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Potential DL has prior Dom Viol conviction... can he serve?

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I have a father who is a great asset to our Pack. He is one of those dads who makes sure his son is at every event, is always willing to help out and volunteer, and even to take the lead on some events.


I asked him to serve as DL of a newly formed Den, and he said he would.... but that he has a prior Domestic Violence conviction on a ex-wife about seven years ago. He said he completed probation without a problem (three year probation). He is now remarried to a different woman, who also is a great asset to our pack.


He thinks he will be denied the DL positino because of this (Adult Application requires him to disclose). What is BSA policy as to those with this type of criminal record ??

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This is a question only for your Professionals and the background check.


I'd contact your COR at once and share what your candidate has disclosed. Your Chartered Partner may not want him at all, even without the check.


Do the app, contact your DE.

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The leader should be noting that on the right side of his application. The COR should then decide what to do-- sign it or not. Then, the professional can look at it, and choose to sign it or not. Then if it's signed, then the background check goes through.


The COR will be notified if National will allow him to lead or not based on that information.

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Well, he told you, and the COR/IH would have to be told to find out how they felt about it. Then, if OK'd by the CO, it would go on his application, and the CO should talk to the SE to let him/her know that it is a confidential matter, and the CO is truly OK with him being a leader. Negative responses to a background check are confidential, and are not broadcast to the entire council, or unit membership (remember those BSA files in the news lately that everyone is so hot to be published for all to see?).


So, what it boils down to is while the process is supposed to be confidential, the odds are that with that many people in the know, it will leak out eventually.


Thank him, respect his wish for privacy, and find another den leader.


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Honor his wishes and find other ways for him to lend a hand. Den leaders are important, of course, but there are lots of unsung heroes out there who never take on the title, but do plenty of the leg work. Maybe he will be one of them.



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WOW! Touchy subject. Granted, the guy might be the best thing since the styrofoam cooler, but you really, really have to tread carefully in a situation like this.


Okay, I have know women who will fly across the room at their boyfriends and husbands..swinging fists and when the Bf/ hubby blocks..the woman cries assault! Maybe they were mad hubby forgot to water flowers or something stupid like that.

Yeah, she's full of it. She is violent and blames guy when he defends himself.


It happens more than you think.


But I have also know guys who for some reason, only go too far with that one woman. Maybe the chemistry is a little off. Maybe she just brings out the bad. Who knows.. But the guy usually says it's her fault. He gets along fine with every other friend, GF or whoever. Must be her issue and her fault then huh?


For some reason, people don't understand that they can walk away.


But here's one thing that doesn't change no matter if the guy is in the right or wrong:


What everybody else in the pack/troop sees or thinks!


Sure, you could have a meeting just to explain that the guy was falsely accused and falsely found guilty. Might be true as all get out too! But if the parenst don't "feel" it or believe it..then it's all for naught.


Could be the guy blames the woman for his issues too. How would you know? Maybe douing a background check may reveal more than the guy is letting on?


Maybe one day - that one scout somehow..makes the guy lose his cool. Never happened to any other scout before...so it must be just this one scout right? Yeah, tell that to THAT scout's parents!


One of those cases where "for the overall good of the whole troop/pack."


It sucks if this dad really is this good, but sucks worse when everybody drops out of the pack/troop that "condones wife beaters" .


Again, couild be totally bogus , but it doesn't matter if everybody decides its true.

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"Sure, you could have a meeting just to explain that the guy was falsely accused and falsely found guilty"



Why on earth would you have a general Pack meeting to air a parent's dirty laundry?


It is up to the CO, and the Council if ANYONE is accepted as a leader. If there are problems in his/her background, again, it is ONLY between the CO, the council, and the person themselves. This is NOT something that should be discussed with everyone in the Pack and beyond!


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If the guy got approved for leadership..eventually, it would get out.


Now, if you were a parent of a scout and this guy was aproved..wouldn't you want to know?


Or would you rather find out later and think somebody was hiding a secret?




I never said other wise!



I disagree! If he gets approved,,you can bet your butt I want to know. The reasons behind his laundry can be explained ...and maybe explained to my satisfaction. But if this guy wil be around kids, and is approved, I have that right to know! PERIOD!




Who say anything about beyond? I am only talking about parents of the kids who happen to be members of THIS aforementioned particular pack.



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Seems clear to me that this is why somebody might decline to submit an app, to begin with. He is clearly uncomfortable with everybody knowing his past situation. Would he be a good leader? Maybe. Can I imagine scenarios going in either direction? Yes. Do I understand why he would not want to place his family in the center of this public debate? Absolutely.



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