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I'm going as Jambo staff in the boating area.

I'm an Eagle (1978) but never went to a National when I was a Scout.

My son is a 13 yr. old Star Scout and is going down with our Coucil contingent from Pine Tree Council in Maine.

I'm hoping to be able to hook up with him and our Troop Scouts in the Eves. after woring at the waterfront.

Not sure if this will work out.

Any wisdom or previous similar Jambo experiences shared will be appreciated.







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Hi James,

A pal of mine was a staff person in 2001. I was with the troop, we had made some very loose plans to meet up and do some stuff. Trying to get both of us at the same place at the same time just didn't work out.

A Dad of one of the Scouts in the troop was also a staff person, he came to see his son. He ended up talking to me for a very long time, when his son did come back to the site he got a "Hi Dad,I'm off too .." And he was gone!!

I see part of my role as Scoutmaster as being to get the Scouts out of the site and doing stuff. It might be better that you plan to meet up with your son in the evening when things are not so hectic. Maybe plan on going to one of the shows with him and his troop.


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Just a quick question...how much money should I plan on sending with my son? Our council is sending 2 troops 1112 & 1113 (I think). They are touring the DC area on the way down, but I am just curious on how much money he may like to have or need for spending and such?

Thanks for any info.

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What a good question!!

I wish I had a good answer.

I have been asked the same thing by a lot a parents.

Here is what I have been telling them.

It depends, I as an adult do not drink that much soda or pop. However I did drink more than I have ever drunk at the Jamboree, in fact I was up to two bottles a day @ $1.25 a bottle. Add the odd ice cream, I was spending $5 or $6 a day.

My family is small, (On this side of the pond) So I didn't have to worry about souvenirs or gifts for family members. I would think $75 -$100, would cover the Jamboree.

You don't say how long they will be in DC?

For NOAC I got my son a Visa Buxx Card:


He could use it as a card to buy stuff, or use it at an ATM machine and take money out.

I could track his spending on line and top it up if I had too (I did!!)

If the card is lost they will replace it. I liked it a lot. There was a Lad who went to NOAC, who did lose his money. His Dad came to see me I added money that he gave me to my Sons card, he took it out at an ATM, and everyone was happy. There are some costs involved, but I was OK with them, it seemed a lot less hassle than Travelers checks. I still had some control. Not a lot but some.

I'm still trying to work out how he could spend $16.00 for breakfast at McDonald's??


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