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  1. KoreaScouter is correct. I work for the airlines and the field of blue is always facing foward on both the left and right sides of the aircraft. We have two different decals that we use. This type of conversation between each other makes me tired!!!! Scouting with my Kids : Clay
  2. When we get a tour permit to take the boys on a trip are parents and siblings covered. We always have siblings and parents go with us on all cub scouts outings. For example we are going to visit the new arena being built in downtown Memphis. We will have to wear hard hats and follow the engingeers around. What a great experience for the kids. We have never told a sibling that they could or could not go with us. This was left up to the parents. Just Thinking : Clay
  3. Mempis has Chucalissa Indian Village (901) 785-3160, - Pink Palace Museum, Sharpe Planetarium, Imax Theater (901) 320-6320 - Memphis Zoo just got two pandas YaYa and LeLe (901) 276-wild - and there is the Smokey Mountains in East Tenn, if you go that far Cades Cove is a must. IF you need more let me know approx. when your visit will be and I will find out whats going on in town. Arkansa has some of the best trout fishing in the world about two hours from Memphis. Graceland is not in the best part of Town but it is ok during the day light. Enjoy: Clay
  4. Do we have to do it as a pack or can just my den do the Activities for the Summer Time Award. We have lots of things planned for the Summer (my Den)about nine boys have already went to a pro baseball game. WE are going flying in August for the Young Eagles Program. Stock car dirt tract racing on a Friday night and they will get to meet the drivers who are my friends. Swimming party will be done as a pack. Just wondering: Clay
  5. Just a little info. This is the 100 years anniversary for the Wright Brothers flight. The E.A.A. (Experimental Aircraft Association) has a program called young eagles. This is where they fly kids between the ages of 7 and 17 for free. They will get a autograph certificate from Chuck Yeager and will be registered in the worlds biggest log book at the smithsonian's insitution, this is all FAA sanction. They will fly 1,000,000 kids and they are over 900,000 already. My boys are doing this in August, of course you will have to sign a waiver. Just search the web for EAA young eagles. Your friend in Scouting - Clay
  6. God forbid that anything happens to any of our kids. As a parent and scout leader I would want to know what happen and the one thing I have learned is there is always 3 sides to every story. There is your side of the story, there is their side of the story, and then there is the absolute truth,
  7. I want to take my boys canoeing. I was reading what and what not we can do. I have a small pond (3 acres)in the back yard, can I take the boys (webelos) for a day of fishing and canoeing. I would like to work on aquanaut with rescuing, is there a patch or pin that they can get for canoeing, and is this ok. Thanks
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