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  1. Thanks for replies. The scouts who tried Genesis did not have enough practice at 15 yards to be consistent, even after scoring well (~30) at 10 yards. More practice at 15 yds is the key. They just freaked out when they switched to 15. I was just wondering on the intent of the two distances since the Genesis is not a huge advantage over a decent recurve. A true Compound with a let-off would be a different story. RJ
  2. We have recurve bows of various sizes and some Genesis Original bows at camp. Some of the boys like the idea of shooting the Genesis compound. The Archery MB requirements state that a scout using a Compound must shoot 3 ends at 10 yards and 3 ends at 15 yards as one of the shooting options. I have had scout who want to use the Genesis and average close to 30 pts at 10 yards, but averages only 12 pts at 15 yards, missing the needed score minimum of 150 pts. Does the compound bow requirement cover the universal compound Genesis, since there is not real advantage of the let-off of the draw weight? To me, it would seem that the two distances would be meant for a TRUE compound bow that does have a let-off weight at full draw, giving an advantage. I have heard of summer camps that use the Genesis bow without having multiple shooting distances for the Archery MB. Just wanted to get a feel for what other Archery MB Counselors are doing. RJ
  3. Storage can be minimal with the design at http://scoutdocs.ca/Klondike/Klondike_sled_plans.php . We used that design last year to build two sledges. With the lashings, the scouts can work on some scout skills. Once broken down, it doesn't take up TOO much space in the garage. RJ
  4. When my son received his AOL and crossed over, my wife stood with our son and I read the Cubmaster role (my position at the time). It was very special to me when I saluted my son as he stood on the crossover bridge before getting to the Boy Scout side. I can be done many ways.
  5. Woodland Trails was GREAT! About half of the scouts thought it was their favorite camp (compared to Friedlander and Frontier), while others liked one of the others. Many of the younger scouts really didn't like the OLD KYBO setup. The staff was AWESOME, from CIT all the way up to the CSE, who we at camp a lot that week. Several of the scouts want to be on staff at WTSR next summer. I helped with Swimming and Archery and was impressed with those areas. I tried to IM you, as well, with the same results. Wondered how your visit at Friedlander went. We will be there July 13-19 next summer. There will be more OOC troops there that week
  6. Our troop used to camp local (1.5 miles from CO) every year. The year before my son crossed, they went to summer camp where one of the ASM went as a scout, and then back to base camp. After another year at the distant camp, the troop voted to try something else to create a three year cycle. next summer, we are back to the local camp. Interesting how all three camps get some votes from scouts as their favorite summer camp. We do like the rotation since the scouts have visited the local camp quite a few times in their Cub Scout and Boy Scout years. I was surprised to hear the Prof Scouter in charge of camping say that he recommends a rotation, as long as we include our Council camp. It actually helps to bring ideas back to our Council camp.
  7. Just had our Philmont prep meeting for the Troop trip to Philmont in June 2014. The Philmont equipment list states that a 20 deg sleeping bag is needed. Is that to take into account that many scouts will have bags that aren't EN tested? The equipment list also recommends a internal backpack of at least 70L or external of 65L. Is this for most scout gear that is not minimal size (i.e. synthetic sleepingbag, etc..)? My local outfitter thought should go with a smaller backpack. What sort of gear did you use at Philmont? Looking forward to comments and the June trek.
  8. Yeah,I saw sort of the same thing when I dropped my son at his Ordeal. Parents carrying Rubbermaid totes with their son's gear. I assumed most scouts would have a backpack by this point in their scouting career. Lots of doting parents. I wondered how a scout can get elected into OA without being self-sufficient on a campout. I am interested to see how it goes when I attend my ordeal next month.
  9. I have read several posts over the years about all ranks crossing the bridge to the next rank. It can be exciting for the scout, but it doesn't seem (to me) to be much of crossing over. As a CM, I created a bridge that all the Cub Scouts could help build (each rank puts together a single step level (2x4 boards and wood pegs) of respective color (orange-tiger, gold-wolf, blue-bear, green-4th grade Webelos, red-Webelos leaders or non-crossing Webelos). We tried to make the crossing over of the Webelos to Boy Scouts special to everyone in the Pack. I would try to make advancing to the next rank level special without using a bridge. We used to give special neckerchief slides as they advanced (use polymer clay with Tiger/Wolf/Bear paw print or an arrowhead for Webelos). Giving the next rank neckerchief is good, too. I prefer the bridge for crossing into Boy Scouts. Using it for all ranks does take away from the meaning for the Webelos-to-BoyScout crossing.
  10. BD has a GREAT point. Why would an adult at summer camp need to leave camp for a beer or cocktail? It is only a week. Wait until Saturday night, if you need a drink, or find someone to share your responsibility through the week.
  11. Kayaker and MB... thanks for your info. Good advice!
  12. rjscout

    Velcro Rank?

    I agree with Basementdweller. I learned how to sew when I was a scout, putting my badges on my uniform. Once my son was done with Cub Scouts, it became his responsibility to sew on his own patches. Good learning opportunity, and a life skill worth having. I don't like Badge Magic, after trying it on my first leader uniform.
  13. Are there any opinions on whether it would be better to attend WFA as offered through BSA (Council sponsored) or through non-BSA SOLO Wilderness First aid Teacher? Just wondering about others experiences. I'll need this by next June for Philmont.
  14. Dan Beard Council allows 13 yo scouts to attend NYLT. Our troop has three 14 yo scouts who are on staff (different week for each scout). I don't know if the average age of the attendees.
  15. I was a little disappointed that the OA Call-out did not happen at the Spring Camporee. Still haven't heard the real reason. But my son and another scout from the troop made it through the Ordeal and my son is excited about being a member of OA. I was also selected by our SM to join OA this year. I opted to let my son go through his Ordeal without me being around. I think it was a good decision. He likes to tell me that he can't discuss what went on at the Ordeal, even when I asked if it rained at all Saturday night (weather was perfect at Camp Friedlander). Now he plans to work staff at my Ordeal in July. I am looking forward to it (and a bit curious).
  16. It works! Alright! Many thanks to all those who worked on getting this forum operational. It has been a BIG part of my knowledge growth as a Scouter.
  17. Basement, The campsites are setup with typical canvas tents on wood platforms with cots. Each campsite has pavilion with picnic tables. There is a kaibo nearby (pit toilet, if your council uses a different term). If you want more coverage, you can bring a fly. Troop trailers are allowed. They pull them from the main parking lot with a tractor to minimize traffic. Program areas are spread out, as are campsites, so it depends on what you want to be close to. We stayed at Lakeview two years ago. Great site by the lake, and close to Archery. Rifle and Shotgun are a LONG way to the other side of camp. Here is a good map to show program areas and campsites: http://www.danbeard.org/camp/images/maps/cf_map.jpg If you come along with your PLC this summer, let me know. I live two miles away and can meet you there for a walk around camp. Our plans are to attend camp at Friedlander next summer (three year rotation is the plan, unless the scouts decide to go somewhere else).
  18. Sentinel, What camp did your troop decide to attend this year? RJ
  19. I love Camp Friedlander, and our scouts enjoyed their Summer Camp two years ago. We were alternating between Camp Friedlander and Camp Frontier at Pioneer. Last summer, the scouts voted to add more variety, so they chose Woodland Trails (between Dayton and Oxford, OH). The big issue is that the Troop is made up mostly of scouts from the Packs closest to Camp Friedlander, so they have been the the campground numerous times before they even become a Boy Scouts. Sometime Adventure is dampened by familiarity. But we do plan to attend Camp Friedlander next summer. I was on the campgrounds last night and will be back for the weekend. The facilities are good and the staff is great.
  20. Basement, with the rave reviews you gave for WTSR, where is your troop headed this summer? We are attending Woodland Trails during session 1. RJ
  21. I learned SO much over the years from this forum. I doubt if I would have continued using it after the first time if it was as difficult as it is now. I check in every so often to see if it has improved. I hope it can be resolved to make it easier to use, especially for all of the new scouters.
  22. After being a Cubmaster for my son's Pack, and working as an ASM, my son's troop just received a letter saying that we have been accepted with a reservation for two crews at Philmont in June 2014. I am one of the adults going on the adventure. I'll get to spend my 55th birthday backpacking at Philmont. We had a crew go in 2011, so we will be getting a lot more stories as we prepare over the next 18 months. I am a little excited.
  23. I have seen too many Eagle Dads who don't help out the Pack or Troop, other than to drop and run. It would be nice to have more Eagles working with the boys. Not a cut on non-Eagles, since I didn't stay in scouts as a youth long enough.
  24. There are a lot of different levels of IOLS courses, unfortunately. i saw part of what I thought looked like a good course when I attended BALOO training. then I attended a great IOLS session to prep for Webelos. At summer camp, I sat in on IOLS to refresh as ASM and get new ideas. It was pathetic (mostly discussions... "tell me what you want to talk about". A course beyond IOLS would be awesome.
  25. Yes, there is a problem with the scouts being too lazy to unzip both zippers. We plan to have 'tents 101' at a troop meeting SOON. Thanks to all for the responses! RJ
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