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  1. "No take-backs." Childs Play, Madame. Good Bye!
  2. Kudu, you are correct. i never intended my post to be quote, "helpful, friendly, kind, and cheerful." but i did intend it to be "brave". to speak the truth, as i see your comments. as i recall, the Lord of the Flies movie has half-naked-boys running around the campfire, as you state to: "lose their self-consciousness and the ceremony reaches a spontaneous fevered pitch like something out of "Lord of the Flies." i question as to the desire of the Founder that his wish for Scouting was to witness boys in such a state. my Charter would not endorse such a scene.
  3. hmmm, yes, thats almost just what i am looking for. a "Lord of the Flies" Boy Scout Troop. or maybe not? while its just a gut feeling, i'm not quite certain that my CO Church or my boys' parents would be looking for this as well. as a Country at War, my unit has suffered enough losses as it is. good kids, who now are gone. we don't need to pretend. sorry, my unit will have to pass you up your "Last call" on this one. eagleSM
  4. VinceC wrote: "I'm very frustrated with the situation. Is it time for a new CO? There is another local church that may be interested." yes, it is time. while i am certain that there will be those who disagree with me, i've been down this road before. you sound like a great leader, Vince, and you have done all that you can. it is time to move on. we switched CO's several years ago, because of reasons that almost mirror your experience. since then, we have had tremendous growth thru the support (both financial & hands on contact) of our CO. the Church is there
  5. AnneinMpls, we use several different types of tents for different types of outings. but the basic is the 8x8 four person tent. its good for car camping; as well splitting up between two scouts for backpacking (weight concerns). two Scouts, plus gear, per tent, when car camping. locally, leaving personal equipment outside of a tent is an invitation to a racoon disaster. you stated that you dont have a lot of gear to stow, therefore you could easily sleep three to this tent. as others have stated, our youth members often choose three to a tent in the winter time. ne
  6. We use both. The boys set up their tent line right in front the Camp provided tents (canvas A frames with wooden bases). Our Timberlines are used as the boy's primary sleeping quarters. The camp-provided A frames are used for storing equipment; backpacks, good clothes, dirty clothes, momentos, etc. They use the camp provided cots as tables for their merit badge paperwork. In our neck of the woods, bugs aren't as much a problem as are the four legged masked bandits. They have learned that despite the fact we all teach "no food in tents", that if they search enough
  7. emb021 said: "There are specific requirements to meet to earn it. You don't just hand it out. Other recognitions that may be more appropriate is nominate the scoutmaster for a District Award of Merit &/or Silver Beaver. Its a mistake to assume those awards are ONLY for those at the district &/or council levels." you are correct that they just dont hand them out; not quite sure where one finds an error/debate here. my understanding from Prairie-Scouter was that he/she was wanting specific recoginition of former Scoutmasters. upon qualifying, the Scoutmasters Key
  8. i would have to concur with John-in-KC about the uniform police.... that being said, there is a way one can recognize a former Scoutmaster. its the Scoutmaster's (Scouters) Key Award (green & white knot), with the universal Boy Scout emblem pinned to it. when one sees this knot, one will know that this is a former Scoutmaster who had served at least three tours of duty as SM. eagleSM
  9. since my original post nearly a year ago about this subject, it saddens me to think about the heartaches that may have been prevented since by using such electronic devices. like others, we teach our boys the buddy system, safe scouting, map & compass, wilderness survival, using whistles, sets of three, etc, etc,... something i am certain others have done as well. yet, we all still have to read about the tradgic stories. or worse yet, experience them. what a wonderful thing it would be to give an eleven year old a device, that when in trouble, all he had to do was, "push
  10. well, let's see , Mr White: first of all, WHINE is Your word , not mine. i find your comments UnKind and DisCourteous to ps56K for expressing his opinion. since you have had over 5000 of your own opinions in a public forum, you should at least be Friendly enough to allow him/her his without such a comment. as for evidence, if your looking for Chapter & Verse, lets see.... first define it, per Webster: Main Entry: 1: evidence Pronunciation: 'e-v&-d&n(t)s, -v&-"den(t)s Function: noun 1 a : an outward sign : INDICATION b : something that furnishes
  11. eagleSM


    i use velcro with my 30+ year old OA patch, to switch between my long sleeve and short sleeve shirt. Walmart (Heaven forbid, i shop there as a member of a Red State) sells them in the Craft Section. i'm sure some "Nazi" will slam me for it, but what the heck, its my patch & my velcro... eSM
  12. when i earned my Camping MB patch it had a green border. i'm glad that enough people *whined* about it that today the boys earn it with a silver border my 2 cents worth, eSM
  13. fotoscout, congrats,a week post your ceremony (sorry, i dont have time to get on line much). thoughts? its been over a decade since i got my beads.... and i'm still working my ticket. my beads grow heavier by the day. it pleases me that you had your ceremony with your boys present... ...isnt that what Scouting is all about? eSM
  14. yes, one *may* have two CO's. my unit did it several years ago, because of internal politics. both CO's had there names listed on our Charter. is it easy? heck no. these means a flag with two names on it, and double sets of signatures to approve any *single* adult leader on their applications. in hindsight, i have no regrets as to how it worked out (we eventually dropped one of the CO's). but it sure did make things interesting for a year or two...... eSM
  15. what a great story. you should be proud of your lad. this would make a great SM's minute. i admire your humbleness. go to the Scout office and submit an application. they'll help you with the paperwork. otherwise, send me a Personal Message with all of the details and i will submit an app on your son's behalf its stories like this that keep me motivated as a Scouter... eSM
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