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BSA Favor Change In WV Constitution

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I guess I should point out that five of the seven camps at Goshen Scout Reservation are named after corporations. They are Post, a cereal company; Ross, a bicycle company; PMI, a company that operates parking lots and garages; Marriott, an international hotel chain and Bowman, the distillery that bottles Virginia Gentleman. I am not totally sure whether Marriott was funded by the corporation or the Marriott family or a combination of both. Our council service center is also named Marriott. The camps are on the banks of Lake Merriweather, named for Marjorie Merriweather Post so she got a double.

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I frankly have come to believe, "Not for profit", has come to mean, "Take in as much revenue as possible, pay managing executives as much as possible so as not to be profitable and not pay taxes." Th

Update: Amendment to WV Constitution missed Nov, 2012 ballot


"Earlier this month, Dr. Calvin Kent, a professor at the Marshall College of Business and director of the BB&T Center for the Advancement of American Capitalism, said lawmakers themselves can extend the tax-exempt status of the sprawling complex (Summit regarding renting to concert promoters and other non-charitable groups) without putting the issue on any ballot."


Steve McGowan, an attorney with Steptoe & Johnson and a past chairman, president and vice president of the Buckskin Council of the Scouts, said he appreciated professor Kents attempts to clear up some areas of state law regarding how tax exemptions are allowed by county assessors, but felt an amendment was still needed.


Whether its by constitutional amendment or by some other means, were confident the Boy Scouts of America will be a success story for West Virginia, said Daniel Forinash, public information officer for the Department of Tax and Revenue


By the (West Virginia) Houses inability to act on the Senate measure, the issue failed to get a place on the Nov. 6 general election ballot. The next election on the horizon is the May primary in 2014.


Thats all right, McGowan said.


We wont be in a position to lease this out to anybody until well after 2014. Theres no urgency insofar as our needing to have it available by 2014. Well be involved in vertical construction probably through 2016 or 2017. So, this is something thats a long-term look forward on the part of the public to make this decision. So, the urgency is not the consideration. The issue is the consideration.


http://www.register-herald.com/todaysfrontpage/x1200650866/Scout-leader-says-amendment-vital(This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)

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Update: Amendment to WV Constitution maybe Nov, 2014 ballot?


A tax break resolution passed the West Virginia House and now goes to W.V. Senate. If it passes there, next stop is the ballot for voter consideration.


The proposed amendment to the state Constitution would give certain tax breaks to the Boy Scouts of America’s Summit Bechtel National Scout Reserve but apparently not to other non-profits. The BSA wants to rent its facilities to for-profit groups - corporations, concert promoters without jeopardizing its West Virginia state tax-exempt status.


I wonder how much we are spending on lobbying efforts?



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Ooooo.... I had not heard of this before. What precedent do we have here? Is Philmont considered/used the same? Seabase??? Goshen??? The naming is not an issue, we accept the donation and paint a name over the gate. It's the USE that is under consideration. Concert promoters? It's a three mile drive into the Arena area... Alcohol use? Mary Jane? Woodstock re-incarnate? Maybe private vacation things, Club Med??? Take me home, country roads.... Nature preserve... High Adventure Base? If the property HAD been converted into State Park, as was originally sought by the stae of West by God Virginia, would this be a consideration? What happened to that four story Eco-Cabin???

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West Virginia House Resolution 108 will amend the West Virginia Constitution to say that "any property owned by a nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is youth development by means of adventure, educational or recreational activities for young people and others at a nonprofit constructed facility built with the expenditure of no less than $100 million, where such facility is capable of supporting additional activities within the region or within the state of West Virginia and which is leased or used to generate revenue for the non-profit organization, is exempt from ad valorem property taxation, subject to any requirements, limitations and conditions as may be prescribed by general law."


Now goes to State Senate.



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Personally I hope any amendment written like this would fail. It's unfair to all the other non-profits. Either change it for all of them, or none of them.
Agree, this is not the scout way, i.e., help only yourself and not others. Either rewrite the exemption amendment so it applies to all non-profits or man up and pay the same taxes required of other non-profits. Fairness.
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Maybe they want enough seats for the 30' date='000-member American contingent they expect for the World Jambo in 2019 because by then they're going to open BSA up to everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religious preference or favorite Skittle flavor.[/quote']

Well If they will be Hosting the World Jambo there then They will have to open it up to Every Scouter Worldwide based on those Countries memberships standards and not that of the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA STANDARD..

Look at the Memberships of all the other Countries and You May find the Largest Majority of Attendees may well be Females anyways.


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West Virginia voters approved the West Virginia Nonprofit Youth Organization Tax Exemption Amendment


With the approval, the amendment requires the Legislature to enact laws to protect local and regional businesses from “unfair competition and unreasonable loss of revenue caused by the nonprofit organization use of the tax exemption.â€Â



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