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God forbid that anything happens to any of our kids. As a parent and scout leader I would want to know what happen and the one thing I have learned is there is always 3 sides to every story. There is your side of the story, there is their side of the story, and then there is the absolute truth,

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Great advise here, everyone. I would stress very much that you find a new troop. Your son has been made out to be the black sheep. You and he need a fresh new start before you both start hating something you love doing.


It's apparent that you did not have the support of the committee and the leaders over the Jamboree incident. I really don't think you'll garner any support from the committee or leadership on the latest situation.





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With all due respect Bob and others all I said was lets hear both sides. So far we have a parent aledging this happened at the NSJ in 2001 2 yrs ago. The committee looked at it and said it was not an issue. The parents admits son has problems. So maybe there is more to this than appears. Let us not condemn the SM with out the whole story.


Not to say the parent is not telling us the whole story, but I have seen it on here before and I notice difference's in the story as it progressed


DSteele was right is reporting it to the CE, let him sort it out.

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I agree with TwoCubDad, however, I think it looks like he's saying that I said the line about "We've handled it internally," etc. I didn't say that and don't believe it.


Twice in my career I have had to turn over cases of reported child abuse to local (and in one case, state) law enforcement authorities. In both cases, I told the family that I was required to do so and that I had done so. However, after that, I received no further information about what they found and what actions were taken and thus was unable to let the family know.


"Wev'e handled it internally . . ." has gotten more than one organization in trouble. I have heard that answer from unit committees before on some serious matters and it isn't the right answer. I'm not sure where everyone lives, but you're not the only unit within driving distance.



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No, no, Dave, I didn't intend to attribute that to you. My point was that BSA (not necessarily even the SE, but someone) has a responsibility to keep a parent abreast of their investigation and outcomes. That's different from a leader reporting a suspected abuse situation, who shouldn't expect to hear back.


All I was saying is if it's my child, "we've handled it" is an adequate response.

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That's what I thought/hoped you meant. It makes sense to me. I just didn't want someone to get the impression that the BSA is in the habit of sweeping bad stuff under the carpet.


I also think the nail was nailed when it was said that it should be reported directly to the Scout Executive (or professional responsible for youth protection in your council.)



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Abuse of any kind in Scouting can not be tolerated.

The very idea, of a leader striking a Youth member makes me sick. It is just more then sad.

dsteele, has laid out what MUST BE DONE.

Not just for the sake of this child, but who knows, who will be next ? We need to get this guy as far away from our members, as soon and as fast as we can.

Having said that, I do have some thoughts, that given how severe this case is have little or no bearing.

As this happened at the Jamboree, the Scout was a member of the Council contingent / Troop. Here in Westmoreland Fayette Council, we set up a Jamboree Troop Committee. These members tend to be the more experianced adults from the Council. I would think that if something like this was reported to them, they would be on it in a heart beat. This needs to be brought to the attention of that committee chair.

While I have no time what so ever, under any circumstances for people who hit or abuse kids. The Scoutmaster role of a jamboree troop is not one to be taken lightly.

There is a lot of stress, at times the lines of communication at the event get a little more then blurred. Add to this the heat and the rain. And in my case some kind of a nut in the next site, who at 6:00 AM. Started yelling at her Troop "Rise and Shine, Rise and Shine" At the top of her lungs while accompanying herself with a very large frying pan, which she hit with great force, using a metal spoon.(A Scout is brave, so on day 3, I send one of the Assistant Scoutmasters to have a word - Next day we had the Marines jogging and singing, but we let that one pass. They were really big !!)

The boys do one heck of a lot of walking and do get very tired (No chance of a lie in either !!)For many this is the longest time that they have ever been away from their parents. And in some cases they might be the only Scout from their own troop there.

I had one mother inform me that her son ( A really neat kid, that I think the world of - He just became an Eagle Scout) had ADD, and while at school took riddling, but she didn't like to give it to him when he was out of school. - Hey Thanks Lady.

As it happened it wasn't a problem. This Lad just loved to talk and talk, I got a minute by minute report of everything that he was doing or had done.

I did everything possible to get to know the Scouts, as well as I could. We had a weekend training for all the youth leaders, and two weekends with the entire troop.

An event like the Jamboree is the greatest, but to ensure that the Scouts get the most out of it, the selection of the right leaders is crucial.

I have to admit to being very upset with the Jamboree staff and sub camp 4.They ought to have send this guy packing there and then.

Man Oh Man, stuff like this makes me so mad.

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Thanks to all of you who replied. Just wanted to give you an update.

I made several phone calls to council to set up an appointment - none of which were returned.

Then I wrote a letter which I hand delivered.

I received a letter in return stating that they would look into the matter.

I heard nothing from anybody in our troop.

Last night my son and I went to a meeting about summer camp which my son has attended every year since he started in scouting. This was the first time we had been to a meeting since the incident.

Nothing was said at the beginning of the meeting, however, at the end of the meeting the leader asked to speak to me.

He told me that when he had told my son to get out at the last meeting, he had meant that my son was out of the troop because he was disrespectful. He said that he would let him come to summer camp but that if my son did ANYTHING out of line, that he would call me and have me come and bring my son home. He said that he would be the sole decision maker about my son's behavior and would be the only one to determine if my son did something wrong. Then he said that he would decide in September if my son would return to the troop.

I did not argue. I simply listened since it was obvious that council has not contacted him yet and I didn't want to make a scene. Also, I was feeling a bit threatened by his tone of voice and his approach. Any comments?

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mgaesser, in the warning words of one of my favorite horror movies (and the way that this sounds ... you and your son are in one) ... "Get out! Get out! Get out!" (Amityville Horror)


It's a battle that you may want to wage at a different level. To leave your son in this situation will no doubts leave a very bad taste in his mouth about BSA and not all scouters are of the same attitude! Out of curiosity, what do other leaders in your troop think of your son? Nevertheless, it is inexusable for the action that was taken and threat that the leader made. District and Council should be involved. Good luck.






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This is along the same thread I just finished posting. ASM anger, as unfortunant as these things are you and your scout have to do what is right. As the advice I recieve form this form (some great thinkers with excellent wisdom) is...follow the scout Oath, Law, & God's golder rule... I recieve no back up from my CC or commitee because they just really wanted to avoid futher conflict, and having this spread around the district. Very important that you stick with what is right. Anytime an adult strikes a youth is a big problem. Anytime an adult threatens another adult is a big problem. You must be with those who YOU know are not like this and those who will stand for what is right. We need to get back to BP and Hillcout with scouting fundimentals. We need to really be where right is right and not a compromise. For me I pulled my SM position and my son...I just can not except sweeping this under the carpet. Someday someone will roll the carpet back...who knows what they will find Good luck.


Eagle Foot

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I don't have the time or opportunity to look at every thread on this forum, so this is the first time I have looked at this one. This is very disturbing. What is most disturbing is the apparent attitude of the other members of the committee. At this point you have little choice but to change units. Even if this abusive leader is removed from his position, as would seem justified, my guess is that the other adults and youth in the troop will always blame you and your son for the outcome. Hopefully your son will still see the value in scouting and come to understand that no human institution is perfect or always lives up to its own ideals. Such institutional failures are not by themselves grounds for abandoning the institution unless the situation crosses some further boundary I cannot define. Find another troop while there is still time.

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There is no good reason for an adult to hit a Scout. Like Bob posted, corporal punishment is forbidden & this leader should be dealt with. I would NOT leave the Troop. I would push this as high as it has to go to get something done. Call National! Send letter to National! This leader could be a threat to other Scouts in the Troop & that can't happen.


Happy Father's Day!


Ed Mori


Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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