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  1. I work in a satellite office in our council that covers 2 districts and am also a volunteer with a unit. I get accused of "losing things" as well. I few weeks ago, I had an irate den leader send a rather terse email to the DE for his district because I had flagged a handwritten advancement report for nonregistered Scouts. The leader said he turned the applications in weeks ago and I must have lost them, which he "understands is a regular occurrence." I don't lose things.The main Council office does--it is a bureaucracy after all and things get misplaced. All applications that get turned in are
  2. I am a CM and have no children in the program. Both my sons (26 and 24) have been Webelos leaders. Don't limit yourself. The odds are you'll find a gem rather than a rock.
  3. June 8 Merit Badge Pamphlet #641941 (Straight from a Territory Manager)
  4. --. .-. . .- - (This message has been edited by NJEaglemom)
  5. Tiger Adult partner Wolf Leader Asst. CM CM Committee Chair CM (current) I have been a Bear Leader and Webelos leader,too, but not officially.
  6. "NJ...when you register cub siblings for events they are called Participants as well." Family Camping @ Boy Scout Camp (used to be Lad/Dad)--the family can share a tent. From what I have been told, that particular clause (original question)refers to Venturers, where there are Male and female participants. There has never been an issue of siblings sharing a tent with their Cub Scout brother. It's called Pack Family Camping and happens all the time.
  7. "But today I see that it says: "Male and female youth participants will not share the same sleeping facility."" The key word there is "Participants." They are talking about Venturers.
  8. Our Council offered them, but didn't give enough warning and not enough units participated, so they shelved it for this year. I know there was a coupon from Dunkin' Donuts, a Movie Theater and a sporting goods store. They charged an upfront cost of $1 per card, just so they wouldn't be stuck with a lot of cards from units overestimating. Unit that sold $500 worth of popcorn got the $1 back by getting an extra dollar in commission. I thought it was a great idea. I have 2 in my car from the local football team and women's soccer team that I bought (actually never used them--forgot the
  9. I agree with Boston. Very walkable and a great place to visit. An alternative could be Washington, DC. It would give you the history, the Virginia Countryside is lovely, but, just rivers, no ocean. Philadelphia could be an option: History and Lancaster for scenery (Amish area,). The Ocean would be about an hour away in Atlantic City or a bit farther would get you to Cape May, which is right on the Ocean and full of Victorian Bed and Breakfast places.
  10. I am on our Council Camp Visitation team. It is a mandatory requirement for the on-site Camp Director and Program Director to have a current NCS certification.(standards M35 and M36). If ALL the Mandatory requirements aren't met, the Camp can get a conditionally rating and still stay open. I would check with your SE/De before I'd go any further in planning. The DEs are usually NCS trained. In our Council, if the don't have the certifications, we don't have camp.
  11. I haven't had a son in the Pack for 12 years and I am still the CM of our Pack. Why? As I tell the parents-I believe in the mission of the Scouts and have the time. If someone with a son in the Pack wanted to do the job, then I'd let them and stay on as either CC or MC. As long as the person who is CM is willing and doing a good job, let them stay on as long as they want.
  12. I resisted buying the uniform pants for a long time. I wore a pair of blue dockers from JC Penney with my CS uniform and an olive-ish pair for my Commissioner's uniform. But, I bought a pair of the ladies nylon switchbacks for Woodbadge since the form said full uniform. While I don't love them-- I find they are more comfortable than I thought they would be and fit fine.I can wear them all day without complaint. The only tailoring I did was hemming. I've seen a lot of women wear both the nylon and canvas pants--different body types--and all I think of when I see them is how neat they look in th
  13. LSYTHBSNYLON: This is a Youth shirt LSADTBSNYLON: This is an Adult Shirt Not the same thing at all and adult shirts are more than youth shirts.
  14. Every uniform inspection sheet I have seen as well as the handy flip chart of uniform parts in the local scout shop shows the female shirt tucked in. That is official enough for me.
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