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Friends of Scouting Mandatory?

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Follow-Up to OP:


New DE, so now we have a Senior DE and DE; I guess that means we now have a "Key 4"?  :confused:  Anyway, the district commissioner only got 20% uptake on his "mandatory FOS" participation note. He is now wanting to set up meetings with the unit leaders. No reason given, but has basically given his schedule and expect leaders to fit in to time slots on his schedule. All slots are on a weekend where nearly every unit I know are camping (upcoming three day weekend in January).


I wonder if he knows just how out-of-touch he is with his units. :dry:



I get this totally.  We have a new Finance Ex and he is really pushing this on volunteers as well.  He actually setup a meeting at our local camp at 6pm during a WORK WEEK?  Seriously?

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I'd send a money order for $1.00 from the Troop as a token FOS contribution along with a copy of the e-mail to the Council President (the top volunteer) and a note explaining that this should meet the

I prefer to contribute directly to a council camp, and specific projects.  "Raising X dollars to replace the roof on the mess hall."  No problem, I'll write a check, happy to help.   However....  

I'm just waiting for someone to take issue with @@JoeBob and his picture. I mean, shades and a cowboy hat? C'mon, what's not to hate there.   @@SeattlePioneer, check out the video here and groove o

...and when FOS doesn't quite fill the quota, assess an new "activity" fee to registration. Five dollars additional for each Scout at time of troop registration.


You mean at the council level? They'd have a hard time selling that. They've made such a big deal over the years of their "cost of scouting" transparency that any such increase would be soundly beaten up by the units. Not to mention, I suspect now that it is a fee (rather than a voluntary contribution) the whole aspect of the deduction is not taken away. I know no one in my unit would give anything if they were forced to pay a "make up fee" of any kind.


If there was better campaign management I think FOS would have less of an issue meeting their goals in my area.

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I actually dug my own cathole at Philmont a few times. Learned how to do it in ROTC. Was much better than the outhouses with somebody else's feces on the seat.

 I remember reading on Philmont Outhouse Walls

" No need to stand on the Seat....Philmont Crabs can jump 6 feet"

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"as the council sees fit."

I would talk to the Executive Committee, then.  They signed off on the projects.  I'd also talk to the Facilities Committee of the Executive Board; they nominated the projects.


Who are on those boards?  Scouters, or business folk getting their non-profit support experience ticket punched?


I've been blessed and cursed to see business executives who care about the n-p they serve (my banker is on the finance and operations committee of the KC Symphony, she says she gives 10 hours a week of her professional skills to them; a friend is on the Council Exec Board, he's been chair of the operations committee, since he owned a 200 truck semi fleet at one point in his life).  The cursed guys?  You don't want to know...

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