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I apologize, Ancient One, the 70's were . . . difficult . . . for me: new eyeglasses, Watergate, puberty, high school, girls, Disco and to top it all off -- red berets! I will try to learn from this, He Who is neither Black nor White!


Actually, I thought I looked like my Dad's WW II photos in the old peaked caps. In the red beret, I was afraid I looked like Marcel Marceau!

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"I did not find at the time, nor do I now find the Red Beret's of the 70's questionable."


The problem with the beret was that no one knew how to wear it. In most of the pictures that I see from that time the Scouts are wearing the beret like it was a pizza perched on their heads. No panache. Uniform hats need panache. The garrison cap can be worn with panache.


Berets need to be pulled to one side to have panache.






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" Now, Sgt. Barry Sadler -- that's panache!! "


Not exactly the role model that I'd want for my Scouts. I had known that he committed accidently suicide (according to Soldier of Fortune magazine) but I was surprised to read at barrysadler.com that he had served time for murder. Go figure.





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yikes - didn't know any of that - especially back in the mid 70's. All I knew is that he was a battle-wounded Medic who could help put into words some pretty intense feelings.


Besides that, I have very different role models (and hopes) for my sons than I had for myself. Though, I doubt that's unusual.


Speaking of songs . . . is there a resource for recorded Scout music: campfire songs, etc.?? I know BSA has 1 or 2, and I know there's the Burl Ives stuff, though even that is terribly hard to find. But, how about an iTunes or napster for Scouts?? I wonder if this site could set up such a sharing place?? Most of our songs would be legally sharable.(This message has been edited by johndaigler)

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John Wayne tried the Barry Sadler routine in his movie, The Green Berets. It was a horrible movie but I still liked it because of the song. It was part of the legend that some were trying to make but just didn't know where to go with it all.


If he did kill someone and then himself, I am sure we still don't know what to make of it.


I always thought of his song as being who he thought he was or who he wanted to be. Maybe he was for a brief and shining moment.




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I missed something in the poster's plea.


How does a public prayer over loud speakers being banned prevent YOU from praying silently to yourself?


No one is saying you can't pray.


Just saying it's rude for the "multi-cultural" nation we are.


But hey... you want your loud speaker prayers, that's fine.


But you better stop the game when the Muslims want to whip out their rugs on the football field (can't do it in the bleachers!) and pray to their version of "God."


It's only fair.



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