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NCAP for Short-Term Camps?

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On 10/2/2020 at 9:55 AM, Better4itall said:

The aggravating part is that this will simply drive more units away from BSA Camps, just when they need the support.  

How so? This doesn’t affect individual units. Only when more units camp together. It also affects said multiple units at BSA Camp property or not. 

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On 9/30/2020 at 6:20 PM, walk in the woods said:

if two units decided to camp together why would these standards apply?  Not sure I'm following your logic.

On 9/30/2020 at 6:22 PM, InquisitiveScouter said:

♦ Q: If my camp is cancelled, can my unit get together with other units and have our own camp?

No. Chartering organizations play an important role in the program and activities for their chartered units. Chartering organizations promote well-planned unit program for the units they charter and encourage their units to have active outdoor unit programs. Chartering organizations are not authorized to plan, promote, or deliver programs for units outside of their charter.

*Sigh*  Yet another example of BSA only thinking about the question they want to answer and not considering what implications that answer might have in other contexts.  I really wish they'd get their act together and start having their FAQs and publications reviewed by someone outside the "Group-think" at the corporate offices.

While this answer does respond directly to the question being asked, anyone who actually understood how people work would realize that this answer, specifically talking about a CO "running" a Summer Camp program for other troops, will definitely be mistakenly interpreted by some folks to mean "Troops can't camp together except at council functions".  All they needed to do was add a fourth sentence that read: This does not mean that separate troops may not mutually decide to camp together so long as each CO provides for the leadership, material and program needs of its own troop.

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I asked my DE about this and they seem to think that troops can do short term campouts together without these new regs as long as the district and council is not involved. We are actually doing this with another troop next weekend, but we will have enough adult leadership available for each troop. This is something we are trying out, because we have (or will have) two families with siblings in each of the two troops. While we are at the same campground, we will still be at separate campsites. We are planning to do some activities together. So it would be overkill to add these requirements to this type of event.

Now if a district ran a camporee, then I imagine these new regs would apply.

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