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  1. This issue has long ago been settled and this issue is no longer about hazing and hasn't been for a very long time. The issue is now obedience. That's right, ol' number seven, obedience. The BSA has a rule, not a guideline, not a suggestion, a rule. And the rule is that the whole singing thing and other such acts are not allowed. Period, end of discussion, next page. Now, as adult leaders of the BSA who are duty bound to subscribe and adhere to the rules of the BSA and have agreed to run the BSA program for the boys. Are we going to do as we all ask of our Scouts and be obedient
  2. why tell people in Idaho about a troop 700 miles away? Service to others. I get emails constantly from troops 700 miles away who want information about some of the places we camp because they would like to go there too. I do the same. It's very nice to get first hand information from someone who holds the same perspective and
  3. Be aware that most NPS, FS, State and Local Parks consider geocaching to be either littering or establishing an illegal dump and will fine those caught participating. Be sure you know the rules of the location before participating and STRESS this point to those you teach it to.(This message has been edited by Mike Long)
  4. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad decisions.
  5. In March we completed a 6 night 7 day 62 mile backpacking trip in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We performed trail and campsite maintenance and filled out campsite reports and surveys along the way. In July we will go to Northern Tier. So far we have 20 of us going. I'm looking at a week long AT hike in the snow between Christmas and New Years to complete the year.
  6. Thanks again. They knew the safety rules of hunting. Horrible things DO happen to good people who normally follow the rules. This happened in a moment of laxity. They lost focus once and then this... Eisely, Laurel is doing great. She's 17 months old. Blonde Shirly Temple curls and big blue eyes. Shes very tall and has a huge vocabulary. She is even using short but complete sentances. Just a cute little bundle of happy energy. I'm going to be in BIG trouble in a few years when she discovers boys.
  7. Thank you again from all of us and especially the family. Alex's grandfather is starting a baseball scholarship in his name at the University of Nebraska. (Big time Cornhusker family) We really wanted to do something permanent for Alex but we have yet to discuss it thouroughly with the family. One of the newspaper articles had also mentioned that donations could be sent to the troop and several people approached myself and our ASMs at the service and indicated that there were checks in the mail to the troop. If any would like to help just send what you feel led to send to the address
  8. Yes, it was one of my boys. Thank you for your thoughts and emails. I haven't been active here due to time constraints but I do think about y'all. I guess I'll tell the story. Last weekend we were backpacking Cumberland Island National Seashore. Alex decided he would rather go hunting with his dad and older brother (one of our most senior Eagles) The afternoon of the second day a ranger walks into our camp and asks for myself and an ASM by name. He informs us that there was an urgent message and we needed to contact one of our Scout parents, ALex's mom. We called their house and a ne
  9. Are you a business or a Boy Scout Troop? If you are a Boy SCout Troop I'd suggest you review the fund raising rules of the BSA before you form a business out of your troop.
  10. I have no clue what other troops around us do. I have limited contact with them as roundtable is on our weekly meeting night. I do make it a point to talk it up when we do get together. I'm not even sure exactly how many troops are in my district (I'm guessing 25) but I do know that two of us hold regular HA trips every year. I also know of about three or four others who do HA trips on a roughly bi-yearly basis. Personally I define HA as extended length trips or trips where the difficulty/maturity level exceeds the ability level of your average 2nd class and under scout. HA is someth
  11. It has the potential to be both horrible or fantastic advertising for the BSA. It all depends on how she carries herself. (This message has been edited by Mike Long)
  12. Interesting tidbit about the "Great Scoutmaster" prayer. Our Scouts didn't recognise it as a prayer. I asked them who they thought the "Great Scoutmaster" was. You of course, Mr. Long. They told me. I was flattered, embarassed and more than a little disconcerted. I see I have some more work to do.
  13. The shelter holds 12 and has been recently rebuilt. It used to be the worst, most abused shelter in the park but hopefully that has changed. Personally, I'd choose the shelter over the Lodge but that's just me. The kids would certainly like it (especially at the tail end of a backpacking trip) and THAT is what is important. I disagree, any scout can hike those trails. Just allow your fellas plenty of time and rest break as often as needed. Stronger guys help the not so strong. This was a March high adventure trip in the area. http://www.troop623.com/Smokies01_1.htm
  14. This is a simple fix and it works without much fuss. Use seam sealer (like you use on your tent seams) mix it 50/50 with mineral spirits (or the appropriate thinner for whatever variety of sealer you use) and using a thin brush (like a craft brush) paint thin lines of the mixture in a non-skid pattern on your thermarest pad or better yet, your tent floor. I personally just do parallel wavy lines.
  15. Hi LV, Thanks for posting your gear list awhile back. It was very helpful.
  16. Oh, if the trip was below 10,000ft I'd swap out for a 35 deg bag and leave the fleece at home and bring a thermal top instead. That drops about 2 more pounds.
  17. Ok, this is my list for an upcoming 14 day High Sierra Trail and back again 150 mile hike. All weights are ounces Pack- Kelty Flight 70 Silnylon pack cover 4 Tarptent 28 http://www.tarptent.com 8X10 silnylon tarp 13 15-25 degree bag (synth) 53 Thermarest LE long 42 Heavy but I sleep COMFY thermarest chair kit 10 32oz naglene bottle 5.2 110oz water bladder 10.2 PUR hiker filter 18.5 tikka headlamp 2.5 blast light 2.3 storm whistle .7 swiss army knife
  18. 1 3/4 to 2 pounds of food per person per day That's flawed logic IF all you consider is weight. 4 days out and my food bag weighs 8 pounds so I must be set for food. Wrong. I used to use that and found myself sweating under a heavy load and still feeling hungry at the end of the day. You MUST consider caloric intake. You need to look for foods with a high calorie to low weight ratio. Calories and not weight is what gets you down the trail.
  19. It's purely subjective. 35 base to me is average for winter. It becomes bad if you are adding 20 to it. 53 pounds for a week long summer backpack is excessive IMHO. In winter maybe but not summer. I average 45 wet (meaning with food and water) in winter and 30 to 35 wet in summer. Depending on where you are going will also effect the load.
  20. Trash compactor bags. Wal-mart has them but I get them from my local grocery store. Update: Finally got a packcover I'm happy with. It's one of those new fangled silhylon jobbers and only weighs a few ounces.
  21. I doubt very seriously that the Council Charter will be pulled. Most likely the Council Committee will have their individual memberships revoked.
  22. eisely You were having fun. Well, that's the theory anyway.
  23. We only stop/slow down for Christmas break. July is abit of a lull month for us as it is hard to get adults to agree to camp in the Florida heat so our July activity is usually a day trip. Oh yeah, right on mk9750! (This message has been edited by Mike Long)
  24. Hello to all who are new. To those who remember me, long time, no see Long. Fatherhood is great. Internet developer. Particularly a User Interface developer/designer and usability expert. Before that I was a master screenprinter (that's t-shirts y'all) and was part owner/manager of a few screenprinting shops. Got a fine art degree in painting/drawing.
  25. Me or the troop? I personally am firmly in the Backpacking catagory. However car camping is fun and has its charms. Oh, and I eat just fine thank you very much. With a little ingenuity you can eat almost anything backpacking that you can car camping. Our troop is a camping troop. That is, all kinds of camping. We mix it up. I have boys of all stripes, some love to backpack some hate it. We accomodate as many different methods as we have volunteers with the hard skills necessary to each method. Car camping cons: Have to transport a bunch of stuff. Where to store your stuff.
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