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The idiots running this jamboree

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Ok so who else received the email from scouting and the west virginia department of heath?????


"....... in the unlikely event that you become ill, please report your attendance at the Jamboree to your healthcare provider".



Hmmm wonder why my lad was exposed too?????


Just curious

They probably just figured out there were a few gay scouts that attended and are now getting their panties all in a bunch about it.
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Does anyone have a phone number to call at national to get this resolved???????/    

After reading these comments from so many different folks, I sure am glad we took our troop to Virginia in 2010 to visit what may very well have been the last good Jamboree!

Not to be in defense but I will. The extra fee for the whitewater rafting and the technical climbing were announced in December or January. It was in the webinar notes posted on the bsajamboree webs

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