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Like OMG Carly Rae Jepsen and Train at Bechtel

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  • Like OMG Carly Rae Jepsen and Train at Bechtel

    So, I just saw Carly Rae Jepsen will be opening the Jamboree and Train closing it

    Now, I have no idea who Carly Rae Jepsen is other than she sang Call me Maybe and the kids at Philmont all knew it.

    Train on the other hand I had never heard of until last night and I was watching Miss Universe. Train performed at the end and if they are good enough for "The Donald", they should be good enough for the scouts

    Did this just jump the hip meter on scouting? Inquiring minds want to know

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      No word as yet on Roger and the gang, just the Jepsen young lady and Train


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        I have not doubt they knew all the lyrics(This message has been edited by Basementdweller)


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          Sex Appeal Sells

          The Days of John Jacob Jingle Himmer Schmidt type songs are gone..

          Maybe Maybe she might just do a version of I got that scouting Fever down in My Heart


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            In 1960 we had the then young and very attractive Lennon Sisters, and 13 year old Brenda Lee who had just had her big hit, "I'm Sorry". So, headliners were found back then too.


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              I think Bob Hope was at the '73 jambo.


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                Yes, Bob did Jamboree West that year.


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              (I wish I could just post the video here.)


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                Sex appeal? She's 27. I have moms who are her age (Cub Scout moms, but still). And there's not very much suggestive about "Call Me Maybe", except the pro-gay content of the "official" video (and several of the thousands of knock-offs).


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                  I am so happy that my staff job keeps me so busy that I usually don't have time to attend the shows.


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                    In 1997 it was Barbara Mandrell and a Beatles cover band.


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                      1981 we had the Oak Ridge Boys. Our unit from Oklahoma loved it (I still associate their song "Elvira" with Scouting). Not sure if some of the other units were nearly as appreciative.


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                        Horizon, I was at the '81 Jamboree as well. I think they also had "Up With People" as one of the performers. I was the Lodge Chief after the '81 Jamboree and my staff adviser gave me a 45rpm record of 2 songs that the Oak Ridge Boys did for the Boy Scouts. I still have that record. I wonder if it is worth anything? I think that National gave each Council 5 copies?


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                          I guess Kieth and the Stones were previously booked.


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                            I asked my 18 year old daughter about Train. She rolled he eyes and said they were old news. An old man band, and that I should like them.

                            For the record, I've never heard if them, and I have XM and am reasonably current on "stuff". (or so I thought).

                            Then asked he about Carley Jemsen, and again got the eye roll. I have heard her song, it is a catchy tune. Don't know what else she has done.

                            AFAIK, it's a good selection. I've got ear plugs. Whatever.

                            BTW, ELP might be available. I hear rumors of a makeup.