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Scout leader opn 'Survivor?"

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I'm not a 'survivor' fan - but my mom got me to turn on the show tonite, and i was surpriosed to see a scout leader in full uniform on the show - as one of the contestants? Think her name is "Lilly"


I believe her shirt says troop 615 - couldn't read the council patch but saw a couple of square knots and i think an OA flap -


From the one show looks like she might get voted off - her team lost their challenge tonite...



think this is good or bad advertising for BSA?

Any comments?

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ah - more info - troop 617 from cincinatti OH - 11 yrs of scouting - she's a 'Scoutmaster' - but is not wearing a SM patch that i can see - so she may or may not be THE SM of her troop... She also has her woodbadge beads


wonder what her boys think of this? Esp since all the males in her team elected to stip to nothing for the challenge they lost - the other team thought it was stupid and disgusting, for the most part.


She was NOT voted out tonite - not even ONE vote against her, even though she was discussed as being a weak link by a few of her teammates.


I think this little scouting twist might 'hook' me into watching this dumb show....


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I saw the first half of the show and they did zoom on the Scoutmaster patch. She even commented that is was hard not to act like the SM. It was funny when whe said the the troop back home was going to rib her good for not having on a neat uniform, tucked in and buttoned to the top. I am sure she did not intend on spending the whole time in her uniform, but they tricked them and took away all of their things except what they were wearing and told them to jump ship and swim to shore. Most of the clothes the people were in were inappropriate... Armani suit, strapless sundresses, heavy jeans, etc. They said it was to make it seem more like a shipwreak situation.....

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My non-scientific observation on all the Survivor rounds is that people who have been trained in ethical, moral, team-based behavior and effective leadership methods do very poorly on the show. Reason: success on Survivor depends on a person ultimately abandoning ethics, morals, teamwork, and effective leadership to achieve a personal victory.



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I agree with KoreaScouter's assessment.


The way I see it is this:


1) There's a million dollars on the side of being the sole "survivor" no matter what it takes to get there.


2) On the other side of the scale, there's a code of conduct one has lived for at least eleven years that is the Scout Oath and Law.


She's on t he island and is a very public display, by wearing the uniform regardless of how it happened, of the values represented by the Scout Oath and Law.


Her best shot is the one with the slimmest odds; winning the game while living the Scout Oath and Law.


That would be getting #1 and #2.


Odds are, however, that she will end up with either #1 OR #2.


I think 2 is better than one, but 1 and 2 make three and I like odd numbers!


Anyway, although I'm not a fan of survivor for the very reasons that KoreaScouter mentioned, I will watch this series until the two Scouters are gone.


I want to add that if I had a troubled teenager being counseled by the guy who stole the gear from the other tribe and called himself a pirate I'd bust his chops big time when he got home.



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First, I confess - I like to watch the show. Not sure why. Probably the same kind of morbid curiosity that makes one turn his head as he passes a car accident. I agree with the previous statements. I root for the good-hearted, fair-minded folks, but ultimately they usually do not go far. I also agree with DSteele, the youth mentor set the most horrible example. He used the same kind of ill founded logic that misguided youth might use (i.e., "I have been a victim of society, so everything is fair game."). I have to wonder, what makes this guy think that his words are going to be worth spit when he gets back home and counsels these boys.


This show will be bad advertising for the BSA. If she goes far, she will most likely have to set a bad example to do it. This will make the BSA look hypocritical (even though she is her own person, folks will see her as representing the entire organization - at least those folks who want to slam the BSA). Regardless of when she leaves the island, contestants vying for the million dollars will portray her as weak and inept. It doesnt matter that her Scout skills would have served her well in a real life and death scenario. No one will see that. As KoreaScouter pointed out, the show is not about leadership, or even true survivor skills . Its more about personality, group dynamics, interpersonal skills, character, and ones willingness to abandon or remain true to self-professed values while others are watching (on national TV). Of course, in the end, most simply cop out by saying Its a game, not real life. Bottom Line: CBS, and probably all of the other contestants, do not care if they portray the BSA in a good light.

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Correct me if i'm wrong but i thought it was National's policy that you can't use scouting related items on the air. there have been several cases wherer National has sued companies for using BSA stuff in commercials. I wonder if BSA is aware that this is going on (or at least did they know before it happened) This could turn out interesting



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If you'll think back to other threads, you'll remember that we have been told a number of times that we are NOT representatives of the BSA. Only professional scouters can be representatives. So her deeds or misdeeds should not be considered a reflection on the BSA. ;)

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I believe Lil is wearing her uniform, like FOG said, because she was asked to wear it. The contestants were told that they were being taken out for "publicity shots". The lawyer was wearing his Armani suit, the SM was wearing her uniform. Lil's bio is mostly about her being a SM... thus the uniform. Let's face it, CBS knew what they were doing. They've got people watching Survivor that would never have watched it otherwise! I have to say, of all the people there, I'd rather being wearing what Lil has on than what anyone else is wearing. She's the only one who has a hat, her shirt (although not the most comfortable shirt) dries fast and will probably last all 39 days and she just might be the only woman there wearing something UNDER her clothes. That uniform sure beats the skimpy sundresses the other women were wearing. LOL


As far as representing BSA, do you feel that the lawyer is representing ALL lawyers? I don't. I'd love to see Lil do well, because she's an older female (like me!), but I doubt that she will last one or two more council circle trips. Why? Her personality. She's not connecting with anyone. She's not part of the "group". She isn't fitting in. But, we'll see!



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Below is from a Cincinati newspaper



Scout leader ready to prove 'Survivor' skills



By Rick Bird

Post staff writer


Megan Morris sounded relieved and excited she could finally tell her schoolmates at Kings Mills High School why her mom suddenly disappeared for several weeks in June and July.

Seems her mother, Lillian "Lill" Morris, 51, of Deerfield Township, just outside Loveland, was off filming "Survivor." She is among the latest "Survivors," part of the cast for the seventh edition of the show announced Thursday by CBS.


"Survivor: Pearl Islands," filmed off the Pacific coast of Panama, debuts Sept. 18.


"It was kind of difficult," Megan said about keeping the secret. "You'd tell one person one thing and another person another. It got hard to keep our stories straight."


"I told her, 'Let me help you do this.' I'll be the bad guy in this," said Lonnie Morris, Lillian's husband of 30 years, about keeping the secret.


Lillian is the oldest member of the newly announced cast of 16 competing to win


$1 million in the top-rated reality show.


The cast members for the latest edition are perhaps overall the youngest group ever in the series, with 10 players under 30 and five ranging from 30 to early 40s.


Morris becomes the first tri-state contestant since Rodger Bingham of Crittenden County, Ky., appeared in the show when he finished fifth in "Survivor Australia."


Bingham was one of the show's most popular players for his simple honesty and decency, and, since his appearance, Cincinnati has remained the No. 1 rated market for the show.


The latest "Survivor" also features another player with tri-state connections. He is Andrew Savage, a Utica, N.Y., native who graduated from the University of Cincinnati law school in 1987. The 40-year-old now practices law in Chicago.


Morris, a native of Waterville, Maine, who moved to the tri-state as a teen, is a decade-long Boy Scout troop leader in Warren County. She certainly plays that angle up in the show as she is pictured on the tropical island wearing her Scout leader uniform. The official CBS bio lists her occupation as "Scout troop leader" and she appeared in a taped clip on CBS Thursday morning, when the cast was introduced, saying "I'm the proud Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 617 in Cincinnati, Ohio."


The Dan Beard Boy Scout Council is proudly aware of Morris, who is the leader of a long-time troop of some 80 boys that covers the Kings Mill, Landen and Deerfield Township areas.


"There have been a lot Eagle scouts from her troop. It's very active and the parents really love her," said Andy Swallow. a spokesman for the Dan Beard Council. "She has been a scoutmaster for a National Jamboree contingent, been to Philmont (in New Mexico). Her troop is very active in high adventure. They do at least one outing a year whether it's hiking the Appalachian Trail or extended canoeing and camping. She is definitely an outdoor's person."


Morris is not allowed to speak to the media under an agreement she signs with the show's producers until (or if) she is voted off the show. But her family members were allowed to talk Thursday. Both her daughter and husband said it was hard keeping the secret from friends this summer.


"Lill's not a liar, which is one reason I never thought she'd make it on the show from the times I'd seen it," laughed husband Lonnie, who works as a transportation operations manager for McLane Food Services in Boone County, Ky.


"At first I thought she had lost her mind," Morris said when he found out his wife was selected for the show. "There were some sacrifices that had to be made in order for her to do it. But I told her to go for it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."


The Morris' also have a son, Clayton, a senior at Wright State University.


At Kings Mill High, Megan said the secret was finally out Thursday.


"It was mostly disbelief this morning," she said when word got around to classmates about her mom. "'Your mother cannot be on 'Survivor.' Are you serious?'


"But if you know my mom everybody would say she is the perfect person for 'Survivor.' She is an outdoorsman, she's a Boy Scout leader. She gets along with a lot of different people. This is her game. This is her destiny."


Lonnie said his wife tried to apply for the show when open auditions were held last February at Newport on the Levee that attracted close to 1,000 people. She arrived late and was told there would not be time to tape a tryout and was advised to send in her own tape. And that's what she did.


"I have no idea what she sent them," Lonnie admitted. "I've never seen the tape."


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