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If you don't want to post here because you don't have a website contact me at: dmlyum@aol.com. My name is David, and I am 14 years old. I am getting ready to start a web design business. Before I start I would like to get some more experience making websites. So if your troop does not yet have a website contact me. We'd both benifit... I get practice and you get a website! :) The only fee I require is a small donation... and the best part is your troop decides how much you want to donate! It's completely up to you...


Contact me to take up on this or to get more information: dmlyum@aol.com

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Hi. As the District Commissioner, I have worked hard on a newly-designed web site for the Pontchartrain District of the Southeast Louisiana Council, which was formerly the New Orleans Area Council. The URL is http://www.lascouts.net/pont or you may arrive at the same location by utlizing the fully qualified domain name which translates to http://www.pontchartraindistrict.org . You will note that the home page has a dedication to our Assistant District Commissioner, Lloyd Solis, known well to many Scouters across the nation. Sadly, Lloyd passed away from an apparent heart attack on Friday, June 4. Our web site has many useful links, but our council has directed that we can only link to non-commercial sites, which eliminates Scouter.com from being listed.

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