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  1. Scoutnut, Looks like bad site, when clicked...oooops this site is not here. Thanks for the help Eagle Foot
  2. Thanks, Basementdweller I will definantly check this out. What I am looking for is publication #33838 from BSA. I feel for sure that there is one out there. If you've got one can you get it to me? Yours in Scouting Eaglefoot
  3. A long time ago just depending on how old you are. I conducted a Camporee program called Webelos Woods, sometime back in the 90's. Does anyone know-have-or leed me to this syllabus? I remember enough to be dangerous...your help would be greatly appreciated. In Scouting eagle foot
  4. Thanks for all of your imput...for some reason I thought I was looking for event ideas...(can't see the forest for the trees?) I am very aware of all that is posted, the leaders guide will cover that. We will provide the phone (individuals) have provided this...in fact the deal is that they are providing several types...smart, blackberry, and flip. All of that is covered just looking for some ways to do all this. For Face book...well this has become a major way of communicating not only with the districts but with the troops...there are a lot of units using face book and districts. Check this out: Boy Scouts of America | Facebookwww.facebook.com/pages/Boy-Scouts-of-America/113441755297Cached - Similar You +1'd this publicly. Undo Boy Scouts of America - The OFFICIAL Facebook page for the Boy Scouts of ... Sign UpFacebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. ***********just the tip of the iceburg*************
  5. CalicoPenn Where in the world are you coming from?
  6. Shortridge...you are right...I'm sorry I did not mention that Semaphore, morse code, hand signs all will be part...I'm just trying to figure out how to do it.
  7. Normally we say leave your phones at home...why?...is what our camporee staff is now asking ourselves...(we really know)we want to use cell phones as part of the next camporee, to send text, code, you name it for one event, two, maybe they will have to do something at every event...who knows. I am coming to you...yes you on the forum in all of your wisdom and ideas....lets face it the scouts all have them (at least most) we want to make it fun....you know....KISMIF...we're even opening a face book account with clues for the next camporee...get-em looking and thinking... What's your thoughts? I'm looking for event ideas. Eaglefoot
  8. Looking for some new ideas for the fall camporee, that will celabrate Veterans Day and combine Webelos Transition to Boy Scouts....I've headed up some 15 to 20 ....I supose I'm just out....again it's the same partners in crime putting these together. What's out there? Eagle Foot
  9. I understand, when we or I moved to Huntsville, Alabama my wife has stayed back to finish her teaching. She comes in June, well...the first words out of her mouth were..."You're not going to take up Scouts aganin"? My reply was vague...here I am six months later and not in Scouting...the kids are grown, but I still get out of the shower and think...I've got a new idea for a camporee...these guys would just love it! So it really never goes away, and somehow I'm still looking for a way to get back involved. Now here the deal...I've contacted some of the local Scouting troops and local in the District...no responce...no interest...I want to get involved again...but some say why...you don't have any kids in volved anymore. Sowhat...what was Baden's son's name? Let me know> Also let me know if any of you have any ideas about returning back into Scouting once you're kids are finished...I need some ideas. Edited by Eagle Foot
  10. I am no longer with the Troop...but still am on the active e-mail list. Well because of one thing or another the Troop has gone to using one onf the "Groups" on the e-mail...you have to be approved by the orginator...or admainistrator of the group. It's very private...know one from the outside will get it or can read it unless approved. Kinda of an open forum...like this...really a good way to ask questions...pass on picutres...share information...you should check it out. edited by Eagle Foot
  11. I understand your post, I was a cc who just left the troop for a job transfer. That's been about two months ago, still getting calls. The cc should support the sm, they should work together, it's the sm who presents the program to the scouts, the scouts take the program and use it. They also help make the program, it is their troop, not the sm or cc, we are there to keep it safe. If your cc has not been trained...some training would be required, same goes for the sm. We as adults are not there for our own personal gain, we have, we must be open minded progressive thinkers, what can I do to serve my troop and what can I do to help these boys have a good time and at the same time learn and develope a life long skill. edited by Eagle Foot
  12. Thanks for all of the information. As it seems coming from a good source and I would have to agree; the COR and the CC can remove a adult volunteer from the unit, not from Scouting, just from the unit. The COR and the CC must be in agreement the COR takes pirority over the CC if there is a conflict, then it could (should be) addressed by the unit committee. As stated the person(s) signing the adult application have the authority to remove and not the Scoutmaster. Again this is just removal from the unit not BSA, also the Council can not change the decision after it has been made. BSA is still foggy about getting this written out. This is the worst possible thing that can happen to a unit when you have to cross this bridge. I can't say enough, catch it early, make sure you have a good realationship with your COR, do your best to screen your adults when joing, make sure they know how the chain of command goes within the unit and with the scouts. It's great that everybody wants to help, sometimes it's to much. Edited by Eagle Foot
  13. Who has the authority to remove a volunteer from the unit? If you know...show it from BSA, or lead me there...the only thing I can find is from BSA publication Selecting District People, there is a section in the back about removal. It is listed as a "rule of thumb" "The person or group with the authority to appoint a volunteer has the authority to remove and replace that volunteer" It seems to me that the Charter Rep vs institutional head has the authority or maybe both? I'm not real clear in the understanding of who it would be... the Troop Committee or the Charter Rep. Our District Chair says only the Institional head...hope his is right! Our DE...another story...he will get back to ya..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Edited by: Eagle Foot
  14. When I was young and everybody was doing their own thing I listened to a famous man say: Ask not what your country can do for you Ask what you can do for your country Been that way ever since Edited by: Eagle Foot
  15. Our troop has been advised that one of our ASM's has not compleated "Youth Protection" we were advised that this is now mandatory and that he is NOT to attend any troop meetings, camping trips, or activities untill he compleates this. What's the scoop I do know that it is required if you file a tour permit (at least one) and that all must have it if it is a national event, i.e. Jamboree etc. I really think they are picking on him (district chair)...however he does have it they just diden't look deep enough into the records.
  16. After contacting the ARC [American Red Cross] training headquarters for the southern region. This is what they said; In order to teach CPR using ARC training method you must be certified instructure. If you have an assistant training, they must be certified. Both must be certified as trainers. The training ratio is 6/1... if the trainer has multiple years of experience then an allowance up to 8/1 ratio can be made. Most important if your Troop, Pack, Crew, or any organization is considering holding CPR training, make sure they present you their certification as a trainer before you go and set it all up. If not politely find someone else. Rember... every Scout deserves to have a trained leader... Edited by: Eagle Foot
  17. We are haveing a person teach CPR to Scouts and adults, we are holding two sessions one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The afternoon session is a combo...CPR/First Aid. The instructure is using a RN help to teach the sessions. However the RN was going to take CPR because she indicated that she was not current with her certification, but is now going to assist. Do the instructers need to be current in CPR or if they have done it in the past and are not current, can they act as an instructors? Can't find the answer. Eagle Foot
  18. Hi, When I read about things like this I can't help but wounder why there is so much of the same type of problems. We seem to have more problems from the adults than we do from the Scouts. The Troop may not be dying, but is it growing? Hang in there give it some time, but during the time you must do you homework. Get trained if you haven't, get everything you can sink your teeth on. Experience all of the oppertunities that are offered for adult leadership training. Now you say why should I do all of this if the Troop is going down? Well eventually the boys will decide who they they will work with and who they won't work with. Who knows the SM may see you doing all of this and take a turn, maybe...manbe not. But that does't really matter, what's important is you learn all you can, do you best and always...always...always keep the boys in mind and follow the Scout Oath and Law. If it doesent fit into the Scout Oath and Law then it isen't something you need to do. Now after all of that...I had the same experience a number of years ago, in fact our Troop now has what we call a runagade adult, that just compleated Woodbadge, we are all wrong and she is right. Yes I said (she), but just because she is a she isen't important, I've got a he that's a runagade...so gender is not the problem. It's experience and maturity that seem to be the problem (or lack of). Kind of like being out in the ocean, your gonna run into some rough weather. Now being said what kind of boat are you in? I found that I had to find a bigger, stonger, faster, safer boat. I just coulden't keep getting into that little boat and face those large storms, I needed something that could power us through them. So...after much thought and concideration, because if you are to be a SM you're gonna have to spend at least 1 hour per week byond the Troop meeting...or do I mean 1 hour per every 6 hr....Being a good SM will take some effert, because it is for the boys, then you got the adults...you will need a good Committee Chairman (ChairMan)is the point here, no discrimination intended. Sometimes you need to change ships, like you said it's like bailing water with a can on the Titanic! You need to study you're ship...da we thought the Titanic was pretty strong too. My point is this...if you are unhappy, if your son is unhappy, if the other boys are unhappy, then we don't have a happy family! The beauty of all of this is we are volunteers, we don't need suprises, no suprises in Scouting this causes problems. Then we can take our feet elsewhere, even though this Troop may have been around for fourty years doesen't mean it will be around another, maybe so, maybe not. The things you are talking about are warning signs to me. If I find another charter organization, if I take 5 (what is required) boys and if I have a good person that understands what a Committee ChairMAN responsibilites are, and is trainable, will I, but mostly will your son and the other boys be more happy? Even knowing you will have to start over...equipment wise...will they be better? Will you be giving them the better oppertunity to operate as a boy run Troop? As a SM I handed the program to the boys, they take it an run, sometimes they walk...but I kept giving it to them. You need to read some information that Eagledad wrote: http://www.scoutingideas.com/ This is a good site and the information that Barry has put out I refer to it often. It answered a lot of my questions!!! Edited by Eagle Foot
  19. OK I'm gona go through this one more time. Webelos & Bears at camporees is against policy???..."Guide to Safe Scouting" This is what my take is on the subject. Our council seems to have given special permission to allow this, in addition they have waived to one on one rule...instead it's one to every four (1 adult to every four Webelos or Bears) Am I wrong??...I stand to be corrected! I also thought they coulden't camp more than one night...where have I been!!! I'm camping chairman...been doing it for more than 5 years...have I been asleep? Has our council steped out of bounds? Have the rules been changed??? Edited by Eagle Foot
  20. I agree the CC can not stop you from taking notes. I being the CC would can't imagine why you would not keep notes of the meeting unless you have something to hide or just don't want anybody to know. We use Roberts rules of Order...I learned this ....O lets say thirty five years ago. I even put the minutes on the troop web page, I use a password (which is given out to all troop memembers) I order to have a good functioning committee you need to keep minutes...that's the bottom line. Edited by Eagle Foot
  21. Class III medical form states that it must be singed by a Licensed Health-Care Practitioner. Just what is a Licensed Healthe-Care Practitioner? Can an RN sigh off on our class III medicals? We have an RN in our Troop who would love to help, but our SM and ASM'S don't think she can, I do. Edited by Eagle Foot
  22. check out our web www.troop165bsa.org Our council may have some guide lines but frankly they can't keep thire site up to date more or less monitor any body else. I have been using the troop web site for over 4 years and never had any problems (not to say none will never happen). The hardest thing is to get folks to use it as a tool, I don't know how many times I've said "It's on the web site" anyway just my point. Edited by: Eagle Foot
  23. I agree with Bob White, we have a Scout, though he is not Eagle yet...he is loosing interest. He is just about seventeen next month and appointing him as a JASM was what that position is all about. He has done the SPL more than just a couple of terms, he has been ASPL, he has been Troop Guide. The JASM helps keep the boys going, keeps him going...just seems like a win, win deal. Eagle Foot
  24. Our Council has restricted a link to our District web site because as they put it: As a nationally accredited site we cannot link to any site that has advertisement for a non-BSA site. Unfortunately usscouts.org is a private venture and you have three links at the bottom of your site to that website. I have not been able to get a comment from Nation reguarding this. Would anybody like to shed some light? Should we remove this link? Should we just not worry about getting a link from our Council to our District web? I'm sure Scouter Nework is also on the list. Edited by: Eagle Foot
  25. Webelos...just depends on how thight your council wants to be. We have a joint camporee... Fall..Webelos and Boy Scouts...Webelos come during the day in the fall, visit other troops get to know them and have a good time, more trainning events for the Webelos and re-trainning for the Boy Scouts. We offer a special incentive for the Boy Scouts to come...i.e. climbing & repelling, shooting, etc. Split the groups when Boy Scouts are teaching Webelos the other half (Boy Scouts) are at the sports, then reverse the split. When it comes to Spring Camporee it's only for the Boy Scouts...then you step up the program for them. By this time you have your new Scouts from Webelos and you can comply with National...more boys equal more fun...this seems to work well for us, but you still need to plan, practice, and be prepared out far enough. Edited by Eagle Foot
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