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Who do you contact for TTFC?

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Could you provide more information?

Are you a Scout / parent / adult leader (Scouter) / some other position or role?

What type of camp is it?  A camp run by your troop / district / council?  Who is the camp for?

My council runs a shorter version of summer camp that is intended for 1st year Scouts.  Some summer camps have a Trail To First Class (TTFC) that goes by different names, but it's basically a skills class that covers some of the early rank requirements (Tenderfoot - First Class).

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You had another thread on how to earn the Totin Chip outside of summer camp, correct?  I assume you are a Scout?

There is no need to wait until May to earn the Totin Chip.

Here are the official BSA requirements:


Read the tools section in the Boy Scout Handbook.  Then talk to your Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, or Instructor and ask how you can earn it in your troop.   If they don't know, ask your SPL.



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Sounds like a Tenderfoot to First Class camp.

As @Thunderbird stated, there is no need to wait until May to work on Totin' Chip.  I would much prefer seeing new Scouts do this in a troop setting, where they are given the individual attention needed.  When done at camp it is hard to give each Scout more than a few minutes.  I went down to observe some of our Scouts in the TTFC program at camp this summer, and that is what they were doing while I was there.  A minute to a minute and a half each, and one boy (from a different unit) who just missed putting an ax in his leg several times, and they were all told they were good to go.

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22 hours ago, bcbro123 said:

My TTFC camp is in May. Who should I contact to ask about adding a Totin Chip class?

We are way too far away to advise on this.  Your Trail to First Class camp is a local aberration.  It sounds like what we call a "Scout Skills Weekend"  (SSWe?) . Check with your local camp folks.  I would agree, Totin'Chip should be among the offerings.   Check with your District Training Chair, see what they do for the Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)  for nascent ASMs and BALOO folks.  Might could be a Scouter there could come to your TTFC and help out.  

As it happens, I do Wood Tools at our IOLS. My dad was a timber cruiser in his young days, and I inherited all his axes and crosscut saws and such.  I no longer heat with wood, (wish I could) but did some years ago. Taking down a tree, cutting, splitting  is very satisfying work. Doing it SAFELY and efficiently is where the skill and satisfaction comes in. 

Good Scouting to you, bcbro123.

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