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The idiots running this jamboree

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Does anyone have a phone number to call at national to get this resolved???????/    

After reading these comments from so many different folks, I sure am glad we took our troop to Virginia in 2010 to visit what may very well have been the last good Jamboree!

Not to be in defense but I will. The extra fee for the whitewater rafting and the technical climbing were announced in December or January. It was in the webinar notes posted on the bsajamboree webs

STATUES! Unbelievable, whatever happened to just naming buildings or campsites?




The statues are Bob Mazzuca, Jack Furst, Wayne Perry, former Gov. Joe Manchin

Wait there are more!!! Here are FIVE more bronze statues in or around the Scott Visitor Center.

Walter Scott, Stephen Bechtel, and Jim Justice either!!


Morgantown industrialist J.W. Ruby and his wife, philanthropist Hazel Ruby



Thrifty? Well at least they didn't chisel faces into Mount Irving (I made that up, but I would not be surprised if there is a Mount Irving there).

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I was hoping that the Summit would be cooler than AP Hill was.
Sorry JR. I should have warned you all that when the dog-days hit, there's no escaping the heat. The ridge-tops here just don't get that high (not that you want to be on a ridge-top in the afternoon with the kind of static that's in this air). Some of our prominent features are catching a lot of lightning strikes!
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Explain to me again why the scouts need to sit in the Arena for 1.5 hours before the show starts??????
In the case of your regular concert at the auditorium it is to sell you more $10 beers and snacks. Hopefully that's not the case at Jambo. :)


Maybe it is the same reason they make us wait in formation at camp for 10 minutes for the staff to mosey on down the road. Something about building character. If they all sat there peaceably for 1.5 hours they must have a lot of character. :)

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Explain to me again why the scouts need to sit in the Arena for 1.5 hours before the show starts??????
All I know is I hope the negativity you're continuously expressing about this Jamboree isn't being passed on to your son if/when he has spoken to you. You've griped about the uniforms, about the schedule, about the activities, about the arena show... Let the kid have a great time!


If there's one thing I've learned in Scouting, it's the fact that adults tend to gripe about things, while the scouts manage to find a way to have a great time with what they have. That's what Jamborees are all about when all is said and done. Everyone is thrown into the crazy experiment together, and it's the participants' jobs to make it a great time for all involved. I've seen it firsthand at both Jamborees I attended. It's magical, and it's how these things go.

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This is the feedback from scout son.


haven't spoken voice, he txt's and sends pictures.........


Heck he had to wait an hour on his bus for his day of service.


The only place he didn't comment on the wait was white water rafting and the cloud.


He gave up on the trading posts, I suggested that maybe we can get some stuff on clearance in a couple of months.


He is really disappointed that the zip lines are so long......I suggested leaving camp extra early to get a better spot and shorter wait.

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scout son txted that he waited over two hours today for the short zip lines and he isn't going to be able to do the big one....... hmmmmm....
My daughter won a ticket for the big zip and said she might wait in line to do it again. It was that fun.
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