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  1. California should have its statehood revoked and put up for sale to the highest bidder--assuming there are any. If not, then we cede it to Mexico using force if necessary. And if that is the case, we militarize (including mine fields) our southern border from Texas, through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon.
  2. Ryan Andresen actually does not qualify for Eagle Scout. he does not meet the requirements and yes because he is gay. You have to live by the Scout oath and set a life example that you have done so to others as part of being a scout in general , but particularly to earn Eagle Scout. He took a pledge to " keep himself Physically strong, mnetally awake, and morally straight." He violates the the scout and religious definition the promise is based on to be morally straight. He is no longer completeing his pledge to the defined morally straight of the pledge and requirement so he is ineligable on that alone. If he is gay fine do as you want but your choices will have reprecussions and one is you failed your pledge and requirments as a scout. No bending we all have ways we live and things we honor and this is part of it so sorry but he can not be an eagle scout and if that angers him he might want to start his own organization that suites his beliefs and foundations.
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    BSA Favor Change In WV Constitution

    truly agree
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    Cell Phone at Summer Camp

    this is very true, many kids in TORRANCE rough it, and go it alone. what this does, according to many professionals here in TORRANCE, it builds character and toughness. which is why many of our children go to these campsites with an an open mind, and leave with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of independence. our children in TORRANCE succeed in the classroom, because they believe they can achieve anything. hopefully those parents of other kids in other cities can learn the same thing we learn here in TORRANCE.
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    Where did you go to summer camp?

    No camp for me.
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    Dirty Jobs No More?

    i love that show!
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    How to Wear a Campaign Hat?

    Also known as a Cavalry Hat, a Campaign Hat is worn by first aligning the center of the front of the hat with the bridge of the nose. The chin strap should be affixed under the chin to keep the hat comfortably in place. When not mounted, the chin strap can be positioned behind the head. The Campaign Hat is worn by law enforcement and military personnel and adds a touch of class as well as professionalism to a Class A or B uniform.