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My district and council are doomed.

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This distressing thread makes me appreciate being in Montana Council more. My District Executive does try to support units under her responsibility. Since I spend most of my time serving my unit as scoutmaster, maybe I am suffering (or is it enjoying?) from ignorance is bliss on what my council is doing. 

My council offers discounts at stores and council camps for units and the members of those units when the unit reaches fundraising thresholds for popcorn sales and ICL (FOS), so this is a carrot approach instead of the stick approach. As a result, the council does not charge scouts an annual fee. Montana Council might have significant trust funds to help fund the four camps in the state and council operations. Scouts get incentives to sell popcorn from the council (1/3 of the sales go to the council and about 1/3 goes to the unit), so this carrot approach helps with fundraising also. Last year, Montana Council changed the popcorn incentives (ignoring the district popcorn chairs input) and that reduced popcorn sales. The council learned from this and started adopting input from volunteers for this year. Montana Council seems to be customer (i.e. the units and scouts) oriented, for which I am grateful. 

My unit has been through a lot the last 5 years (2.5 years of which I have been involved). The key to getting back to health was a group of unit leaders going back to basics and support the scouting program for the scouts. This took time and dedication. The same can be done for districts and councils. Usually, they are starving for volunteers, so new blood can bring change quickly...as long as they remember who the customer is...the scout and units. Hoping this happens for the Councils being described in this thread.

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