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What dumb question does he have now?

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Okay, I suppose a lot of you have read some of my posts by now.


And be honest: I know quite a few of you log in, see my name and think: "Oh God! What kind of dumb-ass question is he gonna ask today?"


Well, they are dumb questions! But they are not dumb questions!


Say What?


My point is - they are dumb questions for well experienced scouts who have logged plenty of time in the Scouts. They are especiialy dumb questions for long time leaders who used to be Scouts themselves!


They are GREAT questions for people who are new to scouting. Now remember, Scouting knowledge is not instinct. We are not born with it. You didn't "just always" know it either. There was a time where you were taught, had to practice and learn it too.


The biggest difference between me and you is that:

1) Having the internet and forums like this lets us talk about anything!

2) I'm not afraid to ask any question , even if you think it might be stupid! I'm not embarrassed nor to shy to ask!


See, my entire collective Scouting resume started Aug of '08. I went to school to sign my boy up. I had no idea or knowledge of Tigers, Wolves, Bears, WI, WII, or that Boy Scouts and Cub Scout wasn't an interchangeable or universal term.


I was just a brand new to Scouting parent with a brand new to scouting son. But I was an active parent,. I helped the pack and my den leader with anything they needed. I attended den meetings, pack meetings and was invited to sit in on leader meetings which I also attended.


This year, I was asked to be an ADL. I was taking some internet training and learning stuff when I was diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma Cancer. The necessary MRI, CT,and PET scans, and 2 surgeries pretty much sidetracked my training. So I am behind. But having been declared free of cancer now... I have schedualed what training is necessary to catch up.


Now, in my current Bear Den, we have between 23 and 25 boys depending on who shows up. That is a lot and we have to split into two groups most of the time.


I just revcently had a talk with the CM, ACM and my DL and we decided that I should take my training for Webelos instead of Bear cubs. This way, we can split our current den into two if not three dens next year..


Well,the year is about half over. If I'm going to be a WI leader next year, and I take WI training, I should have no problem handling being a ADL this year.


Now, since Webelos is a transition between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, I want to make sure I'm going to do things right. My concern is for doing a great job with the boys and not screwing up.

I want to do a truely meaningful program and not hinder any boy from being a scout.


Basically,I want to do the job right. It's about them, not me. I don't want to ruin it for them. I do not care how I look as long as it works for them.


So being the inexperienced person I am, I may have many questions that - to you - look just plain stupid and dumb, but to me, they are questions that can make a difference betweena great time and a disaster!


So please, laugh at me and pick on me if you want, but also, take my questions as a sign of wanting to learn, to understand and actually know.


I see so many argued and differet "facts" about many subjects and BSA rules right now. You argue what BSA says all the time. Some of you "experienced experts" cannot agree what a particular guidline or rule means, so how am I - a newbie - supposed to understand it?


So anyway, my point is this: At one time....way back when....you might have wanted the same answers I do. You might have had the same questions I do.


I ask because it's not about me, it's about the scouts!

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"Basically,I want to do the job right. It's about them, not me. I don't want to ruin it for them. I do not care how I look as long as it works for them."


Good for you; that is the spirit we all should strive for. I could use someone with that attitude in my unit(s).



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I have never seen your name and thought that you are asking dumb questions.

So please feel free to ask away.

I have just replied to the question you asked about LNT.

I kinda think if I were the CM and you were a D/L,I might be a little worried that you are trying to run before you can walk.

The program is build in such a way so that one skill lays the foundation for the next.

This is very important when dealing with Cub Scouts.

I have met and had to deal with guys who seem to think that Cub Scouts are Boy Scouts in a blue uniform and that all Boy Scouts are training to be members of the SAS!

You might want to think about maybe slowing down a little. The program is not rocket science. Our role as adult leaders is to provide the program for the kids we have.

This of course changes as the group changes.

The skills you need are the skills that the Scouts you are dealing with require.

Take the time to study the age appropriate activities for the age group that you are dealing with. Read the laid down requirements and then look for fun and imaginative ways dealing with the requirements. Search out people who have the experiences that will be able to help. Attend the trainings and R/T meetings. Look for tailor made activities for the group that you are working with. I got a lot of ideas and help from attending Cub Scout resident camps.

It's great to think "Out of the box", but always remember the age and the comfort zone of the kids that you are dealing with.


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Eamonn: That is exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for! People learn from their mistakes,and that's cool, but I don't want the boys to suffer because of my mistakes!


I know everybody won't think my questions are stupid. I was just being funny there. but then again, some will! They will roll their eys and laugh. That's okay, everybody needs to laugh!



Now, I'm not trying to rush the boys, I'm just wanting to work at the rigfht level.


Sometimes I can't get my thoughts to transition to type so well.

I'm not trrying tu rush them into scout. but I don't want to hold them back either.


The reason I'm going to be a WEbelos leader next year is because my son will be a Webelos next year.

I don't want to rush them, but don't want to hold them back either.


But I know that Webelos is in between Cubs and Boy scouts.

Honestly, my biggest fear is that when it comes time for them to become scouts...it turns out they didn't get enough of a WEbelos program.


I'm not gonna be an Arrow of Light "mill" . And by that, I will not demand everybody has that award. But I will encourage then to the full potentialand ask them to do their best.


It may turn out they decide that Scouting isn't for them.

And I have found out from this site that the biggest requirement is for the boys to have fun!


And I completely agree! If it's not fun..it'swork. Work sucks and you will lose thie interest!

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No such thing as as stupid question, EXCEPT for the one never asked. Heck you got folks who have "been there, done that," and are STILL asking questions, i.e. see my Space Derby one.


Also some of us WILL make jokes and go a little overboard with the stories and what not, inlcuding your truly. Just as at a normal campfire and/or cracker barrel there will be joking an playing, so to on here. However it's sometimes hard to tell when some is playing around on the internet. I try to uyse emoticons to seay Hey I' playing or am not being serious. So don't worry about negativity, and keep asking away


Just watch the language as we do have Scout on here on occasion ;)





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Having been thru the roles of ADL=>DL=>WDL=>ASM=>SM, I know there are not dumb questions. Dumb answers maybe, but not dumb questions. :)


You do not want to be a AoL mill. That's good. Your job is to make it available not to make them get it. I would suggest that you make a 18 month schedule that allows the Web Scout to reach that goal. Not to wait for the second part of their Webelos experience to crank it out.


Also if you can get in contact with a Troop in the area. I'm sure they will be able to help you know what to teach you kids for the transition. Also they will most likely be be willing to help with activities. Its a great learning opportunity for the Webs and a great outreach, recuiting opportunity for the troop.


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A few Ideas to help with becoming a Webelos leader next year.


1) get Webelos Specif training and Outdoor Webelos Leader, or better yet, Intro. to Outdoor Leaders Skills (BS and Vent. leader outdoor training)now. I know they will be merging the two training in the very near future, but I say "Git 'ere done."


2)Attend Roundtables. These are the monthly meetings for leaders and will give you a chance to talk to other leaders.


3)Start talking to other leaders.


4) If your district and/or Council have some type of weekend activity for Webelos only, i.e. Webeloree, then go to it this year.


5) Develop a relationship with a troop NOW. It does 2 things. A) You may be able to get a Den Chief from them, and DC are worht their weight in gold, esp at the Webelos level, and B) Helps make planning for outdoor activities easier and C) Helps smooth out hte Crossover process.


Now one interesting thing about Webelos is that it can take anywhere from 18-24 months, so if you are active, your Webelos can crossover in Novemeber of 5th grade, and become Boy Scouts December 1. I strongly , stress STRONGLY, recommend you have your Webelos know what troop(s) they will be joining prior to Novemeber, so that they ( and more importantly their parents) can be acclimated to the troop AND start savinign money for Summer camp. Studies have shown that you get a scout to summer camp their firsat year, they will stay inthe program.

Good luck.

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Hang in there buddy. Anybody who has been through what you have is my kind of leader. Don't worry about the ones who like to think they know it all. Keep asking any question you want, there is no such thing as a dumb one. Good luck.

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You don't ask dumb questions.One can't know everything, even those of us who have been around Scouting for awhile. I have been doing Cub Scouts for 14 years and had to ask a fellow scouter about the rules they used for their Father/Son cake bake. Our Pack has never done one (which IS dumb, but Packs get in ruts and forget to do things.) Ask away.

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It is great to think out of the box. YOu have a great sounding board here. Find a good leader in your Pack to act as a local sounding board, too. I have learned a lot here, which has sparked even more ideas. I usually use the 'what if' with my son's Den Leader, even after becoming the CM.


Have fun!! and keep asking.


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I'm not so sure that there's no such thing as a dumb question. I'm pretty sure I've heard some seriously dumb questions. There was this one woman in my Wood Badge class...


But no, Scoutfish, I haven't seen any dumb questions from you. Basic questions, sure. Questions from being new to the program, yes. But that's all expected. Those aren't dumb questions. New leaders are great. Wanting to learn is even better. Ask away.

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