consequence now.  Wife had been a Brownie for a short while growing up, but her father was a researcher for the Fish and Wildlife service, so her family had a good lot of experience in the "great outdoors".  When we met and married, my Scout experience became hers (Eagle, OA, many summer camps). My newly enlisted stepsons were a little old for Scouts, and daughter had no use for GIrlscouts (too fashionista and tea partyish) so when youngest Scoutson came along, and he SAID he wanted to be a Cub Scout, we jumped.  I became a Den Leader, Cubmaster, wife became Cub Scout Day Camp Director. Eventually, I became Assistant SM, went to WB,  served as Chaplain (fully approved by my faith, the Chaplain corps, National too )  at the Nat Jam. and so forth, etc. etc.   Scoutson went to Philmont twice (once as a Crew Leader), Jambo Staffed, earned Eagle.  Then I applied to be a Nat Jam Chaplain again . I received an email (!) stating I was not approved as Nat Jam Staff. When I inquired why, I was told it was a "Private matter" and the reasons could not be disclosed. Huh?  It's MY "private", you can't tell me WHY I am not suitable as a Scout leader? I've already BEEN a Chaplain. What changed?  After dozens of emails and phone calls, I was finally told that my local Council had given me a bad rating. Huh?  The year before I had been Staff for the WB course, served as BALOO and IOLS instructor. What did who say about me?   Sorry, can't say. Let me say  it looks like you made an enemy somewhere. Huh?  My faith wishes to name me as a Chaplain. After alot more back and forth, the National Staffer (his name was Green) finally read me the rating sheet.  I marveled at the comments he noted. Would it help to get some different opinions on my Scoutspirit/attitude/character/skills/interpersonal dynamics?  He didn't think so, but he would welcome them.  I had 22 friends/bosses/Scout co-workers/faith leaders/educators willingly (eagerly, even) write embarrassingly complimentary letters for me. Still didn't help that year.   Mr. Green told me the letters were "enlightening", but the decision could not, would not be changed.  But , I said,  that means that somewhere in the BSA bowels, there will be a file detailing how unsuitable I am, when it is not true.  He said it will be destroyed after the Jamboree, try not to worry about it.  Huh?   As an added mystery, my would've been fellow Chaplain, with essentially the same type of history, (but from a different Council) was approved and accepted "instantly".  Next Jambo, my faith org, The Friends Committee on Scouting, and I, did the same application thing, and PRESTO,  I was "approved"  very quickly.   Owing to the way National and Council had treated me, ,  lovely wife FORBID me to EVER donate anything extra via FOS.  Lack of transparency?  Lack of open phone numbers?  Names responsible for what? Lack of response to a "volunteer's"   earnest inquiry?  Yes, and it has happened more recently.  Stonewalling?   Hope you will just go away?  Follow the Scout Promise and Law?  Ability to face/confront one's accusers?   And people wonder why the National organization should be considered separate from the local Scouting. Yes, I am still a Scouter. I Commish, I train, I explain, and I hike.    See you on the trail.
    • And what has come out has only come out as leaks from folks on here and reddit. And as noted, they even removed the list of board members from their annual reports. How much confidence are we suppose to have when so much is being hidden?
    • @vol_scouter, you seem to be a grief magnet. I suspect that's because you're as close to national as we see. Anyway, here's a slightly different perspective. I don't really care about insta-palms, the cubscout changes, the LDS, the membership changes or any of the other hot topics on this forum. But all these issues are really just side stories. There's really only one story that, at this point, raises the question of whether the BSA will even exist a year from now. The story is a steady decline in interest in the BSA for some five decades and what the BSA is doing to change that. If there were a lot of interest in scouting then all of these other issues would fade away, so they are not the issue. After watching this for so long it appears that the BSA is mostly just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. They thought it was getting eagle so there's been a push to crank out more eagles. There was scoutreach. Now there's Bechtel and STEM. Nothing is really sticking. Everyone may claim they know the answer but until anything is tried out it's all just arm chair quarterbacking. You had mentioned that all the volunteers should get behind the leadership. After 50 years of doing that I think the volunteers have lost faith in the leadership. That's why they're nitpicking every decision. And you have to admit, Mosby has not been creating any sort of optimism. Sure, he's dealing with a fire and things are so far gone that we don't know what the BSA might look like, or if it even exists, a year from now. But still, I haven't heard anything. A lot of people here say get back to the basics or core competencies of the BSA. I suppose there are different opinions as to what that looks like. How about just leadership? You took woodbadge. The very last day I was told that good leadership is servant leadership. Look out for what the people want. That might be a good place to start. I will add one thing to consider, though. There is nothing more impressive in scouts than seeing a scout that finally gets it. It's the confidence, the desire to help out cheerfully, the responsibility, just knowing that this young person will do fine. Every parent that sees this in their child knows the power of scouting. Some are happy, some are proud and some are relieved. That's what every other parent should understand as the goal of scouting. That's what every volunteer and employee of the BSA should understand as the goal. It is what makes scouting unique. Get everyone on that page and fight off the nitpicking, and everyone will start following the leadership.
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