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A New Voyage Begins

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It has been over 8 years now that I have been a part of this scouting forum and have had a great time conversing with, debating with, and arguing with some over the issues concerning a program we all love and give our blood, sweat, and tears to. I have always looked at being a leader in scouting to be a sacred trust with the CO, parents and the youth we serve to give it all we are and to make our units and youth better, stronger, a with a vision of service and giving back for all the blessings we have received from our Creator. Scouting has and always will be for me a voyage of discovery and treasures which will last a lifetime.


I have recently been asked by our church board to assume the title and duties of Pastor where I currently have been serving as the associate pastor. So now I enter into yet another sacred journey that will keep me even more busy than I am currently. So I have decided to close my association with this great forum after all these years to free up more time to pursue my new duties.


I just want to let all of you know I have been honored by getting to know all of you dedicated scouters, even those who I have disagreed with, and wish you all continued success with your scouting experiences. Peace and blessings to all of you. Goodbye and Venture On!

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Yah, so you're movin' up to IH, eh? :)


Good luck to yeh in your new post as a fisher of men. That can be a lonely and tryin' vocation at times. Remember to keep good friends who are outside da daily life of religiosity and outside your congregation, for perspective and a chance to get away sometimes. Pastors need some friends to gripe to, too!


Always remember that even da first fishers of men still went out and caught fish, and the Christ Himself frequently retreated to God's wilderness. Make sure right now yeh set aside time to go catch fish, and to go sleep under da stars. Mark it down in your calendar, make it absolutely inviolate or yeh will always find some need that keeps yeh from gettin' out, and that will make yeh a worse pastor.


Finally, remember that God Laughs. There is no brighter laughter, no deeper sense of humor than that of the Almighty. If da Creator of all things can see all da world's beauty and tragedy and still smile with joy, who are we not to join the fun, and be able to laugh at ourselves and our condition?


May the Great Scoutmaster of all Scouts be with yeh. Always, and until we meet again at His council campfire in eternity.


Farewell, and good Scoutin'.




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Congratulations, that's great news. I wish you the best of success. By the way, this doesn't disqualify you from continuing to participate in these forums. Drop in once in a while, if for no other reason than to marvel at how we manage in spite of ourselves.

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I wish I had Beav's advice for a couple of my pastors.


Anyway, all the best BP. Don't forget us. You might need the sermon fodder!


Oh, and on Scout Sunday invite a crew pres or JASM to take the sermon...

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"...to free up more time..."


It's only an hour a week.


I will miss your "inside" view. In my conversations with the DE's I respect (and the DE's I don't) and various council Program Directors (they seem to get chewed up by the proces, too), I have found validation in much that BP has said.


As Quakers say, "That friend speaks my mind".


Y'al come back, now, hear?



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2601 Posts.

I don't know and am never going to count how many times we crossed swords.

I'm sure there have been times when you felt that I was a real twit.

I will give you credit for standing up for Venturing, a program I have never had that much time for or much good to say about.


Taking care of the needs of others is indeed a real heavy weight.

I wish you nothing but the very best and pray that the big Guy up-stairs keeps an eye on you and for you.

You can be sure that when I toddle off to Mass next week, I'll put a word in for you.

Good Luck and Fair Winds.


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