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Potential DL has prior Dom Viol conviction... can he serve?

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Here is what may be my final thought on this matter.


Let the man be and let him try to rebuild his life as he has been trying for the past 7 years. Some people actually learn from their mistakes.


For the rest of you that want to announce to everyone his past. Good Luck. YOu are the same people who would probably go thruogh and run a background check on every parent in your pack. I do not see your pack lasting that long, as only so many people will put up with it.


Like I said before, if you who are about to convict this man for the rest of his life, then I would make sure that you NEVER got a speeding ticket or you should NEVER drive scouts anywhere, including your own.

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Many of us have things that if we were in charge of the BSA for a week or so, we might want to change.

I believe that in the area around where I live that we are never going to see more African-American Scouts until we see more African-American adult leaders. Sadly a lot of male African-Americans in the area have at one time when they were young got mixed up with drugs.

They would more than lightly never get past the background check.

I would love to see us be able to recruit more African-American adults.

I can and do see that no one in their right mind would ever want a child around someone who was selling crack cocaine outside of the Troop meeting place or someone who was high on drugs.

Like it or not the only way we have of knowing what people might do? Is to look back at what they have done.

I'm not and I'm thankful I'm the guy who decides who will and who won't serve.

I'm happy to leave that to the powers that be.

I'm not happy not knowing what problems I might be lightly to have to face.

I really don't have any real need to know what someone has done.

All I need is the green light to say that everything is fine or the red light to say that this person isn't someone we want around our kids.

Sure I might like the idea of being able to say that the young African-American who was caught dealing drugs when he was 20 and is now 40 has changed and is not the same guy.

But that's not up to me.

All I want is for everyone to be checked out.

Without the check what have I got on my side?

Only what the person tells me?

Do criminals ever lie?

You bet they do.


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