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ALRIGHT, thats what I am talking about. You all realize this is a special moment over 600 post's and not one thing accomplished.


Lets keep it going, we only have 23 Days and we have been keeping this beast alive for 1 YEAR.



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I've known a few. Of course, their sexual and theological orientations weren't apparent (except maybe to close friends) until later in life. But like they say..."once an Eagle, always an Eagle."

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DYB-Mike stated:

"Can you be gay and atheist and still be an Eagle Scout?

(That should keep things going for a while)

YIS Mike "


Mike, is this an attempt at humor or are you insinuating something? This thread is about one Scout and his efforts at earning Eagle. Your attempt to turn this into something else is sad. I have found many of the comments here to be rude and mean spirited and I'm not the only one who thinks this. In the past I've encouraged mdsummer to share with us the outcome of this situation but now I would advise her not to. She monitors this thread but will not post because of the treatment by some members here. I've seen this in the past too. I recall one mom, a new member who joined to asking a simple question about uniforms. By the time some senior members got done belittling her she swore she would never post again. How sad it is for a bunch of "Scouters" to act so rude.


ev, you complain about second hand information but I'm sure that had you asked mdsummer she would have been willing to send you all the documentation she has just as she has to myself and others.


nldscout, you stated that you find it amazing that I could speak with someone from National. Have you ever called them? Does this mean I'm lying because you're amazed? I guess so since according to you there is NO appeal, a position that mdsummer and the SM involved with both disagree with you on! (ev, that's first hand information to me, but of course it's second hand to you) Of course you give no support to your statement.


and on the other side;


ljnrsu said "I also have had recent contact with mdsummer but refrained from posting. There are posters that dont believe what I post is the truth or factual so I havent bothered posting additional info. Twocubdad, ev, among others has without saying it outright called me a liar and a perpetrator of a hoax. Based on what? Preconceived ideas of how long appeals should take. Prior experience that doesnt reflect Nationals current appeals procedures."

I agree with refraining from future posts.


For those that want to know the facts please review the posts from linjsru and myself.

For those of you who are intent on flaming, help yourself. You only show how little you reflect the values of Scouting.




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Good grief, calm down Eagle732.


Mike's post, and many of the previous posts, have absolutely nothing to do with you, the original poster, or her son.


This topic is going nowhere fast. At this point the only reason for it to still be active, is to see just how long it can stay active, not stay on topic (the original topic played out long ago).


As the post DYB-Mike was responding to states - "Lets keep it going, we only have 23 Days and we have been keeping this beast alive for 1 YEAR.


If you have been reading these forums for any length of time (I think 10 minutes would do it) you should have noticed that the subjects of BSA combined with homosexuality, and/or atheism, tends to cause lots of chatter.


And, Eagle732, enough chatter to bring this topic to the 1 year mark is the ENTIRE object of posting at this point.




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You absolutly can be an Eagle and be gay and atheist. People change orientations all the time, its a fact of life.




I never said you were a liar, however I have spoken to the same gentleman that you claim out of the blue asked you if you were talking about "Justin's" appeal. Seems he claims no knowledge of that conversation, nor would he in his words "I would never reveal a scouts name or discuss any action pending with anyone unknown to me over the telephone"



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WHOA THEREbig fellow, you need to be careful of the friendly-fire casualties. Let us review:



Posted by Twocubdad: Monday, 2/8/2010: 8:39:53 PM

Sorry, E732. I thought my post was sufficiently dripping with sarcasm. I should have used one of those little sarcasm thingys. What's the code for that? Ctrl/Alt/F7?


Several months and hundreds of post ago, when there was still substantive discusion going on here, I was fairly supportive of MDSummer.




Posted by Eagle732: Tuesday, 2/9/2010: 12:52:56 PM

Twocub, thank you, apologies accepted, no hard feelings here.




For the record:


1. I have no more or no less reason to believe the veracity of this thread than anything else I read in this fourm. I take it a face value. And as with all the other threads, I'm operating on the assumpiton it is true.


2. Based on the info we have before us, I believe MDS's son has met the requirements for Eagle and have previously stated so. I've encouraged her/them to appeal the local decisions both here and in private communications.


3. I think all the BS, off-topic chatter about pie and racking up the number of posts is a waste of my time and would be appreciative if you all knocked it off or at least moved it to another clearly labled thread. I'd like to be able to keep up with this thread without wading through the bull. If I want to waste time and listen to a lot of prattle, I'd start going to Roundtable again.

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Thank you ScoutNut for coming to my defense.


Eagle732, yes it was an attempt at humor, but certainly at no ones expense. I was trying to be topical since these two subjects have recently produced three ongoing threads in the Issues and Politics section.


I have been following this thread, but I have not posted to it previously because I felt I do not have the experience to comment either way.


I do, however, feel like many others in that the original topic of this thread is done and now it has become simply a game to keep it going.


Sorry Eagle732 if you were offended, but taken in the context of the preceding posts, I think your reaction was a little overboard.


Twocubdad, just responding to Eagle 732s post; Ill be moseying along now.





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As one of the offensive-peanut-gallery-pie-jokers, I must ask:


What was the last post, in this thread, that wasn't BS?


Of what--600 posts?--there are probably less than 50 of any substance. Most are random accusations, wholesale conjecture, and every now and again, a bit of substance.


Once it became clear that a) we don't have all the facts and b) we probably never will, there are certain individuals, myself included, that decided to have our own little crackerbarrel, right here, on this thread.


It's the e-version of "Here We Sit Like Birds in the Wilderness" waiting for some information about The Final Decision.



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