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Funny thing about the swastika: It was around for centuries before Hitler was born. There are two different swastikas( not even the original name) - left hand and right hand.


I cannot even begin to know what every single group used them for, but for some, they were religious symbols, for the greeks they were signs of good luck and for the oldest of the oldest Chinese,they were astrological symbols.


But then one freakin evil idiot used them as his banner while going on a world wide crusade to remove, drive out and destroy all who do not think like him (Hmmmm?) and the symbol gets permanantly associated with only that guy.

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*mini hijack*


I saw a documentary a while back which mentioned ( among other things ) that there was an uncle or some male blood relation of Hitler that refused to have children so the name would die out.


*now returning you to your regularly scheduled thread*


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