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Why you should be happy George W. Bush is our President

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Thank you, you made me laugh (you bastard) (wink), everyday is a great day. Signed, Gonzo, another bastard. ;)


Merlyn, I didn't mean to offend you or others by lumping those creatures in with Atheists. I'm sorry, I hope you accept my apology.



I believe the extremists are motivated by hatred. I'm glad I could clarify.



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Heh, heh, Great Joke! Just a problem with perspective, perhaps? I note that Cassanova remarked that we should not allow prejudice to limit our possibilities.;) At least that's the version I heard.


Anyway, family life is probably more normal than I'd like to admit at times. We don't actually own an ice pick...I just used it as a metaphor...and she's taking good care of me right now...broken collarbone.

Really annoying too, but not really painful. The broken ribs...now THOSE are painful. The broken collarbone end just won't stay put, it shifts around constantly (and of course, I just won't stay still) and it constantly rubs against the other broken end making crunching sounds that even other people can hear. The students think it's distracting, maybe even kind of creepy.

I get it nailed down Monday as soon as the shop gets a new nail gun.;) But the ribs...every cough, every breath, and a sneeze is exceptional, the pain is exquisite. But it's only pain.

And my wife, she says she's actually kind of enjoying things. Go figure.

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Yes, but a countdown to what?


I have my criticisms of the President - not the same ones that others may have - but there are some things I wish he had done or didn't do. Mostly in regard to how he could have openly dealt with the Democrats and the media. I wish he was more Reagan-ish in his responses to them. Perhaps I just wish he was Reagan. That said; he has my trust and admiration as our President during these very difficult times.


I am hoping the best for our next President. Still, I cannot say that I am anxious to see this clock tick down. I'm seriously afraid that Mr. Obama intends to gallop into 2009 with a 1960's worldview minus the USSR as a superpower. We cannot simply decree the world a better place and expect the rest of the world to sing cumbaya with us. We'll see...perhaps President Obama will surprise me.


As for those happy to see Bush leave office, it will be interesting to see if you feel the same way in a few years. At that time, I truly hope that you can fittingly thumb your nose at me and declare Obama as one of the best Presidents ever. However, I tend to believe that you will be slandering Bush all the more in order to make Obama look like a better option. If that becomes true, I pray for us all. That would probably be a reflection of times much worse then these, and a President who did not handle them well. In fact, perhaps we should start those prayers today.


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Lets remember one thing. Lets remember what the last democrat did with our military numbers. I believe that the Army alone was reduced by 8 MAJOR divisions. Figure on average 12,000 soldiers per division.


Now I had no problem serving the national guard and my state over seas in Iraq, But when the active duty soldiers are so low in man power they must send the national guard. By the way, the unit I went to Iraq with is getting ready for a 2nd deployment.


There is more than what everyone knows about the war.

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minus the USSR as a superpower




I was referencing the days when America was preoccupied with the Russianswhen our government and the average American understood the USSR as a clear and present danger. Now that they have disbanded, it appears that manyperhaps most Americans, are under the impression that as long as we keep to ourselves that world peace will prevail. I think thats a comforting thought, but a very dangerous presumption.


As for the Russians military capability, I understand they still have the potential to create many serious problems for us and the rest of the world. But I do not view them as the most imminent threat to our national security. They may or may not have designs on American controlled resources and interests. I cant say. Regardless, I dont think it matters one iota to them if we (American citizens) embrace our freedoms and conduct our lives per our religious beliefs (predominately as Christians per recent polls). Yet there are new rogue powers at work today that very much resent our ability to practice our freedoms, and especially those religious freedoms. I dont think its wise to pretend that they dont exist or that they will be complacent if we ignore them. Nor do I think its morally acceptable to let them murder and torture so long as the numbers are low (i.e. live with the occasional terrorist act until the numbers grow intolerable). Apparently Israel feels the same way. And it should go with saying, we should never sacrifice any of our freedoms to achieve some sort of peace with our would-be oppressors.


SctDad said: There is more than what everyone knows about the war.


Im confident that is a true statement. Its a consideration that many, especially the major broadcast media outlets, do not take into account when they chose to criticize a sitting President. This is especially noticeable when times are bad and the current politically empowered party is not desired by those making commentary. Certainly both liberals and conservatives are guilty of this. However, its clear to me that without radio, conservative opinions would be drowned out by the overwhelmingly liberal-controlled television and print outlets.


mmhardy said: The countdown is to the "End of an Error"


Nice bumper sticker. But this is the kind of thoughtless rebuttal that I expect from many of the Bush haters. Dont think through the issue. Dont offer a lucid argument. Never consider the possibility that Bush might not be the man you think he is. Yeah Im guilty of being conservative in my thought but at least Im willing to defend its ideals. If youre so lazy that all you can offer is a bumper sticker, then please refrain and spare those of us who are prepared to listen to reason.


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Which is a chilling thought in a supposedly free, Democratic and open republic.


Not quite a bumper sticker, but it might as well be. Do you think our government had no secrets during WWII? Do you think the war on terrorism deserves to be treated with less gravity? Freedom is what were fighting to defend. But this is the real world. If our government offers everything it knows for public consumption and political debate, they will surely aid our enemies. There comes a time when you have to trust your leaders. No one pounded on the Whitehouse door demanding answers during WWIIor if they did, they were largely ignored as fools. I trust that the proper people (Congressional committees and others) are advised of what they need to know. If a President ever acts improperly, then Congress should respond accordingly. But if/when they do, they better be damn sure theyre motivated by patriotism to this country and devotion to its laws, and not their ideology.


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