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  • A Change of Status...

    It is with some degree of regret, and with a large amount of relief that I anounce I am putting aside my moderator role. Scouter-Terry has arranged replacements

    I have worn down trying to decide what is and is not appropriate, and the last couple threads on rules and ethics did me in.

    The largest regret I have, amid everything, is that I was never able to make two postors quit attacking each other and realize that their own styles do more damage to their message than the other one ever will. At some point you would think that if you are constantly defending yourself from myriad posters, perhaps its not the posters who are at fault. When you ask the same questions just to see if you get an answer you like better than last you asked it, it just isnt funny, witty, or all that interesting.

    Why explain all this? Simple, I got tired, I have better things to do than explain myself to unlettered small-knowing souls who show themselves to be highly fed and lowly taught.

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    I can not begin to thank OGE enough for his wonderful service to this community. His "moderation" has reflected every meaning of that word.

    I share his frustration with those few posters who simply can not "get" how to contribute positively to this discussion.

    Regardless, we thank him for his service, and look forward to his continued participation. Later in the week, we'll introduce new moderators that will be joining the team (which will be expanded).

    Thank you OGE... you are a GOOD SCOUT!



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      You're a good man with the patience of Job; you stuck it out a lot longer than I could have. When I stumble into one of those threads you referenced, I get right back out as fast as I can -- you didn't have that option, and I salute you for your efforts!



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        I hear you and understand completely. Seems like some who offend get banned and some don't. I'm still trying to figure out the criteria.

        Don't you at least get a square knot or something?

        Thanks for your cheerful service, and I hope you will continue adding your wit and wisdom to the forum.


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          Great job! Can't blame you at all for what you have expressed as your reasons, I would have grown weary long ago. Thank you for your service to this forum.


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            Job well done!


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              Thanks OGE!


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                Thanks OGE. I know it's an under-appreciated role you have played.


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                  Well Done, OGE. Thanks for your efforts to try to promote "smooth sailing" in the forums.


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                    Thanks OGE!

                    In the auto parts business we have a little riddle:

                    Why is arguing with a parts man like wrestling a pig in the mud?

                    After a while you realise... the pig likes it!

                    I guess you're all done wrestling now.



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                      I can't possibly improve on what Terry has already put so eloquently, so let me just say "Thank you for a job well done!"

                      Do not blame yourself for your perceived lack of success with sniping posters. You were on target with your attempts to keep things positive. Those who choose not to play that way do so deliberately.

                      Ill be honest, I winced when I read your last sentence, but since it's so out of character from your other posts that Ill chalk it up to a level of frustration Im not sure I can even begin to imagine.

                      I think it's worth noting that one of the individuals I believe you are referring to had the class to thank you for your work here. You may have had your differences with him, but at least he acknowledged your efforts. Ive got to respect that. The other individual chose to make a snide and thinly veiled reference in another thread -- and thus proving your "parting shot". He obviously didn't agree with your assesment, but he doth protest too much, methinks.

                      I certainly hope you'll continue to participate here. I've enjoyed your comments and have come to respect you even though we've never met.

                      Keep smiling -- and singing!!!


                      Many Irons


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                        Once again, a couple of bad apples spoil it for the rest of us. :-(

                        Thank you, OGE, for the fine job and loads of time you've put into the job. I hope you'll continue to bless us with your wisdom and advice in future posts.

                        Hey Scouter-Terry, how about a little discipline for the bad apples? Varying lengths of suspension ( up and to include permanent removal ) should they violate the Scout Law ( courteous, kind, etc )?

                        I'm all for spirited debate, even with those who attack the BSA, but when the attacks get personal, its time for them to go!

                        Just my $0.02.


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                          OGE, thanks for all the tolerance and work that you put into being a moderator and all around good scout.



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                            I have never said an unkind word about OGE. My posts have been complimentary of him as a scouter, and as a moderator. I see no reason to retract any of those things now.

                            As uncharacteristic as his insults to me were they were still personal insults posted publicly. I think that some will understand that after these personal attacks I feel no obligation to heap further praise on him at this time.

                            As always I wish him nothing but the best, and I am sorry he has chosen to handle his frustration in this way.


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                              BobWhite - my advice to you is to tread softly, consider your approach and how it's received, listen to honest observations when given in earnest and be very careful to not point fingers right now.

                              TERRY HOWERTON