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Just Got back from a meeting at the Hill. Security will be tight.Adults entering will have to produce picture ID's All cars drivers will need to produce owners cards and insurance papers when entering the gate,bags etc. will be searched under normal BAse security Guidelines as to ALert Level.There are still many staff positions in the Action Centers both Adult and Youth.Remember all Units visiting must file and Present upon arrival and "National Tour Permit" regardless of distance traveled.

Visitors are not permitted to take part in any activities they can only observe.

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wagionvigil, Welcome to the board over here. I like the one at meritbadge.net, but I'd say this one is much bigger.


Thanks for the info. You've been giving me quite a bit lately on a couple different boards;)


PS-- I go by hops just about everywhere;)

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I do hope that those in charge of security pay extra special attention to long haired rappelling instructors.

While many people from the Wagion Lodge are very nice there are a few that Security will need to keep an eye on.

Welcome to the forum.


(Wagion Brotherhood)

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