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Why you should be happy George W. Bush is our President

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I'm not against Bush (I voted on him as the lesser of two evils), just trying to be honest. His Presidency was determined by the Supreme Court. He lost the popular vote and won the Electoral vote. But the win was with questionable election results. Those are the pure no spin facts of the matter. A mandate is when you carry 80 or 90% of the vote. Not 50%. Keep in mind that the Congress is almost balanced at 49% vs 51%. The nations view point is split down the middle. There is no mandate for anyone. Simply a mid-term election cycle that barely tipped the scale of Congress by a mere percent or so.


BTW, I was a McCain man.

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The same people that were upset about Clinton and his record with respect to ROTC take a pass on Bush. Your opinion about Clinton is well known on this board. Let me suggest that he has been much more forthcoming about his situation with regard to serving in the military than your man Bush. For that matter, his claim of not inhaling has been considerably more honest than Bush's beating around about his drug use.

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I never claimed that Bush had a mandate based on the 2000 election or even based on the election results of 2002. I said, most people (especially since 9/11) appreciate and support George W. Bush as our President. Furthermore, while Bush may not have a mandate per the election results, certainly the Democrats have no claim to a mandate either. A lot has occurred since the 2000 election, whether or not folks want to believe the current polls is their choice, but I'm convinced that most Americans support the President and the direction the country is heading.

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Rooster7 wrote in response to my comment:


"If you're convinced that the rest of the country believes as you do, then how do suppose President Bush was elected...Oh yeah, there's that right wing conspiracy again. Sorry. You know, its funny how much influence Rush Limbaugh and Fox News wields. As for President Clinton, I let his record speak for himself. Of course, that assume he hasnt found a way to rewrite it. "


Huh? Now Rooster I know that you're a reasonable guy, 'cause we're having a good discussion on another thread, but your comment makes my point. When it comes to politics (and religion, still another thread) people have the ability to lose sight of the forest for the trees.


I never said, or can my comments be fairly read to imply that I meant, that the rest of the country believes as I do. That was my point. "Those who voted" were evenly split. My quarrel was with the idea that Bush has either "most" folks backing his policies, or any kind of mandate. He doesn't have either. He does now have a "favorable" poll result. But NOBODY knows what that means except the folks that ABC and the others hire.! :)




Nor were my comments fairly the subject of a bs argument that I'm claiming a right wing conspiracy for crying in a bucket.


I clearly don't respect Bush as a man. Since I'm retired I get to say so. I was in the minority (barely) on that issue last election.


Now if you want to talk conspiracy, let's look at how Florida has two screwed elections, where the votes can't be counted, until First Brother Jeb runs for re-election, and then suddenly there seem to be no problems at all in Florida's ability to count votes.





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Poll results are like the wind....one day it blows this way and the next day it blows that way. Let me ask you a question, in an event like Pearl Harbor or 9/11, don't you think almost any president would have the support and backing of the American people? I think his huge support is more a response to the event than to his abilities. Clinton always enjoyed high approval ratings even in the midst of his scandels. Imagine what the ratings would have been following an event like 9/11. The people have to rally around someone and look to their leadership in times of trouble. In an event like this, it naturally is the President. Had 9/11 not happened, do you honestly think his dismal approval ratings would have climbed to their current numbers?

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If I over-reacted (and I probably did)...I apologize. I sincerely believe that President Bush has this country's best interest at heart. Futhermore, unlike some other politicians, I'm convinced that his faith in God and his concern for others is sincere...not a ploy. So, I take attacks aganist his character personally.


Having said that...I'll try to keep my knee-jerk reactions in check. Peace.

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I made a little poem regarding our beloved president :


Beasts of Peace



Thick as sludge dark as coal

A serial killer only he knows

A life saver only he shows

Engine burns another hole in my head.


Stop feeding us bull **** were not dogs

Beasts of peace causing only decease

Shepherding the weak over cliffs of fear

Through terror of intangible weapons


Weve got a problem find someone to blame

Fellow man gone no care for the loss

Capitalist Danes eyes blue, hair blonde

Freedom thrives on evil doers blood.

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True Story


This is a small, but true story to give you an idea of the kind of

man and the kind of woman we have in the White House right now.


As you may know, the President and Mrs. Bush visited the Washington

Burn Center on Friday 14 September. Among those they visited was Lt.

Col. Brian Birdwell, who was badly burned in the Pentagon attack.


Mrs. Bush went into Brian's room, spoke to him for about a minute,

all the time as if they had been life-long acquaintances. She then

turned to Brian's wife Mel, who at this time had been at the

hospital for probably 2 1/2 days, and apparently, according to Mel

herself, was dirty, grimy and had blood on her shirt.


Mrs. Bush hugged Mel for what Mel said seemed like an eternity, just

as if Mel were one of her closest family members.


Mrs. Bush then told Brian and Mel that there was "someone" there to

see him.


The President then walked in, stood by Brian's bedside, asked Brian

how he was doing, told him that he was very proud of them both and

that they were his heroes.


The President then saluted Brian.


Now, at this point in time, Brian is bandaged up pretty well. His

hands are burned very badly as well as the back of him from the head

down. His movements were very restricted. Upon seeing the President

saluting him, Brian began to slowly return the salute, taking, from

the accounts so far, about 15-20 seconds to get his hand up to his

head. During all of this, 15-20 seconds, President Bush never moved,

never dropped his salute.


The President dropped his salute only when Brian was finished with

his, and then gave Mel a huge hug for what also probably seemed like

an eternity.


No further comments. Pray for our leadership. Thank God for what we

are, have, and will be.


As a note to those of you who might not be familiar with military

protocol, the subordinate normally initiates a salute and will hold

it until the superior officer returns the salute.


In the above incident, President Bush acted in the role of the

subordinate to show his respect and high regard for the injured man.

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I haven't posted in awhile. But I cannot believe anyone still believes in Boy George's fundamental goodness or that he has any faith in anything except politics. The man is a chickenhawk. He evaded the draft by taking a national guard slot and then went awol. I've taken to calling Boy George's party the Bushwackers because they sure as heck are not Republicans. Rumsfield, Cheney, all the rest who surround Boy George evaded the draft and avoided serving -- but they are sure willing to talk tough, and let other parent's children pay the price.


Republicans were MEN like Father Bush, Reagan, Dole, Ford. Men who stood for something other than their own advancement and greed.


Now he has taken us to war (where, by the way, one of my Eagle Scouts has just returned from harm's way) based on lies he intentionally told.


He intentionally leaked the identity of a CIA operative to get back at her husband who had the gall to actually disagree with Boy George.


I am retired Army. It makes me sick to see a faker like Rumsfield talk tough when he didn't have the guts to serve his country. I see nothing that indicates that Boy George is anything other than a liar and a con-man.


After all the crap the right wing gave Clinton, I cannot believe there are not special prosecutors already appointed to investigate:


1) CIA leak;

2) Cheney meeting w/ industry in secret to hand out Billions in contracts to Haliburton (where his wife still gets $250,000 every January for being a good person)

3) Cheney meeting w/ oil representatives and Rumsfield at Pentagon to do secret study of Iraqi Oil Industry SIX MONTHS BEFORE ANY TALK OF WAR WITH IRAQ

4) Bush's lying to Congress (a lie to Congress, by anyone, without or without an oath is a felony)about the made up WMD in Iraq.

5) cheney's leaning on CIA analysts to change their findings before those were given to congress.


Bushwackers in Congress spent more than a One Hundred Million dollars on special prosecutors to prove that Clinton did have sex with that woman. But haven't spent one dime yet to even ask pertinent questions of a group of politicians who are clearly lining their pockets with American Boys' Lives. Only 1 official appointed by Clinton's white house was ever tried, and he was acquitted. (Not including Clinton's own acquittal before the Senate).


Wanna compare? Reagan's special prosecutors cost less than $50 million and more than 100 public officials appointed by that white house were investigated, with more than 30 convicted.


Sorry, but its time to wake up and smell the coffee. We've got the highest deficit in history, we're giving tax breaks to those with earned income in excess of $1million a year, while increasing taxes for everyone else, we've got seniors buying their meds in Canada and Mexico while Boy George's white house works to make bringing prescription drugs from Canada illegal, and we've got boys dying so that Boy George can pay off Cheney and his oil buddies.




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If you get a chance to peruse this thread, you will see I was for George Bush and was behind him all the way. While I may not agree with everything Denver says, I am beyond extremely disappointed in the way the peace has been run in Iraq, and I hate, repeat hate to be lied to. If we cant find WMD, then George, Dick, and Colin have no business to be in power. The Republicans should run other people for office. The current administration has until the Republican COnvention to find the WMD. GW proved once again the US can wage great war, but we cant or wont wage great peace. We brought all that military might over there, shouldnt we have also stocked up on rebuilding supplies? We knew we would have to rebuild, why weren the supplies the rebuilding process there and the post war plans as well crafted as the War plan?


Ok Ok Ok , I can hear you, do I think the war was wrong? Decidedly not. The world and US security is much better off today because Saddam is gone. Other countries can see what we can do if we want. But, again, I hate to be lied to, if the intent was to remain Saddam, then say so, say this is a bad guy and we need him gone. Dont tell me about how many missles and sarin gas they have and then not be able to find them. His father lied to use with his famous "read my lips, no new taxes" and now we cant find the WMD and after snubbing the UN (Actually a good move) we go to them for help? Does this behavior define "Dork"? To go against a groups opinion, and then ask that group for help? Why didnt we have contingency plans, why didnt we plan the peace better (I know I am repeating myself, but I feel strongly about this)


We talked about how GW had inegrity, and charactor, and now as far as I am concerned, he lies as bad as his predecessor. Its always funny how Democrats seem to always have sex scandals and Republicans have power abuse scandals. I wonder if a boy scout party would get traction. Oh yeah, an honest man cant get elected president, no body would vote for him


Anyway, life is a series of lessons, and I have learned never to vote for GW again, the moron

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Every nation, every generation, has had to decide whether or not their leader(s) deserved their trust. To this day, there is little evidence to judge the rightness or wrongness of those opinions. History is not only recorded by the victors, but by the specific political party in power. Furthermore, it is often revised by subsequent generations. Leaders may or may not have your best interests at heart. Only God and that particular individual truly know his or her motivation. Some argue that the heart is such a deceitful thing that many leaders may not know their own motivation...but I digress.


Leaders, past and present, must make difficult decisions. In a society such as ours, where WMD do exist, the issues are very complex. I strongly suspect that there are things that we will never be privy to know. Democracy or not, sometimes we have to trust that our leaders (not just the President, but Congress and others as well) are doing the right thing - that they care about us ("the average American") and the future of our children.


I realize that some have a difficult time trusting George Bush. And who can blame them when the liberal press turns every issue on its head. To hear them say it, Iraq is a miserable failure. While I hate the fact that we are losing some boys over there, I understand that freedom has a cost. If the media spent the same time reporting crime related deaths in Los Angeles and D.C., people would soon become convinced that it is not safe to walk in any city on either coast unescorted by armed guards. Thats an image that the media likes to portray every now and again when conservatives are in charge. Today, because we have a Republican President, they want to re-invent Vietnam. Iraq is not Vietnam. First, the death toll is no where near what we experienced in Vietnam. If you extrapolate the death rate in Iraq for the next ten years, we wouldnt lose one tenth of the guys that we lost in Vietnam. Second, we are not fighting a specific communist threat isolated in a relatively obscure country. We are fighting terrorists who are more than willing to spread their vision to every part of the globe. We are fighting people who want to die for their cause, who are willing to bring their cause to you, and who want to take as many innocent lives with them as they possibly can. Third, we conquered a very evil Iraqi administration that killed tens of thousand and tortured hundreds of thousands more. Even if no WMD is ever found, the victory was worth the cost. If we have a collective moral conscience, we should of felt compelled to fight this battle just as our forefathers felt compelled to fight Hitler.


George W. Bush has been, and will continue to be attacked by those who embrace a liberal agenda and/or by those folks who want quick, clean, and easy to understand answers. I dont think there are very many easy answers. I for one believe that George W. Bush does have our best interests at heart. I believe his heart aches every time an American soldier is wounded or dies. I believe he is a sincere man of God who is doing his best to protect the people of this country. I am greatly saddened that so many, even if they may be a minority, think otherwise. There are no guarantees in life. In particular, with the issues that we face today, I doubt that we will ever have a President again (if we ever had one) that can stand before the public and tell all. I support our President. God Bless him.


As to the comparison to William Jefferson Clinton, I am disgusted. While his political opponents often accuse Mr. Bush of many things, I have seen very little in the form of evidence to back up those accusations. An investigation should be conducted if/when facts implicate the President. Until then, I remain resolved that our President has acted properly. Im convinced that he has not purposefully lied to us. Our former President admits to doing as much. Additionally, he disgraced the office by acting like a teenaged frat boy. His obvious disregard for the office and the respect of the American people was symbolized by the sexual misbehavior he embraced within the walls of the Oval Officewith a woman who wasnt much older than his daughter. The only thing presidential about Clinton was his middle name.(This message has been edited by Rooster7)(This message has been edited by Rooster7)

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Rooster7 writes:


> If you're convinced that the rest of the country believes as you do, then how do suppose President Bush was elected?


That's easy... Bush was elected 5 to 4. By the exact same split in BSA v. Dale, oddly enough... ;-)





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