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  1. BSAT17SPL

    How to get kids (and adults) to stop

    Have your son go to the his Patrol Leader first. Scouting is a scout run organization and we adults are here to make sure that things run smoothly. If your son is not satisified go to the Senior Patrol Leader next and not only express his problem but express the fact that his PL did no do anything about the problem. Finally he should go to the scoutmaster. If all else fails then you could go and speak with the Committee Chair and voice your concern on the whole incident.
  2. BSAT17SPL

    Man vs Wild

    Survivorman sounds like a great show too...first time I've heard of it I'm going to have to watch OLN on Wednesday. Thanks for the info.
  3. BSAT17SPL

    Man vs Wild

    Has anyone seen the show on the Discovery Channel Man vs. Wild? Host is a British Special Forces Veteran who plants himself in the middle of nowhere and gives himself a certain time to get out. Besides some bad practices (ie....Hitchhiking) I think this show is extremely informative.
  4. BSAT17SPL

    "Eagle on His Chest" Scout Song

    Sorry about the guitar chords
  5. BSAT17SPL

    "Eagle on His Chest" Scout Song

    Eagle On His Chest By Mike Huneke Recording by Tom Meier G D C His plans are already made. G D C Today he will stand upon that stage, G D With his mother and father by his side Em D Hell take an oath with pride C D Hell promise to always give his best C D G And then theyll pin and eagle on his chest And all the boys will watch them call his name. And to them he will never be the same. His words will inspire, fill them with desire A hero stands before the rest, Because he wears and eagle on his chest. C D And hes a leader of tomorrow, G Em Standing here today. C D And he learned about integrity G Em Somewhere along the way. C D And if you ask him why he lives like this G Em You know that he will say C D G Its because he wears and eagle on his chest. C D G Because he wears an eagle on his chest. Instrumental verse. A couple years have passed since that day. And beside him now stands his protg. Hes a boy with inspiration He knows his destination. He wants to rise above the rest He wants to wear an eagle on his chest. Now his plans are already made. Someday he will stand upon that stage. With his mother and father by his side, Hell take an oath with pride. Hell say the words just like the rest, And then theyll pin an eagle on his chest. And they are leaders of tomorrow, Standing here today. And they learned about integrity Somewhere along the way. And if you ask them why they live like this You know that they will say Its because we wear and eagle on our chests. Because they wear an eagle on their chests, And they will always wear and eagle on their chests.
  6. BSAT17SPL

    "Eagle on His Chest" Scout Song

    Right now I have a recording, tomorrow I will try and get the words down for everyone.
  7. BSAT17SPL

    "Eagle on His Chest" Scout Song

    So I finally have found the song I have been looking two years for. Had to go directly to the source, but I found it.
  8. BSAT17SPL

    "Eagle on His Chest" Scout Song

    You are definately correct that I did indeed ask this same question two years prior, however two years ago I was not an Eagle scout and just inquiring about the song. New members join and old members leave. I figured that if I asked the question again I may get a different answer, but I guess not.
  9. For years I attended Goose Pond Scout Reservation in Pennsylvania, as a scout and always enjoyed myself. I especially enjoyed Wednesday night campfires and listening to a councilor's "Eagle on his Chest" song which he played on his guitar to honor all scouts who made Eagle Scout in that week. After many years of hard work I have obtained my Eagle Scout and am planning my court of honor. I am looking for this song whether it be in words or in recorded form. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot for those who help.
  10. BSAT17SPL

    Christmas vs Holiday party

    So, political correctiveness?? Many have taken the fun and joy out of the holiday's of many because of political correctiveness. This all comes back to censorship. If you don't want to hear or see things. Don't listen or don't watch. If it help's, Merry Christmas!!
  11. BSAT17SPL

    Do we take ourselves too seriously?

    The Answer to this question is YES! Everyone in this world takes thing t seriously any more. Eveything from home to jobs, things have been totally been blowen out of proportion. and because we realate out lives to evrything Scouting has been pulled into it. Sit back relax and let things take their own course.
  12. BSAT17SPL

    Smile Your On Candid Camera !!

    FB, Good post, but it all comes down to my point the world nowadays takes things to seriously. The world has become a place of fighting and courts. -BSAT17SPL "Lighten up and smell the coffee, not the money"
  13. BSAT17SPL

    Smile Your On Candid Camera !!

    FScouter, The question you ask is a good one, but I have answers. The next time that scout is on a campout and is cooking for the troop, secretly add some hot sauce to the older scouts food, or soak the toliet paper is super glue so that when is on in the latrine he's got no toilet paper, or the younger scout could remove all the older scout clothes during the night so that the he'sgot nothing to wear in the morning.
  14. BSAT17SPL

    Smile Your On Candid Camera !!

    I'm very interested in this forum for the sole fact that people don't ahve to do what they are told, BUT tonight I was an unexpected victim of some HARMLESS fun. I was eating an icecream, on a stick, and was asked, "Does tha icecream smell? Becuase I had a bad one yesterday." No like any person would I put the icecream upto my nose to smell it and the next thing i knew i had icecream in my nose. Did I go straight to the local courthouse and file a lawsuit, NO. It's harmless fun. NO ONE GETS HURT.
  15. BSAT17SPL

    Smile Your On Candid Camera !!

    All that stuff is harmless fun, no one got hurt and if the scout thought intuitively he would have gone out on the canon report and when he found out that it was a joke, turned it around on the SPL. I belong to a Fire Dept. and when we get a new guy in we ask him "Where's the water hammmer?" now he could spend hour looking all over for it, there's no such thing, it's a phenomenon. When you shut off the water to quick the line will give a great jerk. Now, yeah, he's gone looking for it for hours but, in the process he not gotten hurt and, he's been softened up, as I like to call it. Everyone takes things way to seriously.(This message has been edited by BSAT17SPL)