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Question for Disparagers, etc.

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What? Scouting is going to stop in the Cradle of Liberty because they (the council) have to move their office? In Denver, they just recently moved from their downtown office to a suburb. It didn't stop scouting in my council. Why would it be any differnt in PA?



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skeptic writes:

The scouts built the building, and have maintained it for all these years.


So? The scouts gave the building to the city back in 1928 when it was built, as part of the deal to allow them to build on public land.


The city reneged on its contract.


No it didn't. Since 1928, either the BSA or the city could unilaterally end the arrangement by giving one year's notice. The city gave them one year's notice as the contract required.


Notice the BSA lawsuit doesn't claim that the city reneged on the contract:



$200,000 will go a long way to drive program in "that" part of the city.


And if the BSA or someone else pays $200,000 to rent the building, the city could run their own program, and NOT exclude gays, atheists, and girls.


As far as service goes, we are not talking about service by maintaining the property; we are talking about actual man/boy hours rendered by 100's of scouts and scouters for all types of community entities such as parks, schools, and special events.


Which has nothing to do with the CofL building.


Add in the aid given to other charitable private groups, and it is huge. In our small council, the Eagle projects alone account for over 60,000 hours of service.


And in your small council, do you manage to do that without a publicly subsidized building? Many do, and the CofL needs to start.


What serves the common good more? Trying to force your opinions on others and suing if you disagree; or simply compromising and letting positive groups function as they see fit?


Practice your discrimination without using tax money.


I realize violating the rights of atheists means nothing to you.(This message has been edited by Merlyn_LeRoy)

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I'd like to know how the BSA's e.g. litigation over the Cradle of Liberty building is supposed to "help the community"


I'd like to know how the ACLU and other groups' continued harassment of symbols of traditional American culture like BSA as illustrated by their attempts to eject Scouting from the Cradle of Liberty is supposed to help the community? They could of course attempt to set up an alternative youth organization that did for the counterculture what BSA does for Rockwell's America but it's far easier to attack the BSA.

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HICO_Eagle, the city council voted to end the lease, not the ACLU. You could at least whine about the right group. But all you want to do is complain about the ACLU, whether they had anything to do with this or not. To use your own bizarre criterion, how many civil rights organizations have YOU created, or is it easier to just attack the ACLU?

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Why does anybody keep coming back? Shouldn't Merlyn be as welcome as anybody else on this board? Or do you want only people who agree all the time? How boring that would be! Sometimes I agree with Merlyn, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I agree with his point of view but not his tactics. I'd like to think that we could handle divergent views without dissolving into childishness but that's probably wishful thinking.

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Publicly subsidizing an organization that discriminates against atheists, Ed. Atheist taxpayers are forced to support a program they are excluded from based solely on their religious views.


All taxpayers are forced to support programs they can be excluded from. What makes atheists different?

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If my ox is getting gored, I have a right to free speech and legal recourse to express my sentiments in a fair and just system.


If your ox is getting gored, just quit whining, you're upsetting the neighbor's dog.


Joseph Goebbel would be envious.



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