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Having my bead ceremony tonight !

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Well we finally got around to scheduling my bead ceremony for tonight. Actually my ticket counselors wife has been very ill and I waited until he could make time to be at the ceremony.


It will be done at RT, with all of my boys in attendance. The plan is to do the ceremony then call up the boys and thank them for being the inspiration that drives the WB experience.


Any comments or thoughts? Im always looking for new text.....



Tonight it's Buffalo chips for everyone!!!

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Congratulations for "working your ticket." In my council, one district holds virtually 100% of the WB ceremonies at their monthly roundtable. In my district, I have not seen one "beading" held at roundtable in eight years. Regardless of where, have a great time and remember the great times. Back got Gilwell ...


I used to be a bear ...

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CONGRATULATIONS! As a current ticket counselor, I know what you went through. You asked about thoughts. When you call the boys up, perhaps discussing the theme of your course and how it reminded you of them. Most themes do. Have fun!


I used to be a Beaver

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Congratulations! I'm working my third ticket, planning to finish up in March (best laid plans...).


Please post how it goes - I won't do mine at a Roundtable, would like to do it at a COH, but we have them every six months and will have done one in February. Current thought is to announce that it's going to be done at a troop meeting and have cookies and punch afterwards.


Go Bears!!


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congrats,a week post your ceremony (sorry, i dont have time to get on line much).


thoughts? its been over a decade since i got my beads.... and i'm still working my ticket. my beads grow heavier by the day.


it pleases me that you had your ceremony with your boys present...


...isnt that what Scouting is all about?





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